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Culver - Union Township Fire Department 1924-1933

1924 - Jan 23 - At a meeting of the town board of trustees last Monday night E. O. Bryd was appointed tot he post of chief of the fire department. Roy Swigart was retained as first assistant fire chief

1924 - Jan 23 - 1923 Town of Culver City Indiana finanical statement - fire dep enteries only January 1 - Dec 31 - 1923 (partial - fire department only

J G Mueller donation to fire truck fund  50.00
Lake Shore Garage  same 10.00
Treasurer, Fire Department compensastion to Fire Department employees  360.00
Mitchell & Stabenow 1 doz pairs of gloves for fire department  1.62
Lake Shore Garage, Fire Truck repairs and supplie s 51.13
W. O. Osborn Insurance for fire truck  
Culver service station Gas and oil for fire truck  4.25
A R McKesson oil for fire truck  4.90
John Sandes food for Fire department (Ferrier fire)  20.00
Treas, Fire Dept Reimbursment for personal clothing  54.00
Obenchain & Boyer, 12 chemical charge for fire truck  18.75
Fred Cook Gas Oli for Fire Truck  5.15
1924 Jan 30 - Fire Truck Pump Is being Installed
    Substitute on Duty

    Is culmination of deal which town board started last August

    If anyone is going to have a fire during the next two weeks call and notify the fire department a little while before hand The culver fire truck has been taken to Logansport where a new water pump is being installed. The company brought an old truck for the local fire department to unse until the regular truck is repaired but according to those who are well acquainted with the working parts of the engine of the substitute, it is in rocky condition to say the least.

    Eqipment to cost $1596.50

    The taking of the fire truck to Logansport is the culmination of a deal which the town board made with the company last August. The board boughte pump equipment at a cost of $1596.50 which includes installation charges

    The pump is a Hale Rotary. It does not have a piston to pull the water, but a contraption which draws the water. The rotary pump will not freeze during cold weather and that will be a convience almost necessary for this locality

    Two Tanks come off

    The installation of the pump will require that the front chemical tanks of the tuck be taken off. A temporary seat will be constructed just a little forward from where the present seat is located. Immediatley behind the seat and in front of the remaining chemical tank is where the new pump will be placed

    Thrre hundred gallons of water per minute can be thrown by the new pump. It is guaranteed to raise water out of a hole twenty-four feet deep. When the new apparatus arrives. Culver will have a good fire fighting apparatus and should be able to cope with any fire which might break out here. Another thing, it will protect the lake cottages for the pump will draw water from the lake or from a well.

1924 - Aug 20 - Culver Theater Friday Night (August 22nd) Fire Truck 5th Annual Benefit The treat of the age Miss Ray Samuels The Blue Streak of Vaudeville ...

The 1924 Sanborn Fire Map shows it still at the location of Plymouth and Cass and the area around it

/td> Water Facilities: Municipal ownership Source - wells. System direct pressure. from 9880 gal pressure tank in pump house Pumps:2 Haberle triples 8" X 10" 350 gals per minute 2 1/2 miles of 2" to 6" mains 28 double hydrants 33,000 gals average daily consumption. Domestic pressure 50lbs. Fur Pressue 100 lbs.

Fire Department Volunteer system. 1 chief. 15 men partly paid. 1 Republic motor truck combination pummper chemical & & hose truck capcy 700 gal per min. carries 3 40 gal. chemical tanks 6000' feet of 2 1/2 " C.R.L. hose, 200' 1" rubber chemical hose 1 hand hose reel 400" feet of 2 1/2 " C.R.L. hose, Fire alarm electic siren in Church tower Main & Washington & telephones

Paving" 1 1/2 miles bricked street Grades nearly level Public lights Electric.

1924 - May - 7 - Its a doggone shame - that every flivver in town can get to a fire before the fire truck. On of thwo things ought to be done - - forbid central to tell anyone but the fire company where the fire is or have the fire truck repaired so thay it will run faster that fifteen miles per hour.

The fire Monday noon was at the home of Chas. Alexander. It was a small fire and was out before rhe first flivver got ther much less the fire truck. Mrs. Alexander's stove was near the window and the wind blew the curtain in the blaze. A little balze, a little scare, a bucket of water and it was all over.

