Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Monton H. Foss

Mont Foss and helper oiling Mains St. Culver .

It hasn't been intentional, but we seem to be running to native sons in these sketches and today we have with us another citizen born in this community - Mant Foss, superintendent of streets.

Not first saw the light of day at Maxinkuckee and moved into town in 1891. For 14 years he was associated with his father in the firm of William A. Foss & Son, a harness and shop shop. Then for four years he operated the boat house which was situated where the beach resot now stands. After six years with the Palmer House boat house he took over, in 1928, the dutied for the town he so conscienciously handles today. Any day that Mont puts in less than 14 housr for the town her feels as though he had been loafing. He also acts as a deputy town marshall.

Mont organized the Culver Fire Deaprtment and has been a member ever since, its only active charter member. During the years he has served as secretary, treasurer, and assitant cief. Few have been [seen] the the fires that Mont has missed in all those years - Culver Citizen Profile

He was born in December of 1880 to William and Dell Foss. Before his birth Aunt May had written to his mother telling her that if the baby were named Morton Henry she would gift him with three baby dresses. Mrs. Foss misread the name as Monton. She didn't like the name Henry so she named him Monton H. The baby received one dress. He learned the leather trade and worked for his father until the shop was sold. He and wife Harriet, who also worked in the shop, had four children. Soon after the fourth child was born, she died. He and his second wife, Ada Cox Gill, had one son.

Monton operated the boat and bathhouse in Vandalia Park for a period of time. He built boats for a Mr. Shorb, manager of the Palmer House. He was well known through his work as the superintendent of streets and as the deputy town marshal, the only paid deputy at the time.

Monton had some interesting happenings in his life. In June 1909 he bought a restaurant. The payment was his car. He had no intention of serving meals as he immediately sold the restaurant to his father, who traded it to Milo Pryer for the right to sell patented screen windows in the county. Monton was definitely a trader. His daughter wrote, "We moved quite often as he traded houses as most people trade horses. All of his five children were born in different homes

March 2, 1955 Monton H. Foss, age 74, died Saturday evening at his home on Lakeview Street after an illness of several months. In 1902 he was one of a group who organized the Culver Fire Department and he was the last surviving charter member of that fine volunteer organization.

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