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New Radio Base Station

1974 - Fund Drive Progresses For Fire Department Radio - Jul 18

    ANTIQUE RADIO-This old tube radio is still in regular use by the Culver-Union Township Fire Department, despite problems with intelligibility and emergency power consumption.

    Community businesses and individuals are raising funds for a new transistorized radio because the new high pressure fire truck will use all available funds from the department's equipment budget.

    Shown operating the radio during the fire call Saturday night {is Donald Mikesell}, when Virgil Reinbolt's tractor burned


    During the recent storm seasonthe Culver-Union Township Fire Department began a storm watch network. Volunteers station themselves around the perimeter of the town and spot possible funnel clouds and storm and lightning damage. These watchers communicate by radio on the fire department's frequency.

    During the last alert it was noticed that trucks even a couple of miles from town had t rouble understanding and reaching the base unit located at the fire station.

    The reason is simple enought he old radio at the station is beyond its useful life for a radio which is used in emergency situations. Further, when the power failed, no generator in town could supply the needed current for the old tube style electronic equipment.

    Since that weekend, several merchants and area clubs have been donating the money needed to purchase a new, transistorized unit that can replace the nearly-30 year old base radio. The new equipment to replace the old will include batteries to supply current in the event of a power failure during an emergency.

    Total cost of the system will be slightly over $400, as supplied by At's TV and Appliances of Culver, and the Culver Auto Supply Corporation, which will supply the battery equipment.

    Donations or pledges now total approximately $250. Some of the firms and groups which have committed their funds for the community good are: Al's TV, Andy's Culver Clothiers, Bob's Marathon;ĚChuck's Standard, Culver Auto Supply, Culver " Pro'' Hardware, Culver News Agency, Hansen's Hardware & Sport Shop. and the Lakeside Grocery and The Coffee Shop. Also. Mr. T's Rexall Drugs. Van Horn Ford-Mercury, the Culver Jaycees, V.F.W. Post 6919. Lake View Tavern. Quality Grocery. and the Culver Lions Club.

    Donations have also been received from many individuals. Donations as small as $1.00 and as large as $50.00 have been received already.

    Interested residents are invited to participate in the fund drive.

    Checks made to the order of the Culver-Union Township Fire Department can be left with Tom Zoss at the new Citizen office at 114 Sou th Main in Culver or mailed to the Fire Department. All names will be listed in a later story, unless contributors request anonymity.

1974 - Aug 1 - Culver Fire Station Has New Voice

    CALLING ALL TRUCKS! James Bonine, of Culver's Bonine funeral Home, Richard Sytsma of Al's TV and Appliances, and Donovan Overmyer, chief of the Culver Union Township f ire Department participate in a short ceremony, that heralded the acquisition of a new Fire Department Base Radio. Nearly S$500 was donated by interested communilty groups and members to enable the fire department to aequite this new reliable radio.

    Culver-Union Townhip Fire Department was in need of improved radio equipment at the fire house, members, of the Culver comnmunity have donated enough money to purchase a new transistorized radio, all required crystals, installation, and emergency power equiqment.

    The radio could not be purchased from Fire Department funds because of the high cost of the recently ordered high-pressure fire truck.

    The new Regency base unit replaces a nearly 3O year old that was purchase used bv the department over twelve years ago.

    The new equipment is sold and serviced by the Culver Communicationtions Center at Al's' TV and Appliance, in Culver. Thiis, new equipment will alllow the fire department to remain on the air even during a power failure. It was during a recent storm that the emergency power equipement of the old radio exceeded the supply of local generating equipment.

    Symboliiing the feeling of communitv which resulted in the speedy cOllection of this money. the Citizen received a check and letter from Mrs. John S. (Alma) Kittle. A lake resident for more than 50 years. she wrote "Please accept this small contribution to add to the fund for the new radio for the hard-working fire department. ... We lived at Lake Maxinkuckee for 52 vears .. . how I miss the Lake and all my many good friends in the town of Culver!''

    The following individuals and groups. according to Citizen records, donated their money toward this project:

    Two anonvmous donors contributed. as did Dewey, Overmyer. Floyd E. Deck. Gcorge Krsek, Dr. Oscar Wesson, Culver City Club, Alma (Mrs. J .S.) Kittle, Culver Lions, Club. Pinder's Restaurant. and Van Horn Ford-Mercury.

    Also contributingwere VFW Post #6919, Culver Jaycees. Mr. T's Rexall Drugs. Al's TV and Appliance, Lakeview Tavern, Andy's Culver Clothiers, Hansen's Restaurant and Sporting Goods, and the Lakeside Grocery and Coffee Shop.

    Other contributers were Qualitv Grocery. Stubb Kersey, Ken Shei, Jesse 0verrmyer, George Baker, Bonine Funeral Home, Culver Auto Supply Corporation, Verda Romig, and Thelma Smith.

    Donovan Overmyer, Chief of the fire department expressed his appreciation during the presentation ceremony at the Fire Department Open House last Saturday night. " This new equipment will help assure area residents continued high quality fire protection.

    The best equipment used by our well-trained volunteers. help us to perform as well as we possibly can."

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