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Culver - Union Township Fire Department 1914-1923

1914 - Jan 8 - Fire Company Election - The fire company last Monday night elected the following officers

    Chlef- J . R. Saine.
    Assistant Chief - M . B. Foss.
    Secretary - T. G. Fisher.
    Treaeurer - A. M. Roberts.

1914 - on Sanborn Fire map the fire department was located on Plymouth St. across from what is now Grace Reformed church of Christand the property is now the churches parking lot.

By 1914 the fire department condtions had improved some what - - No. Steam & no hand engine; Two hose carts; One hook & ladder.

Water facilities: Pressure tank system capacity of Tank 7,500. 1 National Constrution Co. F. P. triple 3"x0" drivenly 20HP gasoline eingine supply from 1.6" & 3.4" wells. daily consumption not known domestic pressure 30-60 lbd. fire pressure 60 lbs. 1 1/2 miles 4" & 6" water pipes 17 double hydrants installed 130 extensions since

Fire dept: Volunteer 15 members 2 hand carts 800' 2 1/2 C R.L. hose on one 1st class & 200' 2 1/2 " C R.L. hose on the other 2nd class 1 hand H & L wagon, fire alarm M. E. Church no fire limits.

Grades practically level 1 1/8 mile brick pavement being laid on Main & Scott Streets. Public lights, electic incandescent.

1915 Jan 7 - New Offices for the culver fire department have been elected
    Chief - J. R. Saine
    Assistant - Herman Krah
    Secretary - I. G. Fisher
    Treasurer M. H. Foss

1915 - May 27 - The need of a more effective fire alarm is being talked of by some of our citizens. Dependent as we are upon a church bell forgetting out the fire department, we are courting a risk which may sometime res ult in serious loss.

1915 - Nov 18 - The Culver Fire Company will give its annual oyster supper at Reformed church on Tuesday Nov. 23, from 5 to 8 o'clock. Supper 25 cents. COme out and patroniize is. Our slogan is "Our equipment is Your protection". We will have our new hook and ladder truck on exhibition Tuesday on Main Street as a demostration of what your patronage during the past two years has done for us.

1915 - Nove 25 - Fire Fellows Fare Famously
    The fire company again realizes the strong hold it has on the good will of the public. Asking but once a year for a share of the community's offerings to our pyunlic institutions they are justifed i in expecting a liberal response, and so far it has always been given them. Their supper Friday night was a good one, composed of oyster stew, chicken and ham sandwiches, coffee and relishes. A candy table, bearing it dainty burden of thoothsome confections, added to the evening receipts. The company will clear a bout $30 from the supper. Thirty dollars was previously collected from the business men.

1915 - Dec 30 - Better Fire Alarm Needed
    Whenever there is a fire, especially at night, the need of a more effective alarm ins impressed upon us. If there is not much wind blowing, and with the stores open and plenly of people out of doorss the Methdoist church bell answers the purpose fairly weill, but under other conditions it is not safe to depend upon. A loud alarm is needed. It shoul be worked by electricity so that the telephone office, which receives and sends out the call for the fire company, can sounf it instantly. SUch an alarm, was are told, can be had for little money. The public will cheerfully respond to a call for contributions if the fire lads will circulate a subscription paper. Much of the success in fire fighting depends upon the first few mintures

1916 - Jan 13 - Fire Company Election
    The f the annual election of officers of the fire company Monday evening resulted as follows:

    Chief - J. R. Saine
    Ass't Chief - W. H. Dalrymple
    Secretary - M. H. FOss
    Treasurer - I. G. FIsher

1916 - On 22 Oct. 1916 Culver Military riding hall and 66 horses burned.

1917 - Jan 11 - Fire Company Election
    The following officers of the fire company were chosen at their meeting Monday evening.

