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Emanuel United Methodist Church  

This Church was first known as the Albright Evangelical Church. Originating in 1852 in the Kaley Schoolhouse that was four miles southwest of Culver . Besides sharing the school building for the purpose intended several other denominations also held their church services there.

The first church building was located at 20thA Rd. and State Road 17 [north side of W. 20A Road, beteen S. Union & S. Tulip Roads]. It was erected in 1872 and called: The Emmanuel Church of the Evangelical Association and was commonly referred to as the "Albright Church" and designated on plat maps by that name. The 1898 plat map of Marshall county shows the location in the lower left hand corner.

The Albright Evangelical Church (which was established in 1872) was moved into town and erected on S. Main St. (Mill & Main) in 1899. It is said timbers from the dismantled 'Albright' Church south of Culver and Lost Lake (which was about 2 miles south of Culver and west of the old gravel pit) was brought in and the new church erected from them - and a 20 foot addition was placed on it. Yet another version says the whole church was dismantled brought into town and reconstructed as was.

From 'One Township's Yesterday's '- Corwin
    The Evangelical Church

    In the year 1872, there was erected, about one and a half miles east of Zion Church, in the lower part of the township, a house of worship for the congregation of what was designated as "The Emmanuel Church, of the Evangelical Association." The location was not far south of Lost Lake, in the northeast corner of the crossroads south of the present Keller farm. It was right in the corner, near the roadside. It was called the "Albright church," and was so designated on maps of 1881 and prior, but it went by the official name of the Evangelical Association.

    This original church edifice, built in '42, was moved in 1899, or rather was wrecked and rebuilt in the present village of Culver , with an addition which made it about twenty feet longer. Some years later, the church was further improved by being brick veneered and otherwise changed. The remodeling was done in 1924, and the church structure of today is as it appeared on the completion of those improvements.

This original church 1899, built in the present village of Culver

When the Evangelical Church building was moved in from the country and set up again in town, it traveled a distance of some two miles from its old location south of Culver . The church in the country had two entrances. In town, it lost one of these, became more modern (and have you noticed how fast those old-fashioned two-entrance churches are disappearing almost everywhere?). Well, the town church accepted one entrance, located in a corner of the building. The new church, as it now stands, is frame, with brick veneer.

1899 - feb 3 - There is strong talk of moving the Evangelical church south of this city into Culver .

1899 - feb 10 - Arrangements have been made by the Evangelical society of this section to build a new church at Culver , and for that purpose over 1,000 dollars have alreay been raised. Work will be commenced upon the same just as soon as the weather will permit. Our citizens when called upon sho uld be liberal with donations of cash, as every church erected in a community tends to better the moral coudition of the people. No one will deny that the church has been the great factor which brought America to its present exalted position among the civilized nations of the earth.

1899 - feb 17 - The Evangelical society purchased three lots of Samuel Medbourn Saturday, facing Main street, west of the grist mill, where it will erect a handsome church in the spring, or just as soon as the weather will permit. The church will cost in the neighborhood of $2,000

    From the abstract of 419 S. Main on page 51 is found that on 2 June 1899 a warranty deed from Samuel E. and Claire Medbourn was issued to the church trustees as follows:

    1899 - Feb. 24 - Parties have commenced to haul stone for the foundation of the new Evangelical church

    1899 - May 5 - I t has been decided to build the new Evangelical church of brick, and already D, H. Smith & Co., have the foundation about completed, and we understand said firm will also do the brick work.

    1899 - May 12 - The old Evangelical church has been torn down and the suitable lumber, timber, etc., have been ha uled to Culver which will be used in the new church, which is now being rapidly pushed, and it is hoped that by the last of J uly it will be ready for occupancy

    1899 May 19 - Tho foundation to the new Evangelical church is about completed

    1899 - Jun 2 - A car load of choice brick has arrived from Converse for the new Evangelical church. Smith & Co. will lay the brick, and are experts at the business.

    1899 - Jun 30 - D. H. Smith & Co. are doing the brick work on the new Evangelical church...

    1899 - Jul 7 - The bell of the new Evangelical church was placed in position Monday, and Culver citizens had the first opportunity of hearing its clear, silvery-toned notes, pealing forth their glad tidings, of “ Peace on earth aud good will to men.”

