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Culver -Union Township Fire Department Membership Roster of 1965

From Left to Right: Stubbs, Wagner, McFeely, McKinney, D. Overmyer, Schrimsher, L. Overmyer, Burns, Mikesell, Houghton, Hinkle, Triplet, Martin, Snyder, Fishburn

A HREF="burns_david_b_1909-1990/david_burns_retires.htm">David B. Burns (1933) - Chief (1943) [deceased]

Donovan "Dewey" Overmyer (1952) - 2 Feb. 1993, assistant chief [deceased]

Bill Wagner (1948) - Captain [deceased]

Don Mikesell (1938) - secretary/treasurer [deceased]

Verl Mc Feely (1954) [deceased]

Carmel B. "Peanuts" Mc Kinney [deceased]

Sam Schrimsher

Lance overmyer (1965-2008) - chief (1993-2008) [deceased]

Ray Houghton [deceased]

Henry Hinkle [deceased]

Alvin Triplet [deceased]

Bill Martin - 25 yrs. [Deceased]

Jay Snyder [deceased]

'Don' Donald M Stubbs [deceased] 40 years retired as captain

Art Fishburn (1930) [deceased]

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