1924 JUL 16 - New Fire Signals Will Be Initiated

1925 - Jun 17 - Local Fire Department Gets -- of Two Fine Checks
    During the past week, the local fire department has received two checks for coin of the realm which were greatly appreciated. The Bass Lake Business Men's association sent a check for $25 to show appriciation for the work done by the local department at the fire early in June when a cottage at Bass Lake burned to the ground and other property was in danger. Warren McFarland who lives north of Burr Oak sent a check for $20 in appreciation of the work done by the local department when his barn burned to the ground some weeks ago. the Culver Fire Department is thankful for these checks and have expressed their hearty thanks to the two donors.

1925 Sep 16 Chenical Fire Apparatus to Be Placed on Ford
    It has been demonstrated to the members of the local fire department that the present truck is not able to carry the heavy load of hose and the chemical equipment.

    Accordingly, recommendations were submitted to the town board for a Ford to haul the chemicals. The board agreed to this and the change will be made in thenear future. This will enable the fire truck to make runs much quicker time than heretofore and will l essen the fire hazard of CUlver.

1926 - Feb 3 - C. H. Bolen is named Culver's fire chief
    Wants lighter truck

    Town board passes ordianace prohibiting cars driving close to fire truck on run

    C. H. Bolen was been appointed by the town board of trustees to the office of chief of the fire department.

    Mr. Bolen has taken over the reigns of his office and will not direct the fighting of fires in this commiunity.

    Russell Fisher is Assistant chief. The first thing Mr Fisher did in his new office was to give the fire truck a general cleaning and polishing with the new polish he has recently concocted in his laboratory.

    Mr. Bolen appeared before the town board Monday night and asked that body to pass an ordiance prohibiting automobile drivers from driving neared then 150 feet to the fire truck when the department was making a run. He pointed out that many times cars were so close to the fire trucks that when the plugman dropped from the rear of the fire truck that he was in danger of being run down.

    Mr. Bolen was appreciative of the work of the townspeople did at fires but stated that it would be more helpful if they would refrain from driving so close when the truck is making a run.

    Mr. Bolen also discussed with the board concerning the advisbility of starting a public subscription campaign to gather enough funds with which to buy a light truck to haul the chemicals and ladders. The board had discussed this matter before.

    The load the present truck carries is almost too much. The lighter truck would be better able to get to fires as a distance from town...

1926 - Feb 17 - In the business session that followed, it was decided to unite with the town board and incestigate the possiblity of purchasing an additional fire truck to carry the chemicals and to lighten the load for the main truck. C. I. Ferrier was appointed to represent the Chamber of Commerce in this matter.

1926 - Mar 3 - Fire Chief Bolen asked for a smoke mask and hose clamp for his department and the clerk was orderd to purchase the same... The fire truck proposition was brought up again by W. S. Easterday who asked that his present hearse chassis be purchased for that purpose. This was tabled for the present time.

1927 - Aug. 3 - Taking advantage of a new state law that was passed by the last State legislature, Union Township is considering joining with the corporation of the town of Culver in purchasing additional fire equipment.

1929 - Jan 2 - Firen Siren Given New Home and Coat of Paint
    The strident voice of the fire siren will now be heard from a new location and a new height. Monday the signal was tken from the tower of the Mehodist church to the second "story" of the new water tower, which places it at a height of 68 feet and should make it heard at a greater range and cleared. The siren was also given a coat of bright red.

1929 - Feb 13 - The new chemical fire truck, made possible by the liberal contribution of $3,900 by our citizens and lake cottage owners, is nearly ready for delivery

1929 - Feb 20 - Since the present tires have been on the fire truck for seven years the board decided their life was ended and voted to purchase for new tires as an inisurance against blowouts while speeding to fires

1930 - May 7 - New fire Truck Passes State Tests with ease
    The new community fire truck, one of the best in a town of this size in Indiana, was given a fhorough test last Wednesday by the state board of underwriteres, which gave its approval without reservation. They pronounced the motor and pump satisfactoryand that it performed without any sign of trouble.

    The test for 500 gallons per minute with 120 pounds pressure produced 517 gallons at 125 pounds pressure.

    The test for 250 gallons at 200 pounds recored 253 gallons at 204 pounds pressure.

    And the third test for 167 gallons per minute at 250 pounds, a terrific pressure, brought out 180 gallons at 254 pounds.

    In each case the results exceeded the specifications with ease.

    The entire fire company received thorough instruction of the use of the new truck with the result that the general efficiency of the department was increased.

