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Culver Post Office History 1920 - 1929  

1920 - Jun 23 - Beginning July the Culver post office employees will begin to recieve increased pay. The new rate raises of on of the clerks to $`500 and another to $1800. The carriers also come in for a boost. The salary of the postmaster will go to $2500.

1920 - Jul 28 - New Substitute Carriers - Postmaster Lenon apponted Ellis Slifton substitite carrier on route 1 and Elzy Hwkins on route 2

1923 - Jul 18 - L. A Rockhill Resigns

    Ass't Ppostmaster Has Severed His Connections with Uncle Sam

    L. A. Rockhill who for the past nine years has been associated with the post office as assistant postmaster, resigned his position, the same to take effect immediately

    The change has been somewhat sudden for it was note generally known that Mr. Rockhill had contemplated resigning.

    Mr. Rockhill has not made any dfinite place for the future. However, he well take a little rest for the few coming weeks before engaging in any other business.

    Mr. Rockhill has been associated with the post office for the past nin years and his cheerful face will be missed by the public at the post office in the future.

    He began his services in the post office in the year 1914 and has been in the office ever since that time.

1925 - Milton Roth Cline became the first village mail carrier. His biography in the 1986 history states: "His first route was in the south part of town and very few people had mail boxes - he could only locate 8 or 10 on his first trip; but in less than a week most homes had provided them. After carrying mail for seven years he was promoted to substitute clerk, then to clerk of highest grade and longevity."

1925 - March 25 - Next Sunday morning the post office will be moved into its temporary home in the Warner Building on Main Street to allow the tearing down of the present structure.

1925 - May 1 - Friday was a busy day at the new post office when concrete was poured for the main floor. (it was behind the State Exchange bank or a part of that building)

1925 - May 13 - Culver will have village delivery of mail on and after Sept. 1,

1927 - December 28 The government has taken a ten-year lease of the present quarters of the local post office with the State E xchange Bank and the officials of the bank have made plans to make the local office a model in every respect.

1927 - December 28 Post office to be made model by installation of all-steel fixtures

1929 - February 13, - Harry Menser has resigned as carrier on Route 1.

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