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Charles A. Buffington  

He have with us today....

Town marshall Buffington just ready to get in his car to answer a police call when the photographer happened by.

CHarley has held this office since August, 1932.

He was born in Peru, Ind., but has lived in culver since 1912. He attended grade school here and as grduated from high school in 19126. He was a member of the basketball team while in school. For three years he followed the boxing game, winning the INdiana-Kentucky heavyweight title in 1929, which might be the reason why Marshall Buffington has little trouble handling prisoners.

He increased his knowledge of his job by attending the state police school a few years ago. He was established a complete finger printing system, which was praised by Harold Reinecke, Federal G-man. He has between 300 and 400 local prints and about 10,000 prints of men wanted over th country. By using the finger printing systen on all visitors to the jail Buffington made Culver a decidedly unpopular place for transients and panhandlers have been scarce here for several years as a result.

Charley is now president of the C.H.S. Alumni Association and Worshipful Master of the Masonic Lodge. He has always been active in assisting in community affairs.

I Charles Abraham Buffington, was born February 12, 1906, in Peru. My father, Benjamin Francis Buffington 1864-1935, came from Lykens, Pennsylvania, settling in Peru after marrying my mother, Elizabeth Mary Rassner, 1865-1922. I had one sister, Mary Lenker, and three brothers, William Henry "Bill", George Victor and Francis Yeager (Buzz).

In 1912, we moved to Culver. My father was employed as a tailor at the Culver Military Academy. My parents bought a home at 451 Forrest Place.

I attended Culver elementary school and graduated from Culver high school in 1926.

While in high school, I worked in Harry Medbourn's coal yard. After graduation, I sold mail order clothing with my father's help.

In 1928, I trained as a proffesional boxer in Indianapolis and Chicago, Illinois under the management of Captain Early Meyers, boxing instructor at Culver Military Academy. I fought as a heavyweight in the midwest for three years.

I met my wife-to-be, Lydia Minnie G Hermsmeyer on July 4, 1932, at the Crystal Ballroom in Bass Lake, where I was in charge of security. We were married September 5, 1932, in the Presybterian Church in Peru. Our son, Charles Benjamin was born March 12, 1934. I have one grandson, Derek Carlos Buffington, born May 30, 1961 in Mexico City, Mexico.

On August 1, 1932, after the accidental death of Marshall Ed Cook, I was appointed marshall of Culver. My job was to enforce the law and keep the peace. I was subject to call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To serve the Culver Miltiary Academy and the lake-side residents, I was also a deputy sheriff of Marshall County.

On a salary of $100 a month I furnished my own car, gasoline, uniforms, weapons, handcuffs, office supplies, and furniture.

To expand my involvement with state and national law enforcement the town board changed my title to Cheif of Police. I still cherish the gold Culver chief of police's badge given to me by Walter Johnson, and our pistol team. I belonged to the Cheif of Police's Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the American Ridle Association.

My only paid deputy was Mont Foss. My unpaid volunteer deputies were: Cleve Crabb, Walter Johnson, Dick Louden, Dr. C. G. Mackey, Harry Medbourn, Colonel Basil Middleton, Phil Middleton, Steffen Rector, Earl Shaw, Oliver Shilling, and Colonel Robert Rossow who later became a supeintendent of the Indiana State Police. I also worked closely with Judge J. W. Riggens, city attorney W. O. Osborn and general Leigh Gignilliat.

I attended law enforcement programs at the Indiana State Police Schoook and Indiana, Purdue and Northwestern Universities.

I established Culver's first fingerprint file, crime laboratory (With Steffen Rector), ballistics lab and local National Rifle Association pistol team (with Phil Middleton). I also had one of the first state-police-band radio cars in the county.

I am a past-master of the Henry H. Culver Masonic Lodge #617 and a member of the Ancient Accepted Scottish RIte, Indianapolis, class of 1944.

In 1941, we moved to Indinapolis, where I was employed at the Allison DIvision of General Motors. After WW II. Operated my own business, the General Home Insulating Company. In. 1947, we moved to Riverside California where I have resided until now. I retired in 1968.

My wife, Lydia passed away on February 4, 1981. We were married 48 year.

As I look back on my life in Culver a half century ago it seems like a dream. In thinking about the people I once had the privilege to serve and I wonder: Did I serve them well and did Ikeep the peace?

Charles Abraham Buffington Birth: 12 Feb 1906 - Indiana Death: 8 Apr 1993 - Riverside California

married September 5, 1932, Peru Miami county Indiana Lydia Minnie G Hermsmeyer Birth: 4 May 1903 - Illinois Death: 4 Feb 1981 - Riverside California

    Charles Benjamin born March 12, 1934 /4 Oct 1933 Culver Marshall, Indiana Death: 22 Mar 2004 California married --- Chidl
      Derek Carlos Buffington, born May 30, 1961 in Mexico City, Mexico

married 2nd 28 Jul 1986 Plymouth, Marshall, Indiana Nancy Joy Birth: 30 Apr 1920 Sherman, Texas Death: 13 Nov 2002 buried Evergreen Memorial Park and Mausoleum Riverside, Riverside County, California married -- Morris daughter of William A Tackett & Cornella A Hearte