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Culver - Union Township Fire Department 1954 - 1963

1954 - March- Kovac House fire at Hibbard - was one of the deadliest and then most tragic to the community and to the fire department by what David Burns related in later years - one he never co uld forget.

1950's - Sometime in the 1950's David Burns took on a special project of trying to raise funds for and obtaining two-way radio equipment for the fire department. Here he is captured with the final res ults - proudly showing off his achievement - and if memory serves right his Scottish furgilty showed thorough when he went on the search of good used equipment to save money but yet to get the equipment as soon as possible and with funds they had to date.

1954/1955 - Roy Brubaker

1955 - 19 Jan the Culver Citizen proclaimed: We MUST RAISE $1,200 By General Subscription To Provide Our Fire Department with a Jeep. This also gave a listing of current members of the fire department and a picture.

Another undated picture is from the Plymouth Pilot. Five of the six county fire chiefs get aboard the rear of a fire truck and discuss their favorite subject - fires. They are: left to right: Dud Legner - Bremen; George Redman - Bourbon; Joe Shivers - Argos; Bill Thomas - LaPaz; and David Burns - Culver . The fire equipment parade and demonstration was sponsored by the Marshall County Volunteer Fireman's association.<

1956 - Nov. 21 - New $11,000 Fire Truck in Offing
    Advertising of bids for a new fire truck to be paid jointly by the town and Union towonship was ordered Monday night by the town trustess at their regular meeting.

    This truck, which was explained by Cheif David Burns, will replace the tow obsolete one now being used.

    It will probably cost $11,000 and will have a cab to seat sic firemenj besides having two pumps, a low and a high pressure, and will be capable of going alone to any fire this saving the other truck in town as emergency equipment for answering a second alarm.

    It is reasonable to believe that the two trucks and the jeep will be suffiecient motor equipment and will save much maintenance costs.... by Robert Kyle Culver Citizen

1956 - Nov 28 - Notice To Bidders For FIire Truck Chasis and Equipmwnt
    Notice is hereby given that the under signed will receive bids for a certain fire truck chasis and equipment according to the plans and specifications now on file with the Clerk of said town, On December 17, 1956, beginning at 7:30 p.m. CST agt the office of the Town Clerk of said town

    All bids must be made up on forms prescribed by the State Board of Accounts, and each bidder shall attach to his bid a draft, cashier's check or certified check, for at least $500 as evidence of his good faith.

    The undersigned reserves the right ot reject any and all bids and to continue the time for letting said bids from day to day until a satidfactory bid is received.

    Dated at Culver, Indiana, this 23rd day of November, 1956

    Incorporated Town of Culver City, Marshall County, Indiana By H. D. Hinkle, Town of Clerk-Treasurer

1956 - Dec. 19 - Fireworks Galore At Town Board's Monday Meeting
    Tibbetts and Osborn In Verbal Battle Over New Fire Truck

    Harmony between town and township reached the breaking point Monday night at the regular town trustess meeting over the purshcase of a $11,00 fire truck.

    Union Township Trusetee Glen S. Tibbetts charged Town Trustee President DOnald Osborn of delaying tactis in setting a special meeting for Firday night to decide on bids, and with the using "dictatorial and insulting manners" in meeting the request of taxpayers appearing before the board.

    Under the present arrangement town and township each pay half the costs of the new fire truck.

    Many Attend Session.

    Bids on the new truck were opened before about 30 spectators and representative of three manufactures and three suppliers. Dick McCCLure Ford Sales was low bidder on the truck chasis at $3,0809.28 and John Bean Co. was low on the fire truck at $9,910 with $3,000 allowance ont the old truck.

    After considerable discussion regarding the retention of the old fog-type truck lend by John A. Newman, President Osborn entertained a motion to table discussion of bids until a special meeting set for Friday night.

    Then most of the firemen and spectators left the chambers and continued the discussion in the fire station upstairs.

    After routine business was transacted by the trustees the question of asking the firemen their opinion of the various bids was brought up and it was sugggested that the firemen, led by Cheif Dave Burns, be invited to state their preference of the bids without waiting for the Friday night meetin. Cheif Burns said that the firemen had agreed on what the wanted and at this point Township Trustee Tibbets suggested that the board meeting be adjourned and that the contract be let then instead of waiting until Friday.

    Osborn told Tibbets that "I don't believe in doing things this way." which started the flare-up.

    Tempers Flare.

    Tibbets then launched into s 10-minute tirade directed at Osbonr in which he accused him of "insulting the intelligence og the experience and mistreating taxpayers" who have appeared before the boad on previous occasions.

