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Culver Postmasters  

(Originally established as YELLOW RIVER)

    Benjamin F. Kendall Postmaster 26 Dec 1850
    L. M. Boles Postmaster 06/07/1853
    Ephraim Moor Postmaster 13 Sep 1853
    James Lyon Jr. Postmaster 023 May 1855
    John Houghton Sr. Postmaster 27 Sep 1858

Name changed to MARMONT on April 3, 1860
    John Houghton Postmaster 3 Apr 1860
    William H. George Postmaster 9 Mar 1861
    Peter Smith Postmaster 1 Jun 1861
    James Lyon Postmaster 20 May 1863
    Gustavus A. Durr Postmaster 6 Dec 1864
    James Hill Postmaster 15 Jun 1869
    Lorenzo D. Wiseman Jr. Postmaster 26 Apr 1872
    Joseph Miller Postmaster 13 Feb 1873
    LeRoy Rogers Postmaster 11/17/1873 {Manuel, Marshall,}
    Gustavus A. Darr/Duerr Postmaster 05/18/1874 { Manuel, Marshall, }
    George W. Miller Postmaster 02/15/1875 {Manuel, Marshall,}
    Jesse G. Dunfee Postmaster 03/17/1876
    Jacob S. Bernhisel Postmaster 12/26/1876 {Manuel, Marshall, }
    Henry Speyer Postmaster 17 Sep 1879
    Nathan F. Clark Postmaster 21 Aug 1885
    Avery Clark -1887/8
      Two of Culver's Oldest buildings Wrecked for Modern Structures...

      Two of the oldest buildings in Culver are being dismantled this week...the other is the store building on the corner of Scott and State Streets, owned for many years by T. E. Slattery...

      Older residents of the community will recall years ago while Culver's post office was in the structure now used as a residence by Mrs. M. Koontz. Avery Clark was the postmaster and storekeeper therin. An attempt was made to move the post office to the Meyer building, but was thwarted by the general protest of the citizens of the community at the time = Citizen March 3 1926

    John F. Koontz Postmaster 7 Apr 1887
    Henry M. Speyer Postmaster 26 Jul 1889
    Urias Menser Postmaster 26 Jul 1893

Name changed to CULVER on January 12, 1897
    Urias Menser Postmaster 12 Jan 1897
    Henry Speyer Postmaster 14 Jun 1897
    B. W. Scott Wiseman Postmaster 20 Jan 1902, ( Dr. Benjamin W. S. Wiseman (Dr.) )
    J. A. Yockey - 1904 - Postmaster J. A. Yockey has moved into the Judge Capron residence.
    B. W. Scott Wiseman Postmaster 18 Jan 1906
      1905 - Nov 23 - 1910, Jun 16 Dr. B. W. S. Wiseman has been recommended by Congressman A . L. Brick for reappointment as postmaster of the town of Culver for the ensuing four years
    Edward E. Parker (Dr.) Postmaster 31 May 1910 (Parker Family)
      1910 June 2 - Parker Gets Appointment Dr. E. E. Parker's appointment as postsmaster was made last Friday. The appoinment now goes to the senatte for confrimation. This with other preliminareis, is expected to take two or three weeks before the commission issues and the new incu,mbent takes his office. P. S. - The senate confirmed the appointment last Tuesday

      1913, Dec 4 - Postmaster E. E. Parker recently sent his resignation to the department to take effect December 31, and it has been accepted.
    John Osborn Postmaster 12 Jan 1897
      1913 Dec 13 - The contest for the postmaster of the local post office was settled last Tuesday when the name of John Osborn was sent to the senate.

      1914 - Jan 29 - John Osborn's commission arrived Tuesday and be took poesession of the post offfce yesterday morning.
    Samuel J. Lenon Postmaster 03/16/1917
      1917 - Apr 18 - New Postmaster - Samuel J. Lenon took charge of the Culver post offoce on Sunday following the receipt of his commission on Saturday, and on Monday morning many of the patrons of the office were greeted with a new face "behind the bars". Accommodating and competent, Sam is expected to give a good administration.
    George W. Overmyer Postmaster Indiana 20 Dec 1921 & 6 Jan 1926
      1921 - Dec. 14 - The appointment of George W. Overmyer as postmaster has been confirmed.

      1926 - Feb 17 - G., W. Overmyer Appointed Postmaster For Four Years - Have you noticed the new commission hanging in the back room of the post office which designates George W. Overmyer as postmaster for another period of four years? It was by accindent that the Citizen discovered it. But there is hands. Mr. Overmyer has served Culver for the past four years. During that time many changes for the better have been effected in the local office which includes the new village mail service.
    Clyde L. Shively Postmaster 8 Mar 1930 1930
    Fletcher Strang Postmaster 18 Jun 1934, 8 Jun 1938, 30 Nov 1942
      1934 - July 30 It's now Postmaster Fletcher T. Strang. The long-anticipated commission arrived and Mr. Strang assumed his new duties on July 25.

      1942 - Dec 9 - Postmaster Strang Is Reappointed to Office 0 Pastmaster Fletcher Stran has received word that he has bee reappointed Culver's postmaster by President Roosevelt after the Sentate had given its approval. Postmaster Genral Frank C. Walker sent the notification to Mr. Strang on Dec. 4 1948 - Mar 17 - Fletcher Strang Resigns as Culver Postmaster effective June 20, 1948, ill health had forced Postmaster Stran to take this action.

      196 - October 17 - Fletcher Strang resigns as Culver postmaster after holding office since 1934.

    Ernest Wayne Mattox Acting Postmaster 31 Oct 1956
    E. Wayne Mattox Postmaster 05/16/1957
    Jerry L. Miller Officer-In-Charge 12/13/1979
    Joan Shoemaker Officer-In-Charge 03/06/1980
    Garlin V. Hedman Postmaster 03/22/1980
    Barbara L. Rayl Officer-In-Charge 08/26/1981
    Jerry E Jones (also clerk) Postmaster 01/23/1982
    Gordon Paul Troke Officer-In-Charge 09/01/1992
    Gordon Paul Troke Postmaster 03/06/1993
    Richard D. Ruby Officer-In-Charge 12/03/1997 "Rick" also clerk
    Rhonda (Carswell) Anderson Officer-In-Charge 01/23/1998
    Thomas C. Latosinski Officer-In-Charge 02/23/1998
    Stewart J. Snyder Officer-In-Charge 09/04/1998
    Wilferd T. Harrison Officer-In-Charge 10/30/1998
    Daniel J. King Officer-In-Charge 03/22/1999
    Stewart J. Snyder Officer-In-Charge 06/18/1999
    Stewart J. Snyder Postmaster 08/28/1999
    Mark K. Boyle Officer-In-Charge 03/28/2003
    Lucinda S. Shidler Postmaster 08/23/2003 "Cindy"
      Culver Postmaster to retire - Cindy Shidler, Culver’s Postmaster for the past several years, will soon retire, with April 29 slated to be her last day. Citizens are welcome to drop by to thank her for her work here and wish her well in her retirement. - Citizen - April 21, 2011
    Marvin L. ??Gilliland?? Officer-In-Charge/Postmaster 200_ also was at Kewanna
    Philip D. Thomas Officer-In-Charge 04/29/2011
    Oscar A. Obregon Postmaster 07/16/2011
    Regina K. Davenport Officer-In-Charge 09/16/2011
    Robert E. Craft Officer-In-Charge 12/01/2011

    Note ones with dates writtine as "16 May 1957" verified with All U.S., Appointments of U. S. Postmasters, 1832-1971 found on Ancestry . com.

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