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Culver Post Office History 1910 - 1919  

1910, Feb 24 - Dr. Parker Gets Post Office

    The All-Absorbing Question, "Who WIll Be Postmaster?", Settled

    The name of Dr. E. E. Parker was sent to the president Saturday by Senator Beveridge as the appointee for the postmastership of Culver.

    An early confirmation of the sentate will proably follow, after, which a blank bond will be sent on to. Dr. Parker. On its approval the commission will issure.

    These various steps are expected to be made within the next three or four weeks.

    There will be but one position for the new postmaster to fill - that of deputy postmaster, the position no held by Clarence Behmer. Miss Clara Wiseman, the delivery clerk, is a cicil service appointee and cannot be removed except for cause

    Dr. Parker is an energetic party man and his selection is entirely consistent with the political usages, which govern the post office department. As to his ability and disposition to conduct the office creditably there can be no question.

    The office is far more important than the size of the town would indicate. It is an office of the second class and carries a salary of $2,000.

1910, May 12 - Culver P. O. Appointment
    Not Yet Made, But Senator Beveridge Says "Have Patieince"

    The appointment of D. E. E. Parker as postmaster is still hanging fire, though Senator Beveridge handed in the doctor's name in January

    Speculation as to the cause of the delay is indulged in naturally, and it has been suggested that the president is not looking favorably upon the senator's recommendations

    This explanation, however may be rejected. There is no evidence that the relations between President Taft and Senator Beverifhe are not prefectly cordial.

    The great bulk of the appointments in Indiana are necessarily regarded by the administration as the senator's privilege, and this is especially true of such minor appointments as postmasterships.

    Occasionally a post office appointment is sent in to the senate for confirmation which inceates that the machinery is moving even if slowly.

    Senator Beveridge wrote to Dr. Parker a short time ago to have patience.

    Meantime the post office at Culver continues to be on the map, and Dr. Wiseman the guardian thereof.

    Dr. Parker will, in due time receive his commission.

1910 June 2 - Parker Gets Appointment
    Dr. E. E. Parker's appointment as postsmaster was made last Friday

    The appoinment now goes to the senatte for confrimation.

    This with other preliminareis, is expected to take two or three weeks before the commission issues and the new incu,mbent takes his office.

    P. S. - The senate confirmed the appointment last Tuesday

1910 - Jun 16 - Parker in the Post Office
    Culver's New Postmaster received his commission as postmaster last week and took possession of the office on Tuesday morning.

    The only chnage is in the force is the appointment of W. R. Crossland as clerk in the place of Clara Wiseman. Julia Moss is assitant clerk. Clarence Behmer remains as deputy postmaster with a $1000 slaray

    The office handles a large amount of mail, and the requirements of the academty, the three rural routes and the transiet lake population make the services as exacting and laboruise as in towns of 5,000 population.

    The work and responsibility will be further increased if the office should be saddled with a postal saving bank - sometohing entirely unncessary in Culver

    Dr, Wiseman has done a very efficient administation. Here's good luck to him and success to his successor. Prosit.

1913 - 3 March Culver Citizen The contract for carrying the mail between the post office and depot has been relet to Jesse Rhoads at an increase of $10 a month. The pay is no $30 a month.

1913 - Apr 3 - Roy Porter has been added to the local post office force and will be on duty five hours each day

1913 - May 1, 1913 Postmaster Gam has been advised from Washington that all rural carriers are required to paint their vehicles a bright, Vermillion red.

1914 - Jan 8 free Delivery in Culver. By a recent order of the post office department persons livlng in town on the route of the rural carriers may now have their mail delivered free of charge by putting up boxes. Under this arrangement the residents along Main, Scott and North Jefferson streets and in the "Jerusalem" neighborhood cano, if they wish, have a morning delivery between 7 and 8 o'clock.

1914 - Jan 22 - The Culver Post Office
    John Osborn's bond of $7,000 with S. C. Shilling, Henry Zechiel and S. E. Medbourn as sureties was forwarded to the post office department last wee, and if acted upon at once his commission will arrive today

    Mr. Osborn will retain C.D. Behmer as assisan postmaster, W. R. Crossland as clerk, and has selected Lester Rockhill as assistant clerk. Iva Smith, the window clerk, will retire

    The post master's salary after July 1 will be $2,200. It is under stood that beginning on that date the assistant postmaster will receive $1,100, the clerk $1,000. The assistant clerk starets at once on $500. The government pays these employes. If any additional hel should be employed, the postmaster would be required to pay for it.