1929 Jun 2 Fire company wants all to share in buying new truck

1929 - June 19 - Firemen asking aid to secure community truck
    The need of a modern fire truck to answer calls outside of the comrporatn limits has grown to such proportion that members of the Culver Fire department have taken it upon themselves to request donations taid in buying a mondern fire truck that will serve the rural dikstricts, cottages, and community in time of need.

    Trustee Dennie has agreed to allowthe small truck, the only means now of combaing out of town fires to be trned in on a new truck, which will reduce toe amount needed.

    But fire trucks cost money and every person in the community should aid generously in securing this much needed fire fighting apparatus. This would allow the department to use the present large truck for emergency use when the new truck was fighting fires out of town

1929 - Jun 26 - FI re Company Wants All to AId in Buying Truck
    "we want this to be a truly community truck", declared ROy Swigart, Culver Fier Chief, as he told of the drive for a new fire truck for this community. He then explained how this trck would benefit every person in the community by giving better fire protection, including farmers, cottagers, and others living outside the corporation.

    Every person wishing to help secure this modern fire truck should call Roy Swigart at the Goss Hardware store. It every citizen will donate something, though only a small sum, it will show that all are interested and ther will be no doubt but that this vicinity will have reall fire protection.

1929 - Jul 3 - 300 feet of fire hose were purchaed from the Boyr Fire Appparatus company of Logansport. As the board has found that fires are so seldom the hose rots our instead of wearing out, it decided to try using a less expensive hose

1929 - July 3 - We need that Fire Truck
    To those who are hesitating to give financial support to the drive for a new community fire truck we recommend that that they droppe into the fire station and see the old relic that is to give fire protection to out of town property. One glance will convince you that the changes are dubious that old truck will ever start and its equipment raises a question if it would do much goog if it ever got to the fire.

    Then see the larger truck make a run to a fire. It can barely get started up the hill and never acquire real speed at any time. It just can't because it is overloaded. It is old in years as fire trucks go, for they must be never-failing to be a protection to the community.

    Those two pieces comprice local fire protection. Property ownoers should realize that a donation for a new fire truck that has adequate speed and recent equipment would be a bargin. No matter how much fir insurance you carry it never covers all your loss in case of fire. Prompt action by the fire company saves you many dollars at a time whin minutes are precious.

    This community needs this new truck which will give tire protection to rural property, cottages and other out of town property as will as within the city limits.

    Call Roy Swigart at Goss Hardware store and tell him you want your name on that subscription list. It will pay you big dividends.

1929 - Jul 10 - Good progress being made for fire truck Many generous subscriptions were received by the culver fire department during the past week and a fine general response is reported, indicating that the entire community is joining in securing this truck. every living in this vicinity is inerested in adeqaute fire protectiion and should appear on the subscription list no matter how small the sum. Just call roy swigart and let him know you want real fire protection.

1929 - July 24 Horace Ewald, member of the Culver fire Department, represented Culver at the 12th Annual Convention of the Indiana Association in Gary.

1929 - Jul - Last call for donation for Community for community fire truck
    for severral weeks members of the culver fire department and other interested citizens have been soliciting for funds to buy a modern communit fire truk that will protect property in the country, around the lake as well as in town. It has been impossible for them to see every person but their aim is to have every adult in this community have a share in the financing of this truck

    So it is requested thal all those who have not agreed to contribute to the truck do so withing the next few days. Call or write roy swigart fire chief. There are many cottagers who are only here a day or so out of a week and the committes have not been able to see them so this gives them a chance to join in giving their property adequate fire protection

    As soon as the complete list of donors will be published in this paper

1929 - Nov 27 Payments on fore truck pledges due
    Delaying Purchase

    Fire boys urge that those making pledges pary promptly to hasten purchase.

    Sufficient pledges have been secured to purchase the much needed new fire truck for this comminity and the fire department had completed a thorough investigation of the various makes.

    Now all that remains, and this is the important part, is for those making the pledges to pay promptly.

    A good portion of the money had been paid in, but the fire boys do not intend to order the truck until they have the cash in hand. Thus those who do not pay their pledge at once are delaying th fire protection they need.

    Prompt pament will mean that the fire department will not need to go too any further expense in writing letters or making personal visits to collect these pledges, and all money so saved will make just that much more in equiping the truck,

    Make out your check today and mial it to Roy Swigart, fire chief, Culver Fire Department.

1930 - Jan 8 - New community fire truck purchased. Individuals pledged enough money to buy truck and equipment.
Roy Swigart was elected fire chief,
Perchis Blanchard named secretary and
Horace Ewald, treasurer

1929 dec 25 - ' 205 Subscription Paid to fire Truck.

