Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Famous or Notable People of Culver  

Adams, Marcia (Prather) (18__-) (Mrs. Frederic)

  • Timshel, While the Music Lasts (Media Creations Inc 06/30/2006)
  • Scent of Lavender (1st Books, Bloomington, Ind. ©2001)
  • Shadow Patterns (Guild Press of Indiana,Carmel, In. 1997)
  • Adventures of Alexia Lake Maxinkuckee Girl, 1885 Glowing Fire: The Adventure of a Maxinkuckee girl and her Friend, a Potawatomi Indian Boy 2011 (also e-book)
Marcia P. Adams is a widow with four children and seven grandchildren. She graduated from Indiana University, was married, had children and was a housewife until the death of her husband. The children were raised, married with families of their own, when Marcia returned to College to earn a Master’s degree in psychotherapy and family counseling. After having a counseling practice for three years she decided to close her office and pursue her lifelong dream of writing. “Looking back I’m not sorry that I stayed home and cared for my family. Those were the glory years. I have wonderful children and grand memories. Now, I write. Even if my work had never been published, I would have had to write anyway. I guess you could say it is my passion! It has given my life another dimension that I truly enjoy!” She currently lives on Lake Maxinkuckee in Culver Indiana

Anderson, Viki (Mrs. Bruce)- Artist - In 2003 she won 2rd place in Adult media drawing from the T. C. Steele Historic Site art contest. daughter-in-law of Hugo Anderson of Peur Ct.

Armstrong, LeRoy - Indiana Author - A short love story of an Indian girl event to have been centered around Maxinkuckee and vicinity. Published in the 1890's in the Chicago Hearld.

Baxter, Nancy Niblack (Arthur R.) (1942- ) Author, journalist

Bess, joan & Ginny (Bess) Munroe - 'voices of CGA: A History of Culver girls Academy - to dbe released 2012

Boswell, James "Jim" - Author : The Sowers / The Sower's Seeds , 2002; Crush Depth Alert ( Firth Lyod Publications, LLc, 2010) - 1965 - Culver Highs School , B.A. Hanover college; M. P. A. Indiana University's school of Public and enviormential Affiars; M. B. A. University of Pennsylvania; 4 yrs. Jr. Officer on nuclear submarine during the 'ColdWar'; resided 25 years Washington D.c.

Bowles, Richard - Culver high school band director composed "Maxinkuckee Overture" probably 1952 (MCMLII) published by H. T. Fitz Simons of Chicago, Illinois.
    1952 - Sep 3, "Maxinkuckee Overture , " a composition for band by Richard Bowles, has now been released by the publisher, H. T . Fitzsimons Co., Inc. Although his music was not intended to be descriptive, its theme was suggested by the majesty of Lake Maxinkuckee and the beauty of the surrounding country.

Bray, Allen f. III - "The Return To Self-Concern," written by Allen F. Bray, III , of Culver , will be published April 13, [1964] according to a news release from Westminster.

Burns, David Boswell - Author The Life and Death of the Radical Historical Jesus Published: 31 January 2013 Oxford University Press

Butler, John C. - writer/author - under the nom de plume of "Hagon Deischmartz" March - May 1898 in the Plymouth Democrat published a serial story The Lilly of the Valley" a story of Mainkuckee.

Culver , Bertram B. Jr. W'21, '28 authored - Those Towers Lofty: A Narrative History of the Culver Campus (1992)

Davies, Richard Gwyn, Phd - Richard Gwyn Davies, born in 1941, is the son of a Welshman and a Tennessean; he grew up in Indiana. Earning his undergraduate degree at DePauw he entered the Peace Corps, returning to the US to teach at Culver Academies in 1966. Davies went on to get his MA at the University of Aberystwyth; he also worked at Atlantic College and studied at Oxford. On returning home Davies returned to Culver; he also earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University and an M.A. from Columbia. He served as an instructor at Culver till his retirement in 2008.
    Swords at Culver
    Budda At Culver
    Suris at Culver (2011-12)
    Magic at Culver

Charles Duff - attended University of Miami, Edinburgh College of Art;Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and earned his Master’s in Fine Arts. Charles has had shows in the U.S. and Europe; instructor at Culver Academies, where Charles began in 1976, retiring in 1996; taught at Ancilla College.

Eckerson, Judith - Author - East Shore Summers, A Lake Maxinkuckee Memoir Illustrated by: Ann Eckercson (Paperback: 57 pages. Publisher: Guild Press Emmis Pub Lp (01/01/1999) ISBN: 1878208918  

England, Mary Frances - Culver Daughters Sing Thy Praise: Women of Culver : 1894-1971 (1996)

Fehsenfeld, Rebecca H. Artist & Poet Fine Artand Poetry; her From the Arts Council of Indianapolis - "Fehsenfeld has traveled the globe as an artist to capture animals, people, and places on canvas in a colorf ul, expressive manner. Her award-winning paintings are included in numerous private and corporate collections worldwide." She has done a painting entitled: A Road Near Culver . She has a blog at: https:// beckyfehsenfeldfineart. blogspot. com/

Furry, Ed. - Boat captain in 'Morning Light' a 2008 documentary by Walt Disney producer by Roy E. Disney. It is the story of 15 young sailors, six months of intense training, and one chance at the brass ring in racing a high-preformance 52-foot sloop in the TRANSPAC, the most revered of opern-ocean sailing competitions, a 2,3000 mile show down race against top professionals sailing fromLos Angles to Hawaii.