    Chief - J. R. Saine
    Ass't Chief - W. H. Dalrymple
    Secretary - I. G. Fisher
    Treasurer - Chas. Asper

1917 - Jan 11 - Our fire department
    The time is coming, said a member of the fie department when culver will not have a fire company

    We have latley had more resignations then ever before, and only three or for men now prevent its disbandment. We get no help nor encouragement. We pall all our own expenses and get no pay. We pay dues and fines (for non-attendance at meetings and drills) and give whatever time and labor is necessary when callerd out to a fire.

    The town board won't even pass an ordinance prohibiting people for driving over our hoses, and when we as the board to vote $2 to the first teamster that reached the house house on the sounding of the fire alarm they wouldn't do it.

    I know business men are willing to help us when they are asked, but we don't like to go around and beg money for ourselves.

    The boys are losing interest and there really is danger that the company will disband.

1917 jul 18 - The fire deparment
    George Overmyer, president of the town board comes back as follows: Whoever gave you the information concerning the board and fire department didn't put it up fairly. In the first place neither the presentboard or the one preceding it (as ALbert Stahl tells me) has been asked to give a bounus to the first teanster reachin gthe hose house, and in the second pllace the ordinance fixing a penalty for driving over hose was objectionable in the form presented to us. It gave any member of the department authority to make an arrest. This we decided was to sweeping and liable to abuce
1918 - September 4 Successful Fire Test
    The etst of the chemical fire truck Saturday evening was a decided success, in the opinion of those who had the matter in charge.

    A fram shack 8 x 10 feet was erected on the school grounds. It was built of pine boards and filled with light boxes, barrels, banana crates, hay etc. and the whole saturated with 10 gallons of kerosene. It was lighted at the sound of the alarm, and made a quick hot fire.

    The truck made the run from the Plalmer Hous ein about 5 minutes, and had the blaze under control with the use of 35 gallons of chemical.<

    After the demonstration, which was witnessed by a large crowd, short talks were made on the bank corner by:
      C. E. Coffin
      Capt Hunt and
      W. O. Osborn
    All of these set forth the need of some such protection for the cottages, farm houses and other property beyond the reach of the waterworks.

    That a spirit of co-operation exists in the matter between the town and cottagers and farmers has been evidenced by the substantial subscriptions being received toward a fund to purchase som e style of chemical equipment.

    The cost of a truck that is considered adequate for the protection of the territory to be covered has been placed at between $3,000 and $4,000.

    No figures as to subscriptions nor details as to style of equipment can be given until a thorough canvass of interested parties has been made.

1919, Jan 15 - Fire Officers Elected Company Election. - TheThe following officers were elected Monday night fby the fire department:
    Chief: J. R. Saine
    Assistant: Clifford Waite
    Secretary: Perchis Blanchard
    Treasurer: Ed McFeeley

1919 - Feb 12 - The new chemical fire truck made possible by the liberal contribution of $3,900 by our citizens and lake cottage owners, is nearly redy for delivery

1919 Apr 16 Notice the fire truck committee find it necessry to again appeal to the subscribers to the fire truck fund who have not yet paid their pledges to please pay same as soon as possible. Please pay at the State Exchange Bank - Committee We sincerely than these gentlemen for their subscriptions and their spirit of co-operation

The issue of 5 March 1919 announced that Culver had received its new chemical truck.

Ad placed in the Culver High school yearbook "Maxinkuckee" of 19191

1919 Olympic fire truck. The fireman are: Henry Listenberger, Al Roberts, Roy Swikert, Ed McFeely, Hickory Murphy, Archie Blanchard, fire chief Clifford Waite, Tuck Swigart, Owen Gandy, Art Fishburn, Jake Saine. The drivers are Ed Cook and Perch Blanchard The 1919 members of the fire department and picture.

1919 - Republic Fire Truck - Below is the bell that rang the alarm through town and country side enroute to a fire! David always said the bell was 1919 but wonder if it is not the 1907 Truck bell or the bell from the hand pulled truck?

What the words are on the edge of the bell is unknown - it is the first I realized there was any writing on it at all! David Burns had it install under the hood of his pickup sometime in the late 1980's and much to the chagrin of many he loved to ring the bell as he went through town - or if ornery enough he waited until someone was right in front of the truck walking by and rang it making many a folk jump a few feet either forward or in the air; you could always hear him coming also during chuck-hole season.

