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Culver -Union Township Fire Department General Subscription for Jeep

19 Jan 1955 the Culver Citizen proclaimed: We MUST RAISE $1,200 By General Subscription To Provide Our Fire Department with a Jeep,

the photo was by William "Bill" Tabor; and under it proclaimed The Finest Volunteer Fire Department in The United States! Note I have yet to have copy made - I have the negative for it and another around same time period, for now this is a Xerox copy from the clipping David Burns had saved.

The article read: The Culver -Union Township Volunteer Fire Department - taken for granted by so many of us - never before has made a direct appeal to the public.

During the summer and fall months nine of every ten calls are grass fires.

Chief David Burns and his associates are tremendously handicapped by not having adequate equipment to fight such flames.
They need a jeep which can speed across fields - where a fire truck co uldn't possibly go.

Chief Burns, undoubtedly because of his Scotch ancestry has located a second-hand 1952 jeep and equipment which has a sales tag on it of about $1,200.

The Culver Citizen recommends that we get behind our fine volunteer fireman and raise enough money to purchase this necessary equipment.

The Citizen, which does its level best to practice what it preaches, starts off the contributions with a $25 check. We wish it co uld be $100 or more!

If you feel as we do - your home co uld be among the 125 annual calls - you are urged to send your check, made payable to the Culver Fire Department, to Chief David Burns, Town Hall, Culver , Ind. Or it may be your special pleasure to give a $10 bill or your check to some member of the fire department. In such case you will be given the proper receipt.

Reading left to right, we salute: William Wagner, for seven years' service; Don Milner, for three years' service; Donavon Overmyer, for three years service; Assistant Chief Oscar Booker, for seven years service; Secretary-Treasurer Don Mikesell, for 17 years' service; Chief (for 14 years) David Burns, for 21 years' service; Verl Mc Feeley, a freshman!; Perchis Blanchard, for 44 years' service; Captain Arthur Fishburn, for 47 year's service; Irwin Hatten, for two years' service; service and Harry Edgington for 11 years'.

Herlin Stafford, five years' service, and Roy Brubaker, another freshman, missed the picture because of previous engagements.

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