1929 - Dec 4 All pledges to fire truck are not in, delaying deal - the purchase of the new community fire truck is being delayed by the non payment of pledges by a small number. thise in charge of this fund are insisting that they will buy the equipment only when they have the actial cash in hand, so thise who pleged and have not paid are urged to send their checks in at once.

1930 - Jan 1 more donations received for new fire equipment
    The following donations for the new community fire truck and it is urged that the others who have pledged but not yet paid follow their example
    Al L. Duddleson
    H. E. Medbourn
    Guy R. Davis
    Miss Boroine
    Melvin Keen
    Phil Crause
    Clyde Shively
    Arthur Morris
          John Altman
    James Rich
    C. E. Hibray
    G.T. Bigley
    George Williams
    Walter Johnson
    P. A. Wickizer

1930 - JAN 8 - Balance of fire truck pledges needed at once
    Several more pledfes for the new community fire truck have been received by fire chief Roy Swigart, but the balance is needed this week to insure the purchase of the truck with full equipment.

    It is stated that enough money has been received to go ahead with the purchase of the truck, which will be done the later part of this week, but that the rest of he subscriptions must be paid at once if the truck id to be fully equiped.

    All those who have nto paid their pledges are urged to ruch their checks in at once.

    Those who paid their pledges last week are :
    C. L. Barnhart
    Henry Zechiel
    W W Friend
    Mrs A. N. & Miss Irene Bogardus
    Carl Adams
          Major M. V. Bennett
    C D. Behmer
    Donald Cromley
    William Kline
    Arthur Simpson


    Culver , Ind., Jan. 20 - Sufficient funds have been received to allow H. G. Shafer and Roy Swigart, trustees of the community fire truck and to close the deal for the actual purchase of the truck. The contract was awarded to the General Fire Truck Co., of St. Louis, after a thorough investigation of all of the bids submitted.

    The truck is known as the "Monarch" model and develops 30 horse-power. It has a speed of 60 miles on the open road. A detailed description of the truck will be given at a later date when an actual picture of the new truck will be printed.

    Delivery is to be made in 90 days at which time the State Board of Underwriters will conduct a test for efficiency and the local trustees reserve the right to conduct a thorough test of their own before accepting the truck - The News-Sentinel, Monday, January 20, 1930 -

1930 - On April 30thUnion Township's New $8,000 Fire Truck Last word in Modern Equipment.

July 2, 1930 Culver Citizen
Fire Company Called to Maxinkuckee This Morning

The Culver Fire department was called to the Verle Rhoades property at Maxinkuckee at 2:00 a.m. Wednesday when a house and an adjacent building caught on fire. The cause was unknown and the structures were completely destroyed.

However, the damage was believed to be small. The run was made in fourteen minutes after the call was received. The department centered its attention on saving other buildings. From the din raised by the siren on the truck the community for a five mile radius was able to follow the route fo [of] the truck, though it is not believed probable that the traffic was so heavy to warrant the continual use of the strong siren.
1930 - Jul 30 Took Movies of Truck - Culver's fine fire truck has been feaured in photographs, but Sunday the members of the companyand the truck were recorded inmoving pictures. The scene was at the A.S. Howell cottage on the East Side. Mr. Howell is a manufacturer of moving picture machines and wanted to get a film of CUlver's splendid fire fighting equipment.

1930 - Aug 20 - Fireman's benefit SHow Date Changed To Friday Aug 22
    Conflict In date pospones show one day, but bill remains the same

    A conflict in dates for the use of the building has forced ther firemen's benefit show to be changed to one day later than announced last week.

    This fine bill will be held on Frday, Aug 22 at 8:00 p.m. in the community building.

    The company is in need of more funds to secure more hose and other needed equipment for the new truck and the community will have the chance to better their fire protection and at the same time see as fine a show as ever graced a vaudeville stage.

    Here are a few comments from the press in cities where some of the talent has appeared:
      Billy Link Jr. is the son of the famouse Billy Link of Broadway is the bygone days, and is said to have inherited an astounding talent for vaudeville from his father, and in addition he was given a complete schooling in the art by his famous father. Previous to his present tour in vaudevulle, LInk was an assistant director for First National Pictures in Hollywood.

      Miss Nancy Leslie, former premier danseuse of the Philadelphia Civic Opera Balle, proved her self a lovely little dancer and the same time gave us a remarkable exhition of techinical perfection.