    "Furthermore, in saying you don't believe in doing things this way" you have implied that I do and am crooked" Tibbetts shouted. He then said that he would not attend the Friday meeting. He later recanted his decision.

    More Fireworks Friday?

    It is believed that a large audience will be present for a continuance of the "Fireworks", which has stimulated intense interest in local government as never before.

    Following the board meeting spectators, firemen, city emplyees and the fire truck hucksters gathered in one of the many coffe shops and long into the night reenacted the most interesting town meeting held in these parts in the memory of our oldest citizen, Carlie Eaton almlost 95...--- by Robert Kyle Culver Citizen

1956 Dec 26 - It Must Be The Lake Water -... The town and township wrapped up the $11,000 fire truck deal in a hurry Friday night to the satisfaction of everyone....

1957- Jan 16 - It Must Be The Lake Water -... The Culver Foundation kicked in $200 for extra work of lengthening the new fire truck after the Lake Maxinkuckee Associattion supplied the $850 cab. ...

1957 - Apr 10 - Open Letter to Fire Department Advisers - Town of Culver April 6 1957
    David Burns
    Judd Stinchcomb
    Walter Johnson
    John Newman
    Paul Ulery
    L. E. LeBout
    Don Trone

    Since you have been selected to act as advisors to the Town Board in matters pertaining to the fire department, you are invited to stop in at the Dick McClure Ford Sales and see the new fire truck chassis.

    Next Tuesday, Fire Cheif David Burns plans to take it to the plant in Michigan to have the body bouilt on.

    Very respectfully, William R. Easterday, President, Town Board.

1957 - May 29 - A Depressing Trip Through Culver's Fire Station

1957- Jun 19 - It Must Be The Lake Water - The new fire truck is almost an actuality. At least it about to be paid for with the town and township borrowing $5600 for the remainder after the Lake Association donated $835 for the six-man cab and the Academy gave $250.
    When the subject was first brought up it was estimated that the total cost would be about $3,000 with the trade-in of the old truck, but curbstone estimated costs and actual costs are somewhat different.

    With the trade-in of the old truck actually cost approcimately $10,000. The township and town, acting on the curbstone estimate, set up $1,600 each in their budgets. Then when reckoning came they were shy $5,600 so they had to go into deficit spending and borrow the diifference ...

1957 - Aug. 26 - New Fire Truck - It's no longer a rumor - Culver and Union Township does have a new fire truck costing several thousand dollars. How does the Citizen know? We saw a big four column picture of it in the Plymouth paper last Wednesday, right on the forn page!

Is probably some time in 1957 - by the above article found. - Kim May says this picture to the right is difinetly the 1957 fire engine of the above article. The picture speak for it self - as it is in front of the John Bean factory (John Bean Food Machinery & Chemical Company (FMC) at 1305 South Cedar Street, Lansing, MI.) pictured are: Unknown company offical handing the keys to David Burns, fire chief; and looking in were Oscar Booker, ? probably Don Brown and Sam Schrimsher?

I have found my photo on " youngstownfire. com Forums" identifing this as follows: " 1965 Ford John Bean 750/750, Culver Indiana. A rather long wheelbased job, crew cab Fords were pretty rare" - leave it to David Burns to have the "rare"! A bit of John Bean history.

1959 - Feb. 11 - Culver Citizen - At the Feb. 2 meeting [town board] the members of Culver 's volunteer fire department were present en masse to request a salary for Mrs. David Burns, who answers all phone call to the fire department. She is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it was suggested that she be given a $300 annual salary for her efforts. - Of interest the phone was in the David Burns house until he retired from the fire department in 1974; also remaining behind was the toggle switch with its small red lens with which the fire sirens were activated, this still may remains on the wall in the dining room as of 2013.

1960's - 1st row L-R - Sam Schrimsher, Jay Snyder, Don Mikesell, Leon Bennett

2nd row L-R Bill Martin, Verl McFeeley, ? in suit, Bill Wagner

3rd row L R- Alvin Triplet, Lance Overmyer, Donavan Overmyer, Fire Chief David Burns

Front row - Sam Schrimsher, Verly McFeely, Bill Wagoner, Don Mikesell, Bill Martin,

Back Row - Carmel "Peanuts" McKinney, Ray Houghton, Lance Overmyer, Don Overmyer, Jay SNyder, Chief Dave Burns, Alvine Tripler, Henry Hinkle, Art Fishburn & Don Stubbs

1963 - Roster

1963 - Culver Firemen Hold Annual Steak Dinner Monday; evening Nov. 24 (see roster); Guests of the firemen were Dr. and Mrs. E. Duane Powers and Mr. and Mrs. James Bonine.

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