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Culver Firemenís Honor Wall ready for brick placement

November 1, 2013
By Culver Citizen
The Culver Union Township Fire Department's Honor Wall, located on the corner of Lakeshore Drive and State Street and dedicated in July, was designed and funded by the members of the department, according to fire chief Terry Wakefield, who adds that the vision of the wall was to "proudly display, honor and remember current and former members of the Culver Union Township Fire Department."

The main above-ground monument was meant to remain free of individual honors and was intended to be a monument to the Maltese plaque (the firefighters' emblem) as well as active member and honor brick pavers at ground level. Active members bricks will be placed on the outer ring, reserving the inner ring for those no longer on active duty.

The active and honor wall bricks can be purchased by individuals, but will be limited to one brick maximwn per active member or honoree.

Those honored must have at least one of the following criteria:

    -A minimun of 10 years of service on the Culver Union Township Fire Department
    -Held the rank of Chief of the Culver Union Township Fire Department
    -Perished in the line of duty
    -Passed away while an active member of Culver Union Township Fire Department
    -Currently an active member of the Culver Union Township Fire Department, per the bylaws set forth by of the department

Rules concerning honoree bricks include:
    -The bricks will be entirely funded by those requesting a brick creation.
    -The bricks can be requested and funded by any private individual for an honoree that meets the above criteria.
    -Those making request will fund all future changes and maintenance to individual bricks.
    -There is a maximum of one brick total (all sizes) per individual honoree.
    -All ordering and requests for brick will be made through the CUTFD.
    -No outside bricks, vendors or installers will be allowed unless approved by the department.
    -The Culver Union Township Fire Department will provide baste maintenance and cleaning of the monument and bricks.
    -All other maintenance needed from natural, accidental or malicious events is the responsibility of the brick owner or person who funded.

The Culver Union Township Fire Department will be the sole and final authority for questions, matters and interpretation of these rules of eligability or any other issues or concerns involving the Honor Wall not specifically addressed above.

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