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Culver Post Office History 1940 - Present  

1942 - December 9 – Navy recruiting station to open at post office.

1947 - December 10 – Additional truck service for mail replaces train.

1948 - March 17 - Fletcher Strang resigns as Culver postmaster after holding office since 1934.


    The U. S. Civil Service Commission this week announced an examination for substitute clerk- carrier for duty in the Culver post office.

    The basic rate of pay for Sub­ stitute Clerk-Carrier is $1.315 an hour. After the performance* of 1 one year of satisfactory service, including time served as a Special Delivery messenger, the basic rate of pay is increased 10 cents an hour for the second year of satisfactory substitute service, and 5 cents an hour each succeeding year thereafter until a maximum of $1.815 an hour is reached. This 5 cent increase is made at the beginning of the quarter following the completion of one year of satisfactory service in the next lower grade.

    The age limit for these posi­ tions are 18 to 50. These age limits will be waived for persons entitled to veteran preference, and under certain circumstances, for war-service indefinite employees. No specific experience or education is required, but all applicants must pass a written examination designed to test their ability in sorting and in following instructions.

    Applicants for these positions must actually reside within the delivery zone of the Culver , Ind., post office or be bona fide patrons of that office.
1950 - Sept 20 - Town Mail Service to be Curtailed on Oct 1
    There will be an important change in postal service in the town of Culver effective October 1, it was announced this week by Fletcher Strang, postmaster. The curtailment of service, which is in keeping writh the directives of the Post Office Department, will not effect rural mail delivery.

    In a notice to patrons Postmaster Strang points out: “ In complying with the Post Office Department for the curtailment of mail delivery, there has been a schedule proposed and submitted to the Post Office Inspectors for this office. This schedule is effective Oct. 1, 1950.

    Stamp Window service 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    Finance window 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    “ All mail deliveries, both residence and business, excepting the residential district in the west portion of the town of Culver will be approximately two to two and one-half hours later than at present.

    The new schedule is subject to- change at any time.” Sometime ago postal officials in Washington announced that service was to be curtailed throughout the nation in order to effect necessary economies. In larger cities curtailment has already been made

1950 - Sptember 27 - Mail Service in Town To Be Curtailed Next Week
    Patrons of the local Post Office, particularly persons residing in the town of Culver, are again reminded that in keeping with the directives of the Post Office Department, there will be an important change in postal service effective October 1.

    As Postmaster Fletcher Strang pointed out in an announcement in the Citizen last week, “ In complying with the official directive for the curtailment of mail delivery. the following schedule will be in effect until further notice:
      Stamp Window Service — 7 a. m. to 5:30 p. m.;
      Finance window service — 8 a. m. to 5:30 p. m.”
    Mail delivery in the business district and the North part of Culver will be approximately one hour later than at present and the delivery in the west portion of Culver will be approximately two hours later than the present delivery.

1955 - Milton Roth Cline was the first postman to retire.

1955 - July 6 Culver Citizen proclaims;
    Culver Becomes First-Class Post Office!
    Culver gave further evidence of its fine growth potential on July 1 when Postmaster Fletcher T. Strang made the long awaited announcement that the local post office had on that date become a first-class office.

    In a visit to The Citizen office Tuesday morning Postmaster Strang gave credit to three local institutions whose increased activities pushed up the annual total of postal receipts to the point of necessary to bring about this recognition and rating.

    Mr. Strang specifically mentioned The State Exchange Bank, the Culver Military Academy, and The Culver Press, Inc. printers and publishers, as largely responsible for this happy situation. He also mentioned as a factor the wide use of six-cent air mail stamps by individuals.

    The Culver post office has grown steadily since Mr. Strang was appointed postmaster in 1934. The receipts of $18,000 of that year now have grown to more than $41,000 yearly. The biggest mailing in local history was on Dec. 17, 1954 when 12,218 pieces of first class mail were posted. An average normal day is between 1,000 and 1,200 pieces.