    1899 - J ul 14 - The brick work upon the new Evangelical church will soon be completed... The brick work upon the new Evangelical church is about completed

    1899 - Aug 11 - it is thought that the new Evangelical church in this city will be dedicated about the third Sunday in September

    The first parsonage was north of the present one on the corner of Main and Madison That would either be the Corndance Cafe or the Main Street Bed & Breakfast corner, or Lakeside Auto corner. It was probably rented by the congregation for the minister and his family.

      An Ornament to the City and a Credit to Its Builders

      Culver can now, and will boast of having as fine churches as any town of its size in the state, or in fact in any town double its size when the church edifices now in course of construction are completed. The Evangelical church, which is about completed, aud which stands about three blocks south of the post office, is a model of architectural beauty and speaks volumes in favor of the mechanics who constructed and planned the building. The church is veneered with brick, the work being performed by D.H. Smith & Co. of this city,which fully demonstrates that this company is no novice at the business, and can compare its work with that of any other contractors in the county. The carpenter work is under the immediate charge of that master mechanic, J. H . Zechiel,who can without fear of contradiction, point with pride to this modern structure, aud ask “Who can find fault with the work?”

      The dimensions of the church are 33x50, with 20 foot ceiling, and has a gallery 15x32, and an ante-room 15x22. The main auditorium is separated from the ante—room by sliding doors, which in case of necessity can be opened, thus throwingboth rooms into one, which, with the gallery, adds greatly to the seating capacity of the church. The building contains nine windows the casings etc., being finished with block trimmings. The inclined floor is laid with white pine— oil finish

      The was white coating performed by master artist, S. G. Buswell, (who is proud of the fact that he is a Culverite,) and it is truly an excellent job.

      The church will be dedicated Sept. 17th. A week’s meeting will be held before the dedicatory services, the first service being held on morning of the 10th inst. Sunday school will convene at 9:30 and arrange as it was organized in the old church last New Year. There will also be preaching services morning and eyening by Rev. Newman.

      The church will be dedicated by Rev. N. Shupp of Oregon, who will be here on a visit. During the week’s services, Rev. Newman will aim to have preaching by different ministers every evening.

    1899 Sep 8 - Evangelical Church Program. Sunday school at 9:30 o’clock on Sept. 10th. Preaching at 10:30 and Sunday eyening at 7:30by Rev. Newman. Monday evening at 7:30 aud each evening during the week. Rev. S. H. Babmgardner, of Elkhart, S. I. Zechiel, S. C. Cramer, of Logansport, A. S. Elzey, of Orrian, and others will be present to preach, so that there will be a different minster to preach each night durning the week. On Sat. the 10th Rev. Noah Shupp will arrive and will dedicate the church on Sunday the 17th.

    1899 - Sept. 15 - Services at the New Evangelical Church
      Last Sunday morningquile a number of peeople gathered at the new Evangelical church for the fii»t time for Suudav school and worship. The sc|100] was arranged into classes anda very interesting time was had during the Suudav school hour. Immeddiately after Sabbath school Rev. Newman delivered an andle discourse on the way to the celebrated Canaan land.

      At 7:30 in the evening a large audiance greeted Rev. Newman again and for some length of time he portrayed to them how wonderf ul God protects Lis followers aud how he gives them the victory over their enemies.

      Oa Monday morning another large crowd gathered to hear the word again. Rev. Newman preached and showed how God bids his people not to fear, and how He loves and cares for them.

      On Tuesday Rev. S, I . Zechiel of Elkhart, arrived and in the evening he was greeted with a very large audience of earnest listeners whiom he held almost spell bound for an hour in showing to hem how much earnest laborers are needed in the vineyard of the lord.

      On Wedenday evening Rev. M. L. Scheilder of Rochester, in his calm, deliberate, and able manner spoke of the good old way, and urged all those that were not in this good old way to make haste to get in the way of saftey and rest.

      Ou Thursday evening Rav. S. H Baumgartner, presiding elder of Elkhart district, delivered a very able discourse on our duties to Christ aud the great danger in neglecting our salvation and our preparation for our eternal home.

      The after meetings have been good, spiritual., interesting and beneficial.

      This (Friday) evening, Rev. S. C. Cramer of Logansport, will preach. Rev. Shupp of Oregon, and Re v . Fisher of South Bead, are expected here today.

