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Trip Through Culvers Fire Station

A Depressing Trip Through Culvers Fire Station

Editor, Citizen:

We have at the height of our summer resort season approximately 6,000 people who are protected by only 12 firemen in the the event of fire, drownings, or any emergencies

We also have a fire department building, one part of which is 60-some odd years old, from out of which these men work. I visited this building the other day and I must say it was quite depressing experience.

I first wondered where the firemen would park their cars on Sunday morning, as the Garce Church has a vey good attendance record.

Cheif Dave Burns said there was a fire on Sunday morning and he had to park his car on main street across from Sam Medbourn's home and run down to the fire department. As you must realize, this doesn't make for the speediest fire department in the state!
,br> I wonder if the people who do attend this church don't think about coming out of the House of God and finding dented fenders and bright red paint down the sides of their cars, as if the devil himself had streaked through?

As I went in the north door on the west side of the building (and fell flat on my face, as the door sill is about 5 inches high), I wondered how some of the firemen with fallen chests ever made it throught. On the right hade side are all of the fireman's water repellent hats, coats and pants. Opposite them (about two feet on the other side) are the fire trucks.

At the immediate end of the tire trucks is the meeting rrom, approximately 8 feet wide and 15 feet long. This meeting room contains a refrigerator, stove, four five-foot benches, one chair, a six-foot table, and a desk with more papers i, around and inder it that the Town Board could table in one year. I imagine you think that's very nice with all the furniture. Do you know where it came from? The volunteer fireman brought it from their homes, as a cement floor gets pretty drafty!

After that very impressionable room. I continued into the next and found another fire truck, a town truck, and four feet beyond that tow jail cells. These cellsl are as private as a couple of monkey cages, and I'd hate to be the monkey that would have to reside in one of them. Can you imagine anyone with a little too much to drink, being there whe the fire whistle took off? I don't believe the AA could do much for them.

I then proceeded to fo downstairs to the Town Hall room... its a goof thing that the people of Culver are slackers about going to the town board meetings. There must be enough seating capacity for 15 or 20 people and then only those who wear back supports or have an extra fine posture. AS I sat there I gazed at the ceiling... ulp!... it's sagging... and I wonder which fire truck was coming through.

My mind was relieved as I was informed that only the jeep could be parked above that room and the heavier fire trucks on the other side of the building, as the florr wouldn't hold all of the weight.

What are they goign to do with the new truck, as it will be the biggest and heaviest of all?

As I came to the end of the tour, I decided two things, Not to drink anymore, and especillay enough to go to the town board meetings!

WHat I can't figure out, with a continual $3,000 in taxes being paid year after year earmarked "Fire equipment", why the firemen have to bring their own furniture, go from door to door to raise money for fire equipment, maintain the building, appeal for a boat and moter for rescue work, and on top of that, volunteer their labor for a new fire station, when approcimately 5,500 other people don't care whether they do it or not.

Do you realize that these 12 volunteer firemen are also paying the same taxes you are? They'r fools

Name Withheld by request.

29 May 1957 - Culver Citizen

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