1914 - Jan 29 - John Osborn's commission arrived Tuesday and he took poesession of the post office yesterday morning
    Jesse Rhoads bas resigned as Chicken Broth carrier of tbe mails between the Post office and depot, and bids are now being received from applicants for tbe job. The appointment will be made March 1.

1914 - Feb 5 - - An examination for a clerk ship in the Culver post office to fill the vacancy caused by tbe resignation of Roy Porter will be held on Feb. 18. Lester Rockhill is filling tbe position under temporary appointment.

1914 - feb 12 - -The examination for a clerk ship in the Culver post oflice to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Roy Porter will be held or Feb. 28 instead of tbe 18th as published last week

1914 - Mar. 5 - The contract for carrying the mail between the post office and depot bas been relet to Jesse Rhoads at an increase of $10 a month. 'The pay is now $30 a month.

1914 - May 14 - Changes in Post Office
    Postmaster Osbonr has mad ea number of changes in the post office which will be a convenience to the public as well as to the post office force.

    the box partion had been moved inward 18 inches, giving more lobby room. he money order window occupies the place of the call boxes which have been done away with altogether, and the postmaster's private entrance is where the money order window was.

    The stamp window has been placed near the general delivery. These changes bring the work of the clerks closer together. The distribting tables of the clerks and carriers have also been re-arranged for greater convenience.

1914 - May 21 At the Post office
    The postoffice lobby glistens in its new coat of varnish, and its improved appearance will go a long way toward impressing upon the publiv the reasonableness of Postmaster Osborn's requests displayed on signs reading "Do Not Lean on the Desk," Use the Waste Basket," "Positively No Loafing," etc. The idea of the post master is to ask the public to help him keep the lobby tidy, and the idea of the department is that a governmen post office is strictly a business place and not a resort for idle visitors

1914 - May 28 – Steps are being taken to secure free mail delivery to Culver …; June 18 – The town board is working on a plan for numbering the houses in anticipation of free mail delivery…

1914 20 Aug. - Will free Delivery Come?
    The town of Culver can have free delivery of rnail just as soon as the town board takes action.

    The only requirement now lacking is the posting of the names of the streets and the numbering; of the bouses.

    The receipts of the post office are above the $10,000 mark - in fact, they are over $11,000, and the system of sidewalks is nearly complete.

    When the town board and the property owners take the necessary action, a post office inspector will be sent for. He will recommend the establishment of tbe carrier system, and the plan will go ino operation as soon as carriers can be appointed.

    A representative of the post office department was in Culver Monday looking over the ground with refererence to the establishment of free delivery in the town.

    Before further steps are taken it will be necessary to erect etreet signs and number all the houses, and all walks and crossings must be in good condition.

    The town board at their meeting on Monday night authorized the circulation of a petition among the citizens of Culver requesting that these requirements be complied with, in order to get the sentiment of the people in the matter.

    Marshal Vanmeter has the petition in charge and if in favor of free delivery you are requested to sign it.

1915 - Jun 24 - Rural mail service by automobile will begin on a large scale in many parts of the United States on Aug. 2.

1916 - Sep 7 - Arthur Hatten is the new clerk in the Culver post office M. B/ Robinson, who was a tempoorary steps out

1917 - Jan 11 - Postmaster Has Resigend
    John Osborn last Monday sent in his resignation as postmaster and will vacate his office as soon as his successor is chosen. and in case this is delayed beyonf three or four weeks he will ask for a vacation in order to take treatment for a cancer which has beem growing on his face for the past three months..;

    Who the next postmaster will be is a matter of much interest and speculation. S. J. Lenon, Garland Bogardus and T. E. Slattery are the only open candidates so far.

1917 - Apr 18 - New Postmaster - Samuel J. Lenon

1918 - August 28 - Lem A. Crabb has resigned as mail carrier between the post office and the station

1919, Jan 1 - M. V. Robinson has resigned as subsitute carried on routes 1 and 2; and Lewis C. Hatten's names has bee forwared with a recommendation for appointment

1919, Feb 1 - Rural Carrier Resigns
    Harry Menser has resigned as carrier on route 1. While the resignation is dated to take effect March 1 he will quit next Monday as he has the intervening time due him on un expired vactation

    Lewis Hatten, recently appointed substitute carrier will take Harry's place temporarily until he or some other candidate qualifies as permanent carrier through the civil service examination.

    Harry will work his father's farm this year.

    WHile the salray of a carrier at $120 a month looks pretty good, there is not much in it. A carrier is required to use a car, which means an expense of $40 to $45 a month.

1919 - Nov 12 - The post office is using a cancelling machine which supercedes the primitive method of cancelling stamps and improving the date with a hand stamp which required a vigorous thump on every letter. The letters are now run through at the rate of 200 a minute.

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