      Sunday morning at 9:30 Sunday school will convene. After Suudav school Rev. Shupp wiil preach, and at the close of the forenoon services. the church will be dedicated to God. Rev. Shupp will also preach on Sunday evening.

    The Church was dedicated on 17 Sep. 1899.
    1900 - may 11 - The Emmanuel Sunday School of the Evangelical Assoiation, of Culver have decided to celebrate children’s day, June 10th in the evening. The programme will consist of songs, recitations, etc. All are cordially invited to attend.

    In 1903 the parsonage at 403 South Main was constructed.
    It was modernized in 1951. After several years of renting it out in the late 1990's and early 2000's the parsonage was finally sold to Brian Kipp and his family of Valparaiso in 2005.

      Rev. P. L. Browns, who for the last two years has been in charge of the Culver Evangelical Assoc, circuit has been transferred to the Evangelical charge at Germantown, Ohio. During tho time Mr. Browns has been here he has been very sucessful in his work iand they will leave a host of friends who wish them well in their new home.

      Rev. Chas. Connehoy, of Lancaster. Ill., has been chosen to take charge of the Culver circuit....

    1904 - Apr 28 - Rev. McConnehey, the new Evangelical minister and family arrived here last Tuesday. - - Preaching at the Evangelical Church Sunday evening at 7:30. - Chas. McConnehey, Pastor

    1905 - Apr 13 - The Rochester Conference of the Evangelical Association re-appointed Rev. McConueliey to the Culver charge

    1905 - Jun 8 - There will be an election of three trustees for the Emmanuel church of the Evangelical Association, of Culver, Ind., June 21, 1905, at 8 p. m. at above named church. A good attendance of the male members of the church is desired. Chas. McConnkhey, pastor

    The Church as presented on the Sanborn fire map of 1906; and tho not pin pointed it is said that the parsonage was built in 1903.

    1908 Marshall County Plat map

    1913 February 13, - Rev. J. E. Young, from Ridgeville, Ind. is the pastor of the Evangelical Church.
      Rev. J, E. Young (1913-14). He came to Culver in February, 1913, from Ridgeville, Ind. Early in April, 1914, he was returned to the Culver Evangelical Church, and Rev. Tiedt to the Culver Charge.

    1913 - the Culver church (EUB) petitioned the Annual Conference to be detached from the Culver Circuit and be made a station. Rev. J. E. Young, father of Lester P. Young, was pastor when this change was made from a mission to a station

    \ The parsonage and the church are both depicted on the Sanborn Map of 1914; the driveway for the garage was entered off of Main St.; sometime after this The driveway entrance was changed to Mill Stree just behind the church.

    1915 - Apr 15 - Rev. J. E. Young and W. S. Easterday returned Monday from the annual Evangelical Conference at Kendallville. Mr. Young has been assigned to the church a at New Paris. The new pastor for the culver church is F. L. Snyder

    1916 - Rev. F. L. Snyder

    1918 - May 15 - The unveiling' of a service flag was an interesting incident of the Y.P.A. at the Evangelical Church on Sunday. The flag contains nine stars for the members of the church of Sunday school who are wearing the war uniform of our country. They are Ray Bowen, William Alberts (just deceased), George Nichols, Gerald Patesel, Chester and William Easterday, Edward Arnold and Herman Young.

    1919 Apr 9 - Rev. Mtgrant to serve another year.

    1919 - Oct 8 - The old barn on the Evangelical parsonage lot was sold last week to Paul Gansch for $50. (see above 1914 Snaborn Map.

    1919 - Oct 15 - Improvements are being made on the Evangelica parsonage. The outside has been given a couat of white, a coal room has been excavated under the rear of the house, and the former coal shed is being converted into a garage

    By the 1920 census William A. Mygrant was minister during this period

    1924 - 27 February - Wrecking work on the Evangelical church was begun in preparation for the building ofthe new church during the spring and summer months.

    The completed church was dedicated on September 28, 1924, with appropriate dedication day services.

    1924 - Feb 27 - Wrecking work on the Evangelical Church was begun in preparation for the building of the new church during the spring and summer months
      During 1924 the church members met in the basemnt of the Culver -Union Township Public Library while the wooden frame structure was being replaced by a new modern brick veneerer building. The exterior was veneered with brick by D. H. Smith & Co. of Culver , J. H. Zechiel did the carpenter work and S. G. Buswell of Culver done the white coating. The building was described as a structure 33 by 56 with 15 feet ceilings, a gallery of 15 by 32, and an ante-room of 15 by 22 and the main auditorium was seperated from the anteroom by sliding doors. The floors were of white pine.