1919 - AUg 27 - Benefit Tonight
    The minstel and vaudeville show tonight at the Liberty theater for the benefit of the fire company will be a pippin. Don't miss it.

    Billy Link says: "you con't boost this benefit too strong. Seats are selling so fast that wel will have to put in at least 100 extra chairs. A big car on the program will be Stewart Barnes who is a wonderful emtertainer".

    Howard Allerman appears in his silly-kid specialty tonight in "Ma, Look at That". The rest of the cast are Billy Link, Mrs. Link and Sam Lenon.

    The sho is tonigiht, remember.

Front row left to right: Clifford Waite, Archie Blanchard, Levi Bush, Ed McFeely, Roy Swigart, Claude Mikesell, & Henry Listenberger

Back row left to right: Perches Blanchard, Harry (J. R. ) Saine, Fred Cook, Al Roberts, Orr Bryd, & Charley Bush
Left tp right - Chieft, Harry (J. R.) Saine, Al Roberts, Cleve Crabb, Orr, Byrd, Levi Bush, Ed McFeely; Claude Mikesell; Roy Swigart, Henry Listenberger, Charley Bush, Asst. Cheit Fred Cook in drivers seat.

1920, Jan 14 - Fire Company Election. - The Culver fire department has ellected the following officers for 1920:
    Chief: J. R. Saine
    Assistant: C. C. Waite
    Secretary: E. P. Blanchard
    Treasurer: F. W. Cook

1921 - Sep. 7 - The benefit entertainment for the Culver Fire Department was very well supported. $139 worth of tickets were sold and the Liberty Theatre turned over $100 to the department.

1922 - May 3 - The Fire Department - Members of the fire department appeared before the town board Monday and talked over matters pertaining to the efficiency of the company and the protection of the public. As a reult the board ordered the repair of the siren alarm and ner rear tires for the truck. These tires have been used about three years and are in imminent danger of collapsing
    The Fire Alarm - The fire siren has been sent away for repairs. Meantime the M. E, church bell has been again equipped as a fire sirien, and Arthur Simpson will sound it when notified by phone
1922 - June 7 - The fire siren is again in commission performing the double mission of souding the fire alarm and the noon hour.

1922 Aug 23 - Liberty theater Monday August 28 Foruth Annual Benefit Culver Fire ruck Big Mistrels & Vaudeville - 30 people - Culver's Best Talent - Fun! Fun! and More Fun - Burlesque Girl Show and a Big Six Reel Feasture Picture - All for 50 cents. All Seats Reserved - Phone 105 for Reservations.

1922 - Aug 30 - The benifit for the fire company at the Liberty netted the company $85. The gross was $147. Billy Link dontated the picture and the theater, and amateur volunteers did the rest. The friends of the company gave a loyal support to the project

1922 - December - Recorded in the issue of 13 Dec 1922 of the Culver Citizen is the account of the Recreational Building Fire - It is said it broke out in the north end of the building around 5 o'clock. The cause was unknown. It had been built in 1898 as the original riding hall. Estimated damage was $150,000 to 250,000.

1923 - Oct 24 - Miss Isabel Meyer, who won the raffle horse at the Fall Festival , has given the proceeds of the sale of the animal to the Culver Fire Department.

1923 - Oct 30 Gies $50 To City
    J. G. Mueller Helps Pary for Citys new fire pump A donation of $50.00 was turned over to S. C. Schilling by J. G. Mueller of Indianapolis for the fire department fund.

    This money is going towards the paying for the new pump which has been installed on the fire department truck.

    Mr. Mueller has a cottage on the lake and has felt that this pump on the fire truck would be a great benefit to him and his property so he has very kindly given the city help. Too much praise can not be given a man of the caliber - one who will come to the financial aid of a community although he is not duty bound.

    The city is mighty thankful for this gift and wishes to assure anyone else that all donations will be thankfully received

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