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Culver -Union Township Fire Department Membership Roster of 1990 Partial

Donovan "Dewey" Overmyer (1952) - 2 Feb. 1993, Chief [Deceased]

Lance overmyer (1965-2006) [Deceased]

f. William 'Bill Snyder - 1974-2008 [Deceased]

Bill Martin - 25 yrs. [Deceased]

Bud Cartwright

Robert "Bob" Adler

Tony Wakefield

James 'Jim' D. Bonnie

Jim Grover

Mike Grover

Glenn Whitmarsh- 1976-

    His volunteer fire service began in Plymouth during the early 1960ís. In 1976, Glenn became a member of the Culver fire department. Glenn would remain an active member of the department for 37 years and during that time he would hold the rank of Captain for 24 years. January 2014, Glenn received his 50 year pin for his loyal service as a volunteer fireman.

Howard "Howie" Babcock

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