      G. A. Weisshaar has been assigned to the Evangelical Church. He comes here from Syracuse where he has been the past year. - April 13 1924

      Preliminary work was begun under the direction of a building committee in March, 1924. The cornerstone of the new church was laid Sunday afternoon, May 25, 1924, at an impressive ceremony with Rev. J. W. Metzner, of Elkhart, delivering the dedicatory address. Cost for the building was given as $24,000.

    The 1924 Sandborn map showing the church property and the block; the 1937 Snaborn map bears the stamp of Nov. 1924 but is "tagged" 1937 but present the same images as the 1924 Sanborn map

    September 24, 1924— Formal dedicatory services of the new Evangelical Church will be held Sunday.
      Found in the profile of Lemuel Crabb in the Culver Citizen in 1938 it stated that he has been trustee at the Evangelical church for 20 years and that his biggest job in that capacity being to help plan and build the new Church structure a yew years ago.

    Sept 9, 1925 - Evandelical church will Observe Anniversary Day
      Sunday, September 20th, has been designated by the members of the Evangelical church as Anniversary Day. The special services will be held to celebrate a successful year in the new church building of the olld church just twenty-six years ago. A special program has been arranged for the day which will be announced in next week's issue of "The Citizen". Services will be held Thursday and Friday and Sturday nights preceding the SUnday services. Good speakers for the Sunday service have been secured.

    By the 1930 census Fremont Wellmert/Wellmart was minister during this period

    1931 - Mary 6 - After serving the Culver Evangelical Church for the past five years, Rev. F. I . Willmert has been appointed the pastorate at Van Wert, Ohio. Rev. J. H. Rilling of Indianapolis will occupy the pulpit here

    Rev. J. H. Rilling (1931-32-33­-34, at Culver . He retired in May, 1934, and moved to South Bend, having completed 3 7 years of con­tinuous service in the conference.)

    Rev. R. L. Haley (1934-35, at Culver . He came from Peru, Ind., to fill the vacancy caused by the retirement of Reverend Rilling.)

    1936 - May 6 - Rev. Charles McConnehey (1905).

    1940 - May 1 - Rev. R. l. Haley was returned to the Culver charge of the Evangelical Church for the sevnth year at the annual conference of the church in Cami, Ill. last week.

    1941 - May 7 - After serving the Culver Evangelical Church for seven years, Rev. R. L. Haley has been transferred to South Bend and Rev. E. D. Mast of Elkhart has been appointed to the local charge.
    1942 - Apr 29 - Local Evangelical Church Pators Return - Rev. E. D. Mast has been returned to his second year of the CUlver Evangelical Church... The many firends of Reb. R. L. Haney will be interested to know he returns to First Church, South Bend.

    1943 - May 12 --1945 Rev. E. D. Mast has been returned to the Culver Evangelical Church for the third year

    1945 - May 30 — Rev. F. C. Wacknitz has taken over as pastor of the Emmanuel Evangelical Church. He came to Culver from Huntington

    1946 The Evangelical Churches and the United Brethren Churches combined forces to form the Evangelical Brethren Church. The Evangelical church merged with the United Brethern denomination and the church became known as the Emmanuel Evangelical United Brethern Church. L. Haley was assigned to the Culver Evangelical Church at the annual conference held last week at Rochester.

    1947 - Nov. 5 - The Evangelical United BrethrenChurch installed the new Wurlitzer electric organ and chimes last Wednesday and it was used for the first time at the Sunday morning service

    Sometime in the late 1950's or early 1960's the EUB Church - purchased the two residential lots north of the church between Clover and Mill Street. The church had the residences demolished and converted the area into a parking lot for the church. A map of the area from the abstract of 419 S. Main shows these lots as follows:

    This map was made after 1937 - as the Sanborn Fire Maps for that year does not show the divisions and so-called plated non-dedicated alley.

