Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Doctors & Dentists & Veterianians  

Francis L. Babcock, optometrist

H. A. Deeds, the dentist - 1898

Troy L. Babcock , DDS

David W. Bieker, DDS

Mark Couts, optometrist

Michael F. Deery, MD. 1968-?

Gustavus Adolphus Durr, M. D.

Gregory O. Easterday, DDS

Donald J. Faulkner, M.D. (? 1975 ?

[-?-] Fish, , D. O. - Culver Clinic

R, Hippensteel - Reed Medical Center

George F. Henricks, DDS

Dr Geo. S . Hollstier, Physician & Surgeon - 1899

Joseph D. Howard, M . D - 1968

Frank A. Ikirt, D.O. Physician & Surgeon

James D. Leach, D. O. - Culver Clinic

Colonel G. Mackey, M.D. 1922-1955

John E. Mann, D. O. - Culver Clinic

Rudolph E Martin, D.D.S. ?-1947

Norman S. Norris , D.D.S.

John Oldham, DDS

Duane E. Powers , D. O.

Thomas Pugh, DDS

Oliver A. Rea , M. D.

Donald Reed, MD - 1931-1961 Reed Medical Center

Donald Waite Reed, M. D. 1961-1967 - Reed Medical Center

Warren K. Reiss - 1976-2015 - Lakeshore Clinic

Kurt Richeson, DDS

Marciano George Rosero, Jr., M. D. - 1964-1967 - Lakeshore Clinic

Allen and Georgette Samuelson, DVM

Foster F. Sheller, D.D.S - 605 College Ave.

George C. Crouse, D.D.S. - 605 College Ave.

Dr. Clement L Slonaker

G. W. Stevenson , Jr, D. O. - Culver Clinic

E. J. Yocum, DVM

Oscar Wesson,DVM

Benjamin W. S. Wiseman, M. B.

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