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Culver Town Marshalls or Cheifs  

This list was found in the March 2 1949 isssue of the Culver Citizen and has been added to. But as was said it is probably in complete and needs more work on and correcting.

In this article on him it is said that John S. cromley was town constable for 15 years.

1847-1848 - J. H. Clark
1849-52 - S. Mc Donald
1852 - J. D. Clark
1853-54 - William Wickiser
1855 - J. Smith
1856-1857 - J. Plant
1858 - 1861 William Jones
1869-71 - William Jones
1872-1873 - J. W. Maxey
1873-1878 - A. Duff
1878 - L. Stahl
1878-81 - J. H. Castleman
1882 - S. A. Shaw & J. A. Large
1884 - D. A. Kline
1885-1886 - J. Snyder
1885-1888 - W. Louden
1889-1891 - Nathaniel "Nat" Gandy

    On Saturday, May 9th, N. Gandy pinned the marshal’s star upon the vest of the new marshal, Wm. Overman, and also presented him with a $4 hat. Mr. Gandy retires after a service as marshal for two years, with that grace that characterizes the man in every wralk of life, and although he may not have pleased everybody during his administration, he undoubtedly did his duty as marshal according to the best policy possible all circumstances considered, and sho uld receive a vote of thanks from the citizens for able work performed upon the streets. Mr. Overman is a man who conscientiously believes that it is right to do right, and will conduct the affairs of the office with the principle in view that he will give every man a chance, but if they abuse his confidence, they must suffer the consequences be he an intimate friend or an utter stranger. The office conducted upon the above policy will win for him the lasting praise of the citizens of Culver - 15 May 1896 Culver city Herald

    who qualified and served. In the town's second election, May 6, 1896, Nathaniel Gandy was elected town marshal and the town gained a new name, Culver City. Nathaniel "Than" Gandy was a businessman and a pioneer of Marshall County. His family had moved to the county in 1846, when they began farming in Union Township. Nathaniel was born in that year. He helped on the farm until enlisting in the 33rd Indiana Regiment of Volunteer Infantry, Company F, and served in the Civil War. He was honorably discharged as the war ended and came back home to agric ulture. In 1887, he sold the farm and opened a livery establishment. In 1897, he disposed of the business to give himself some independence. He was known for his unfailing morality
1892 - David H. Smith - For eight consecutive terms he was elected town marshall
c 1894 - Ozias "Bub" Duddleson
    The Commissioners then appointed Ozias "Bub" Duddleson. He could not furnish the bond, although it was felt he had good qualifications to be an officer due to his parents' firm belief in education. The childrenwere given more advantages than most had at the the time.
1896 - May 6, 1896, Nathaniel 'Thane' Gandy was elected town marshal and the town gained a new name, Culver City 1898 - J. F. (John F) "Neighbor" Cromley
    According to the Twentieth Century History of Marshall County, by Daniel McDonald, Marmont became a town on July 5,1894, and had the first election. John F. Cromley was on the ballot for sheriff and was the winning candidate. The Board of Commissioners decreed that Cromley did not have the qualifications to be town marshal.

    John F "Neighbor" Cromley found his place in police work by becoming a constable for 15 years. He was described as a rugged individualist,enthusiastic and a skillf ul fisherman. His family came to Marshall County in 1854 when he was 10 years old. He was drafted into the military April 11, 1865. After the war he became a butcher and owned a meat market. He lived to be 96 and was believed to have been the last member of the Grand Army of the Republic in Marshall County.
1899 - 1901 - J. K. Mawhorter
    ' 1899 - May 4 - And be it further rememebred that Joshua K. Mawhorter presented and filed his certificate of election as Marshall with oath of office attached and was dul sworn also be it remember that the said Joshua K. Mawhorter presented and filed his bond which opon motion was duly accepted and approved by the board of trustees.
1900 - Henry Overman as the Town Marshall per Census
1902 - E. Spencer
1903 - Jesse Rhodes
1903 - Ulysses S. Burkett
    In 1903, ulysses S. Burkett was elected marshal with a margin of 19 votes.
1904 - H. W. Smith, J. F Cromely
    On the front page of the June 23, 1904 , Culver Citizen appeared this warning: "Whoever puts, throws, dumps or leaves any tin cans, old iron, brush, boxes, machinery rubbish, debris of any kind or character whatsoever in, upon, or within the limits of any public highway, road, street or alley is guilty of an unlawf ul act, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not to exceed fifty dollars. F.W. Smith, Town Marshal
1905 - In 1905 G. W. Smith became town marshal.
1906 - Irwin /I. G. "Fish" Fisher
    In 1906 the Town Council temporarily appointed Irwin Fisher to be the village marshal. He was appointed again the following year, his service having proved entirely satisfactory. This news appeared in the 1906 Culver Citizen, "The new calaboose which was erected last May was dedicated on Thursday when the marshal picked up a drunk lying by the side of the walk and 'packed' him to the Hotel de Fisher. The man was a Logansporter. He must have brought his jag with him; nothing intoxicating is sold in Culver ."
1907 - Irwin /I. G. "Fish" Fisher (resigned May 1907)
1910 - Fred Cook
1912-1914 - Frank Mc Lane
1912-1917 - W. A. Van Meter
1916 - Claude Newman
    Culver organized a centennial celebration for the State of Indiana to take place June 22, 1916. In charge of the Township Church and Sunday School Organization was the town marshal, Claude Newman.
1918 - George R. Woodward, Bert Hisey
1918-1919 - Tennit Mattix
1919 - William Murphy
1920 - Pete Whaley
1921 - J. E. Marshall
1924 - I. F. Fisher
1924-1925 - G. W. Bogardus
    Murphy and FIsher Again Appointred Town Board Name Wm Murphy For Mashall and Irving Fisher For Health office. Jan 6 1926

1925-1926 - Joseph Hathaway
1926 - A. B. Cromely
1927 - William Murphy
Marshal William Murphy resigned after nine years of service - Sep 19 1928

1929-1932 - Ed. R. Cook - accidently killed when his gun discharged
    In 1932, Marshal Edward R. Cook caught a prowler peeking into a local home. He announced, "Another offense wo uld mean certain arrest. That statement holds good for any person prowling around Culver ." Marshal Cook was killed in the line of duty J uly 19,1932, as he was helping a motorist repair a tire at a business across from the town park. His revolver fell out of his holster and discharged, killing him. Marshal Cook's name appears on the Indiana Officer Memorial in Indianapolis.
1932-1941 - Charles Buffington
1941-1945 - Verl McFeely
    The Town Board named VerI "Mac" McFeely the next town marshal in March 1941. Previously he had been superintendent of streets, water and sewer, all at the same time. In his new position, he was told to take care of the problem of cars speeding in town. The Town Board instructed him saying, "We will back your every move in controlling the speed on Lakeshore Drive and Main Street. The state law governs driving on the other streets, including College Avenue, which had long been a speedway." He was also to enforce the law in regard to driving to a fire. Cars were to stay 500 feet behind the fire engine and no one was to pass the fire truck.

1946 - JANUARY 2 - Chief of Police Verl McFeely turned in his resignation at the Town Board meeting Monday evening. He also resigned from his duties as superintendent of the water works. He is replaced by Don Mikselll
1946, Jan-1968 - Donald Mikesell
1968- 1971- Sam Madonna
1971-197_ - Richard "Woody" Woodward
    His deputy was Jack Caudill.
197_-1986 - Jack Caudilll
1986-1996- Steve Michaels
1998-1999 - Jerry Palmer
1999 - Wayne Bean (joined the Police department 1 Oct 1982)

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