    Postmaster Stang modestly refers to the success and growth of the Culver post office as the res ult of the spendid teamwork and cooperation among the 12 emplo yees of the staff.

    Culver is the only other first-class post office in Marshall County aside from Plymouth. It serves more than 1,000 delivery patrons in addition to the several hundred cadets and fac ulty members at Culver Military Academy.

1956 - October 17 - E. Wayne Mattox Named Culver's New Postmaster
Fletcher T Strang Saluted For 22 Year's Fine Service

After 22 years of splinded efficient and courteous service to the many patrons of the Culver post office Fletcher T Stran will cease to be our postmaster on Oct. 31 in accorance with the established age retiremnet policy of the U. S. Post Office Department

In the same announcement received from the Postmaster General on Moday E. Warne Mattox was designated as acting postmaster, effectivel Oct. 3`1

The entire community will applaud Mr. Mattox's appointment to this vital and important position.

On Aug. 10 Postmaster Strang informally notified the Culver Citiizen of his impending retirement in thse words: "Presumably I will be retired as of Oct. 31. I want to thank you and your entire staff for your wonderful coopoeration shown me during the time I have bee your postmaster. It is greatly appreciated and will long be remembered'". Thanks Culver's Grand People

With his retirement date confirmed Postmaster Srang issued the following statement: "I want to take this oppertunity to thank each and eavery one of the patrons of the Culver post office for the splendid cooperation given me during the 22 happt years that I have been your postmaster. You folks of the Culver Community are grand people and serving you has been a very great pleasure and will never be forgotten. Mrs Strange and I have no definte plans for the future other than a visit with our son, Fletcher Jr. in Denver Colo. Then we will go to California to visit Mrs. Strang's sister in Santa Calra, Calif. We expect to be back in our beloved Culver in the spring and then we will have some idea as to what our future plans will be God Bless all of you."

Our new postsmaster, E. Wayne Mattox, came up through the ranks and has mastered every phase of his exacting position.

1956 - Oct 24 - Mention of Hall Wilson as delivering the mail and Jerry Jones as parcel post delevery

1957 - 27 Nov. - Culver Citizen - Ray Fisher, popular and efficient Rural Route 1 mail carrier for all of 33 years a nd 2 months, will retire on on Nov. 30. Mr. Fisher has served under four local postmasters: George W. Overmyer, Clyde L. Shivley, Fletcher T. Strang, and E. Wayne Mattox. Mr. Fisher stated that when he started the route was 27 miles long and he drive [drove] a Ford Model T laundry truck...the route is now 59 miles long and he has 260 stops in the winter and 364 in the summer.

1960 - Jan. 6 - Our Effifent Post Office Staff
    Post Master [Wayane] Mattox

    Assistant Postmaster - Harold fitterling

    Clerks - William Washburn, Enest l. (Bus0 carter, and jerry Jones - also James Jones, Christmas season clerk

    City carriers - Larry Lowery, Vern McKee, and Roger Wise.

    Rural Route Carriers - Hall Wilson (Route 1); and Ronald Mackey (Route 2); also substitute carriers Dean Machester on Route 1 and Tom Houghton on route 2

    Custodians - C. Arthur Reed and Earl Eckman

1963 - January 3 – First class mail rates increase Jan. 7, sending the cost of a letter to five cents, postal cards are now four cents each, and an air mail latter now requires eight cents postage…

1963 - June 19 - Our five digit ZTP code is 46511 it is announced today. ZIP Code, the Post Office Department's revolutionary new system of improved mail dispatch and delivery, goes into effect nationally on July 1

1963 - July 1 - ZIP Code use began

1966 - Aug - Past Office Staff Changes Announced
    Postmaster E. W. Mattox has announced several recent position changes and additions to the staff of the Culver Post Office. Glen E. Sehrimsher, a 1950 Culver High School graduate, has been appointed as a career custodian.

    Mrs. Robert (Donna Patesel) Johnson, also a CHS graduate, has been selected for the position of temporary substitute,clerk. James M. Washburn, CHS 1956, has been appointed from a civil service register as a temporary sub city carrier.