    Locally other members of the bill, Charles Buffington, Billy Riggens, and Billy Link Sr. need no introduction and their acts alone willl be worth the price of admission. Miss Martha Eorshamm who co-features with Billy Link Jr. comes with the praise of many critics and she is rated as one of the bright stars of the evening's entertainment. It has been reoprted that a former Culver Citizen Sam Lenon chief of plolice of South Bend, has promised to attend the performance and if he does he will be called to the stage for an impromptu number. Don't forget the change of date to Friday Augus 22.

1930 - Sep 10 - 1930 Sep 10 Fire Department Makes Map of East Side Homes
    As an aid to the Culver Fire Department in fighting fires on the east side of Lake Maxinkuckee. Chief Roy Swigartis making a map showing all the cottages with their nearest approach to the lake. In this way the fire lads can consult the map in a glance when an alarm comes in and then drive without delay to the nearest pumping location on the lake.

    Chief Swigart states that such a map is not necessary on Long Point as the approaches to the lake are not as diffcult or far apart.

1930 - December 17, - With the addition of two new firemen to the Culver Fire Department the quota is up to the limit. The new members are Arthur Fishburn and Jess Pettis.

1930 - Dec 31 - Fire Boys Receive Gold Badges For Christmas
    The members of the Culver Fire Department were unusually well remembered by Santa Claus this year when he presented each with a beautiful gold fireman's badge.

    Mrs. E. R. Culver prompted Santa's action as her personal appreciaition of the fine work done by the local fire department.

    The badges were made from a special design, with the seal of the state of Indiana in the center of the badge where the fireman's emblem is usually placed. The spread eagle as used in the emblem of the Culver Military Academy tops the badge, making a very striking and appropriste medal.

    The firemen are very grateful to Mrs. Culver for her remembrance.
1931 May 27th Culver Citizen records this incident:
    Fire Truck in Ditch

    The Culver fire truck ended in the ditch while answering a silent call Sunday afternoon to Ober. The truck was on State Road 10 west of town when the front wheels hit the soft berm. The truck was to heavy to bring back on to the gravel road and ploughed on into the ditch. The soft ground and heavy truck made it a long and diffic ult job getting the vehicle back on solid ground . Which was not accomplished until late afternoon.

    Word was sent to the fire of the mishap. The house at Ober was destroyed by the flames

1931 - December Destroyed by fire of unknown origin was the Lakeview Restaurant and the Castle Garden Dance Hall and partially destroyed was the Louden Grocery. At by accounts in the 9 December 1931 issue of the Culver Citizen it was said the blaze threatened the whole Lakeshore Drive business district. Damages by the paper was estimated at $7,000.

Mrs. Edwin Raymond (Alice) Culver presented members of the Culver Fire Department with badges - on the back is inscribed: "Presented by Mrs. E. R. Culver ."

Mrs. Edwin Raymond (Alice) Culver presented members of the Culver Fire Department with badges - These had to be 'special made & ordered' by all indications as there is no badge company stamped int to it and ther is absolutely no other identifying markings found on it other than being inscribed: "Presented by Mrs. E. R. Culver" on the back

1931 Dec 31 The members of the Culver fire Department were unusually well remember by Santa claus this year, when each was presented with a beautiful gold fireman's badge, Mrs. E. R. Culver promted santa's action, as her appreciation of the fine work done by the fire department In an attempt to find out details about the badge - B. B. Culver Jr. was contacted in Dec of 1991- his response on 9 January 1992 was as follows

1932 - Jan13 - Fishburn Named Fire Cheif; Cromley Ass't
    Arhur Fishburn was elected chief of the Culver Fire Department at its meeting Monday night, with Alfred Cfromley as assistant.

    Fishburn takes the place of Roy Swigart who has served capably in that office for several years. '

    Perchis Blanchard was elected sectary and Mont Foss treasurer.

    The quota of membership was filled with the appceptance of WayneVonEhr's application.
1932 - February - Maxinkuckee Ice Company [Medbourn] Ice House burnt.

1932 - Apr 6 - Excavating under the Jefferson Street viaduct (??) to give head room for the fire truck to reach the lake has been done under the supervision of Mont FOss, chief engineeer of he street department 1932 - Apr 27 - Henry Litzenberger has recently retired from active membership in the local fire department during which time, he says he has mess but two fires in 35 years.

1933 - David Burns joins fire department; Arthur Fishburn, fire Chief.

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