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Rice Woods  

H. H. Rice was responsible for the East Shore Lane association.

He bought the woods in 1928 and proposed to straighten and improve the primitive lane which served as access from the East Shore Road. After the improvement of the lane he deeded the part of old lane to the property owners.

Shortly aft this purchase the East Shore Lane Neighborhood Ass'n. was formed to help protect this area of the lake shore

It extends down to Woodbank Cottage on the south. These properties are within the Rice Woods - It is approximately seven acres at the intersection of East Shore Lane and State Road 117. Maple Trees, planted by the East Shore Lane Association in the 1930s, line the east side of East Shore Lane. The remainder was allowed to grow naturally and has a variety vegetation and remains thus today. And the south section was area was a part of the Edwards Farm; the north section area was a part of the Van Schoiack Farm.

Edwards Lane (the yellow line) allows entrance off of East Shore Drive aka State Road 117 about the middle of the woods and the name is in honor of one the original property owners family who owned most the the section and had cottages and homes in the area from many years.

The larger portion is 6 acres and the smaller is 5.47A for a total of 11.47A . It is unknown just how many the orginall purchas of H. H. Rice contiained.

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