    Roger W. Wise, formerly a sub city carrier, is now the reg ular carrier on Rural Route 1. Donald P. Osborn, who has been temporarily serving as carrier, will continue to act as substitute on this route. Ernest L. Carter, a reg ular clerk, has been reassigned by his request to sub city carrier. Jerry E. Jones has been promoted to reg ular clerk and James D. Jones promoted to sub clerk - THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 1966

1967 - Parcel Post To Be Delivered SIX Days A Week
    Postmaster E. W. Mattox today announced that parcel post deliveries in Culver were expanded from five days to six days a week as of July 17, 1967. The boundaries of the expanded service include all areas normally served by city delivery carriers on foot.

    This is in line with a recent directive from Postmaster General Lawrence F. O'Brien following the signing of the Post Office Department appropriation bill by President Johnson. The legislation contains an $8.5 Million item, for restoration of the six-day-aweek delivery which had been cut back in May 1964 as an economy measure.

    Nearly 5,000 cities are affected. Postmaster Mattox said.

1968 - July 18 – Due to embargo on mail service in Canada, the local post office is not accepting any form of mail to Canada…

1968 - Oct 3- The town of Culver was honored Wednesday morning when group of dignataries oF the United States Postal Department presented a citation to the Culver Post Office. Mr. Patrick F. Dowling, Director of Local Services from Cincinnati, O. gave Wayne Mattox, Culver Postmaster, the award which read: "Lyndon B. Johnson Natural Beauty Program Citation of Merit to the community of Culver, Ind. and its postal employees for maintaining the grounds and exterior of their postal unit in such a manned" an to reflect credit upon the com munity 'and the Post Office Department. Signed: W. Marvin Watson, Postmaster General."

Mr. Mattox gave a large share of the credit to Norman M. Scruggs and Glen Schrimsher who have put forth much effort to maintain the landscaping and appearance of the Post Office.

After the ceremony, the employees and their guests entertained at a luncheon at the Bank Lounge.

Among those present at the ceremony were Mr. Al Hass, Public Service Officer from South Bend; Mr. Leonard Webb, GSA Area Manage; Mr. Omer Bixel, Postmaster of Plymouth; Mr. James Slough, Postmaster of Bourbon and Col. W. D. Howell of Culver Military Academy.

Pictured left to right are Harold Fitterling, Leonard Webb, Col. W. D. Howell. Al Hass, Norman Scruggs, Patrick F. Dowing, Omer Bixel, Wayne Mattox and James Slougrh

1969 - Patronage no longer a factor in postmaster and rural carrier appointments.

1970 - Postal Reorganization Act of August 12

1971 - United States Postal Service began operation; Postmaster General no longer in Cabinet

1971 - Labor contract achieved through collective bargaining for the first time in history of federal government

1971 - Star routes changed to highway contract routes

1973 - Jan 18 - Begin Work On Fire Damaged Post Office
    The Abbeyhill Construction Company was awarded the contract to renovate the Culver Post Office, which was damaged by fire a year ago. Work on the project began this week.

    Lock boxes have been moved to the new location at the West end of the lobby. Plans call for an enlarged work area with modern service windows at the east end of the lobby. The interior of the building will be completely cleaned and painted

1973 - Oct 4 - POSTAL POSITION OPEN - Wayne Mattox, Postmaster at Culver. has announced that the Culver Post Office is now accepting applications for the position of Substitute Rural Carrier. The pay scale ranges from $40 to $50 per day, depending upon the length and type of route. Applications and more information can be obtained at the Culver Post Office

1976 - Postal Reorganization Act Amendment, approved September 24.

1983 - the ZIP+4 code added a hyphen and four digits to the existing five digit ZIP Code.

1983- Ended public service subsidy from federal government

1996 - April 10 – Work was under way to replace the loading dock at the Culver Post Office…

2006 - Hours cut where the post office is closed over the noon hour period Monday-Friday and closes at 11 a.m. on Staurdays.

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