    The other Evangelical Churches and United Brethren Churches of the area disbanded and united with the church at Main street. These were the: Rutland St. Paul's Evangelical was dedicated 1896; church disbanded in 1936 abd was ib the east E side of Pear Road, near intersection with W. 16th Road which disbanded in 1936; Washington Evangelical church - dedicated 1892 was on the northwest corner of W. 20th & S. Queen Roads and disbanded in 1937; Burr Oak United Brethren was organized in 1877 organized in 1877 the first white frame church burned in 1914 and was replaced by one faced with cement blocks and it was on the east side of St. Rd. 17 in Burr Oak and disbanded and united with the Main street EUB in 1967 and during the same year the Hibbard Be ulah Chapel Evangelical Church which was organized in 1913 it was a cement block building on the east side of Redwood Road, N. of W. 15B Road also disbanded and united with the Main street EUB.

    1949 - Rev. I. G. Roederer

    1950 - Apr. 26 - Rev. I. G. Roederer has been re-apointed as pastor of the E.U.B. Church for another year

    1950 - July 26 - Remodel Parsonage
      Extensive remodeling and enlarging of the Evangelical and United Brethren Church Parsonage is currently being carried out by Russell Easterday, contractor. Located at the side of the Church on South Main Street, plans call for the complete modernization of the parsonage. Plans call for making the living room larger, revamping the pastor’s study and the kitchen. In addition to new hardwood floors, a utility room will be added and some work on the basement of the dwelling is planned.

    1950 - Nov. 30 - Many members and friends viewed the newly remodeled parsonage at the Culver E.U.B. church and attended the dedication service and open house held Nov. 24
      E. U. B. Parsonage Dedicated Sunday

      The Parsonage Dedication Service at Emmanuel Evangelical United Brethren church was well attended on Sunday afternoon when members and friends viewed the newly remodeled parsonage and attended the service and open house sponsored by the J. O. Y. class of the Sunday School.

      Dr. Mario N. Berger, D.D., of Dayton, Ohio, as guest minister, had charge of the dedicatory service in cooperation with Rev. L. G. Roederer, local pastor. Mrs. James Osmun sang the solo “ Bless This House” as special music for the service. Greeting the guests as co-liosts were Mr. and Mrs. A. R. McKesson and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Snyder, with Mrs. Jesse Sims and Mrs. Alvin Zechiel heading the committee in charge of refreshments and assisted by other members of the J. O. Y. class.

      The refreshment table was centered with an old-fashioned lacquered butter bowl filled with fruit and vegetables, flanked on either side by candelabra with lighted deep yellow and green candles with, a silver service at either end of the table.

      Members of the - building committee were Lester P. Young chairman; L. A. Crabb, secretary; Oscar Zechiel, W. R. Easterday, Glen Snyder, Mrs. Rollen Hawk, and Mrs. A. R. McKesson. The finance committee included A. R. McKesson, chairman; Mrs. Jesse Sims, secretary; W. R. Easterday, treasurer; L. A. Crabb, Oscar Zechiel, Jesse White and Mrs. Merl Crabb

    1951 - April 25 — Rev. & Mrs. I . G. Roederer after serving the local Evangelical United Brethren Church for the past three years, have been assigned to a pastorate at Olney, Ill

    1953 - AUGUST 5, Rev. Charles L. Haney, pastor of the Culver E.U.B. Church, has been reassigned to Culver for the third straight year.

    1957 - Jul 10 - Rev. Vernon L. Palmer of New Paris is the new pastor of the Culver E.U.B. Church, and with Mrs. Palmer, is moving this week to Culver .

    1958 - April 23 – Beautiful Emmanuel Evangelical United Brethren Church sanctuary to be dedicated next Sunday it was remodeled and equiped with new chancel furniture

    In 1958 also the basement entrance to the church was enclosed the area encompassing 12 by 9 foot the it is highlighted by a large cross made of glass blocks and was finished by 19 Nov. 1958.

    With the availability of natural gas in 1960 new gas furnaces were installed in the church and parsonage both.

    1960 - Jun 15 - E. U. B. Conference Re-assigns Palmer to local church - Haney Returning to area. -
      Rev. Vernon l. Palmer was re-assigned to the Culver Emmanuel church for his fourth year of service at the closing meeting of the 116th session of Indiana Conference north at Syracuse friday night... Rev. Charles L. Haney, formerly of the Culver E.U.B., but at Silver Lake the past three years, has been assigned to the Donaldson-grovertown circuit, formerly served by Rev. Lawrence White of Culver . Rev. White will be the pastor of the Kewanna circuit this coming year...

