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Burns, David Boswell -

The Life and Death of the Radical Historical Jesus
Published: 31 January 2013 Oxford University Press
Hardcover 288 Pages | 13 line art; 7 b&w halftones 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches
ISBN: 9780199929504

    This book's fascinating story is set in the America of 1870 to 1920 and focuses on a 'Christ constructed by radicals who denied the divine, scorned the supernatural and secularized the sacred.

    David Burns examines a fascinating intellectual movement that viewed Jesus as mortal, and held that Jesus' contribution lay with his example of human solidarity, not with the supernatural actions attributed to him. Now mainly forgotten, this movement had a profound impact on late nineteenth-century American thought. By excavating this worldly Jesus, Burns challenges the standard narrative that overstates the role of Protestant and Evangelical belief in Gilded Age intellectual life.

    A notable social and cultural labor history of the US working-class movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries... Labor historians will gain much from Burns.
David attended Culver Community Elementary School and was a May 1990 graduated of Culver Community High School . He is the son of David Boswell (1909-1990) and Judith Elaine (McKee) Burns and brother of Susie Deanna Burns Weldon (Mrs. Jason) of Monterey, Indiana; he also had seven older half siblings 3 brothers (deceased) and 4 sisters (3 of whom are still living). He lived at [https:/ 419 South Main] from brith to 1994. He and his wife Elzizabeth (Michael ) and son Boswell Michael live in Marion, Ohio.

He entered Ball State University in August 1993 and in 2003 he was listed under the History Student Conference Paper Awards at Ball State University ; obtained a Masters Degree in 2004/5 in History. He presented his MA thesis to the North American Labor History Conference at Wayne State University in Detroit, Mi. on 22 Oct. 2004.; in the spring of 2006 he was assistant to Prof. Rosemary Feurer: on American History Since 1865

David Burns (Ph.D.) received a Dissertation Completion Award from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for summer 2007 and a Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the Graduate School for 2007-2008.

Dave Burns is currently finishing his Ph.D. at the University of Northern Illinois. He has recently published an article entitled "The Social of Socialism: Christianity, Civilization, and Citizenship in the Thought of Eugene V. Debs" in the summer, 2008 issue of Labor, the top labor history journal in the United States.

Dave Burns (Ph.D.) presented a paper, "Clubbing the Christ Out of Christianity: Bouck White's 'Invasion' of Calvary Baptist Church and Police Brutality in Progressive Era New York," at the North American Labor History Conference, 19-21 October 2006, at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan

David Burns (PhD 2009 Northern Illinois University. ) has a newly published book. The Life and Death of the Radical Historical Jesus was published by Oxford University Press in February 2013. It was recently mentioned in a July 2013 New York Times article.