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Culver - Union Township Fire Department 1964 - 1973

1964 - May 20 - Mr. McFeely informed the board that steps were being taken to compile fiugres and specifications and the necessar information concerning a new fire truck for the Culver-Uniton Twp Fire Deptatment, and this information would be presented at a joint meeting of the town board and the township advisory board for consideration.

1964 - Jun 3 - Dave Burns presented specifications for a new fire trcuk, which had been discussed at a previous meeting. The approximate price of the new fir truck was $22,000.00 with a trade-in of the old truck for $650.oo Mr. Burns urded that a meeting be held between the Culver town board and the Townsho[ Advisory Board. He stated the township would hear halfof the expense of the new truck. When questioned as to the need of a new truck, Mr. Brusn stated the present one is 19 years old {1945} and is in such poor condition that it does not pass all of the State Rating Board requirments. He also explained whay a new truck would provide and that specifications would be submitted to several companies for bids. President Ted Erwin asked Mr. Burns to set up a meeting with the Towns Advisory Board and the Town board in the near future.

1964 - Jul 22 - The Culver Town Board , the Township Advisory Board met recently to discuss the prospects of the purchase of a new fore truck for the Culver-Union Township Fire department. President Ervin reported the groups agreed to the purchase of a new fire truck at the cost of $22,500. The cost will be divided equally between the township and the town. The payment for the truck will be spread over a three-year period.

    The truck, wich the new one will replace has been in use for 19 years and is in a condition where expensive reparis are needed and an entire new pumping system installed. Total cost of such an operation is prohibitive. With all the repairs needed, the truck would still be an old one and continous repairs would be required. The old truck does not meet the state fire marshall's regulations. For the fire department to serve both Culver and Union township, the law requires that two trucks be on hand at all times.

1965 - February 1 - Culver Town Board and Township buy new fire department truck and equipment

1965/6 - The fire department moved into new quarters at Lakeshore Drive and State Street - sharing it with the town hall. It was the old International Harvester building

1965 - Feb 5 - Town Board, Township Buy New Fire Department Truck and Equipment>
    The Culver Town Board, meeting on Monday night, with Union Township officials, accepted two bids totaling $20,375.92 for the purchase of a new fire department water pumping truck and equipment.

    The winning bids were those of Ray Wicker Ford, Culver , for a new tilt style cab and heavy duty chassis and engine, at a cost of $6,825.92; and John Bean Fire Apparatus Division of FMC Corp., Lansing, Mich., for a 750-gallonper-minute pumping unit with 750 gallon water tank for $13,550.00

1965 - June 10 - Fire Chief Dave Burns recommended to the Board that a fire answering telephone be installed in the Tom Walker residence to provide 2 4-hour-a-day answering service, for. which Walker would be compensated in the sum of $150 to the end of 1905, and at the new rate of $50 a month starting next January. Under this new arrangement fire phones now answered by Mrs. Dave Burns and James Bonine would be retained but as standby equipment only. The new rate scale will be double that currently paid but will assure prompt 24-hour coverage with less equipment than neighboring towns require, according to Burns.
    Kim May states this engine purchased in 65 was the cab over Ford instead of as state above as "1965 Ford John Bean 750/750, Culver Indiana. A rather long wheelbased job, crew cab Fords were pretty rare" - leave it to David Burns to have the "rare"!" thus the "youngstownfire. com Forums" is in error of identifying the above photogragh taken in front of the John Bean plant!.

Members and a picture of 1965.

1966 - a new home - 504 Lakeshore Dr., it also served as the Culver town Hall from 1966-1976.

1966 - Art Fishburn honored for over 50 years service (sic 60) - Left to right, Donovan Overmyer, Art Fishburn, and David Burns.

1967 - February 1967 Art Fishburn dies; A Fireman's last Ride.

Members in 1967.

Culver Fire Departpent receiving the Jaycee's Distingiuished Cistisen award.

Alvine Triplrt, Leon Bennett, Cheif David Burns, Jay Snyder, Assistant Chief Donovan Overmyer, DOn Mikesell, Don Stubbs & Verl McFeely. Fire Capt. Bill Wagoner, Bob Curtis, William Martin, Ray Houghtm, Lance Overmyer, Henr Hinkle & Sam Schrimsher. Alos Deputy State Fire Inspector R_ Dononhol.

1969 - 6 June 1969 Grace United Church of Christ burnt.

1972 - Jan. They were honored by the Culver Jaycees Club and given the annual distinguished service award.

13 Jan. 1972 - A Monday, the Lakeshore Garage burned.

Members in 1972

Spring 1972 - the 1952 Jeep bought by the department by subscription drive was retired - it was bought by Dale and Jane Long and taken to Bradenton, Florida for personal use.

1973 - David B. Burns, Fire Chief retires.

1973 - Aug 2 - Don Overmyer New Chief - Don Overmyer New Chief

Donovan Overmyer, lifelong Culver resident, has been elected Chief of the Culver - Union Township Fire Department, following the resignation Overmyer, a twenty year veteran of the volunteer fire force, was elected by his fellow fireman early this month. Prior to his appointment as Chief, Mr. Overmyer helf the post of Assistant Chief for over 5 years.

The Culver-Union Township Fire Department presently cinsists of thirteen men in addition to the Chief, and five vechiles.

Don Overmyer owns a farm near Culver, and resides there with his wife, Julia, and three of their five children. Another son lives in town, and one is serving in the armed forces. - Citizen

Major fires during the late 1970's and early 1980's was the Academy homestead barn on East Shore, The Coffee Shop; and Bowling Alley in which the Coffee Shop burned again; the Crowell's Ice Cream Parlor (where Osborn's is now); and the Co-op.

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