    1960-1961 June 14 Vernon L, Palmer Retires As E.U.B. Pastor In Culver Walter Chisholm Is His Successor
      Among eight ministers, of the Indiana North Conference of the Evangelical United Brethren Church, retiring from the active ministry, at its annual meeting at Oakwood Park, Syracuse, Ind., which closed Friday night, was the Rev. Vernon, L . Palmer, who has faithfully served Emmanuel Church in Culver for the past four years.

      Physical disability, caused by a heart ailment, necessitated his dropping from the active ranks of the conference, after 40 years of splendid service,

      His work with the Indiana Conference of his church began im 1921, when Mr. Palmer enrolled at North Central College at Naperville, Ill. After four years of study there he spent two years 5n the Evangelical Theological Seminary, also at Naperville, being graduated in 1927.

      Since then Rev. Palmer has served in the preaching ministry for 34 years, holding pastorates at Porter, Peru, Elkhart, Evansville, Bremen, New Paris, and Culver .

      During the four years at Emmanuel Church the sanctuary was remodeled and redecorated, new carpeting and lighting fixtures installed, the floor sanded ,and refinished, a new entrance built to the basemeiit. and new heating equipment installed in both church and parsonage. These major improvements along with anumber of minor changes and additions have totaled $15,000.

      The one time newspaperman and Mrs. Palmer will move on Friday of this week to their cottage at Oak-wood Park, Syracuse, for residence. Their address will be Route ', Syracuse, Ind.

      Coming to Culver at pastor of the Emmanuel Church is Rev. Walter Chisholm, who has been serving in the Ohio East Conference of the EUB. Church at Akron, Ohio, as associate pastor of one Of the churches in that community. He, his wife, and three children; ages 5, 7. aud 8, will be moving to Culver on or about July 1.

    During Rev. Palmer's four years improvements were Santctuary was remodeled and redocrated; ne carpeting and lighting fixtures installed, the floor sanded and refinishers, a new entrance built to the basement, and new heating in both church and parsonage. These major improvements along with a number of minor changes and additions hace totaled $$15,000.

    1961 - Jul 19 - Walter S. Chisholm Assumes E.U.B. Pastorate
      The new pastor of the Culver Emmanuel Evangelical United Brethren Church, Rev. Walter S. Chisholm, is a young man with a fine family. For the first time in many, many years, the local parsonage will ring with the voices of small children.

      Rev. Chisholm, who served in the Ohio East Conference of the E.U.B. Church at Akron, Ohio, as assistant pastor in a church there before coming to Culver, was born Oct. 16, 192G, in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a graduate of Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, and studied at Malone College, Canton, Ohio.

      World War I Veteran

      He is a veteran of World War II, having served in the U. S. Navy. He is a member of the Kiwanis Club, being immediate past president of the Portage Lakes Kiwanis Club of Akron, Ohio.

      Rev. Chisholm and his wife, Patricia Joan, were married Dec. 27, 1950, and have three children. Shirli Ann will be 8 years old in August, Walter Steven will be 7 this month, and Patti Liane is 5.

      Mrs. Chisholm and the children are still living in Akron but are spending the weekends here and will move to Culver on Aug. 16.

      Rev. Chisholm will be attending Evangelical Theological Seminary in Naperville, Ill., weekdays after September for further study

    1964 - June - Rev. Dwight McClure was assigned to serve as pastor of the Culver Evangelical United Brethren

    1967 - Arthur E. Givens

    Again in 1968 another merger of churches evolved - this time the merger was with the Methodist Church - thus forming the United Methodist Church.

    ? - 1976, Jun. - Maurice E Kessler

    1976, Jun - 1979, Apr. - Richard L. Bennett

    1980's - Stephen King, Peggy Jean Arter; and 1989 - into 1990's, Frederick H Pflugh

    199_ - May 2014. Rev. Ronald Matthews Lewellen

    2014 - Nov. - Rev. Tom Richards is pastor of a church in Richland Center (in Fulton County), he graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University at age 61, and was subsequently ordained a Wesleyan pastor (like his predecessor, the late Pastor Ron Lewellan, Richards was not ordained in the United Methodist Church, so Emmanuel had to obtain special permission from the United Methodist Conference for him to serve here). Richards then served his first church for 10 years.

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