Gallahue - Edward F. - Edward's Odyssey: An Autobiography By Edward F. Gallahue (216 pp. New York, Doubleday & Co., 1970)

Gigilliant, General Leigh R. () - Author - Unfurling the Colors Reminiscenses of a Culver Superintendent 1875-1952

Gilliespie, John M. - Composer - composed "Culver Black Horse Troop" Arranged by: Green, Walter; published by: Gillespie-Green Music. Written in the Key of Eb. The is a copy in the Marshall's Civic Band Library Topeka, KS

Glaze, Bob - "Cowboy Bob" - - The Glaze family first moved to Culver from Oklahoma in 1955 to an appartment on College Avenue (Bob’s mother Helen Glaze – widely known as “Herbie” – took a secretarial position in the Academy Business Office), and Bob, at age 13.

He first appeared on WTTV in 1963 on Jack Noel’s Happy Valley Show. He joined the WTTV staff on June 6, 1966 as a camera operator. His first appearance in Indianapolis was with Mary Ellen Reed when he played Harley Slarp, her boyfriend on "Popeye’s Diner". He was known as "Mountain Dew Bob" on Janie’s show when they did a Mountain Dew jingle together. That led to a Parade with Janie in Columbus, Indiana where he was actually deemed "Cowboy Bob" by a local businessman.

Don Tillman hired him to replace Mary Ellen Reed's Lunch Time Theater and his show premiered at noon on January 7, 1970. Chuckwagon Theater was born! “Cowboy” Bob Glaze (CMA 1960 graduate) entertained generations of children in central Indiana via his “Cowboy Bob’s Corral” television show (WTTV, Channel 4). When new owners took over WTTV in 1989 and locally-produced programming came to an end, Cowboy Bob’s Corral took its final bows after two decades with Glaze in the saddle.

He died Sept. 16 at age 73

Girard, David - Passing Through the Gate"

Gleason, Ray - Author - Maj. US Army (Ret., a retired instructor at Culver Academies where he developed and taught courses in leadership ethics Senior Instructor (2002-2009 & Magister Ducti et Praeceptor Morium (Aug 2002-?); Gleason received an MA (1985-1989) and Ph.D. (1993-1998) from Northwestern University where he teaches Medieval Literature (1994-2013). He received a BA in History and English from Hunter College in New York (1970-1974), The Venard (1963-1965). Gleason also teaches writing at Purdue. Gleason is a decorated, retired, army Ranger officer, who served three combat tours in Vietnam. Gleason swaps his time between Chicago and northern Indiana with his wife, Jan Peyser A Grunt Speaks: A 'Devil's Dictionary' of Vietnam Infantry Tales and Terms; The Violent Season; Gaius Marius Chronicle: The The Gabinian Affai (2015), The Helvetian Affair (2016) -

Gruelle, R. B. - artist - painted Lake Maxinkuckee
    Richard Buckner (R.B.) Gruelle b. 1851

    Known as a landscape painter and one of the five members of the Hoosier Group of Impressionist artists which also consisted of T.C. Steele, Otto Stark, J. Ottis Adams and William Forsyth.

    Gruelle is probably the most under-represented of this heralded assemblage of painters. He often worked outside the Hoosier state, frequently travelling the East Coast during the 1880s and finally moving to New York City in 1905.

    Gruelle maintained contacts in Indianapolis.

    A member of the Society of Western Artists, the Art Association of Indianapolis, and the New Canaan Society of Artists, Richard B. Gruelle was known primarily for his pastoral landscapes. With the exception of the 1894 Hoosier group show in Chicago, the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition at St. Louis, and Society of Western Artists annuals, he rarely displayed his work in national shows. Instead, he focused on one-man exhibitions in Indianapolis and New Canaan. Gruelle died in Indianapolis while visitng his wife's family.

    Richard Buckner Gruelle's handwritten autobiographical manuscript is on file in the Indiana State Archives.

Hamilton, Flora Brent, (Mrs. Thomas B.) (1872 -1933) - 1927 a collection of prose by Mrs. Hamilton was published under the title, When lilacs bloom; reflections in a garden Chicago, P. Covici, 1927. A second edition of this charming work is now on the press. A complete volume of her sonnets and other poems is now being published (12 Jul . 1933) and will be announced within the next few months Sonnets Boston, B. Humphries, 1934. Probably her greatest literary achievement had just been finished, except for the reading of a few galley proofs, before her illness in the spring. This was the translation of the poems by Henri de Trengies, of the French Academy and one of the forty immortals. This book will be announced in September (1933) Poems from The wingéd sandal by Henri de Régnier; Boston, B. Humphries, inc. [©1933]. Her poem Silhouette was published in the Poetry Magazine in Volume 33, February 1929, Page 259 published by the PoetryFoundation

Hartman, Robert D. B. "Bob" - Author -
  • Boots & Saddles Bugle calls to a Century of the Black Horse Troop 1897-1997;
  • Review Culver : A Century in the Making 1894-1997;
  • Images of Culver A Visual Celebration of Culver ;
  • The Grand Parade, compilations {from series of the “From the Alumni Message Center” and “Historically Speaking.”}
  • <
  • Lest We Forget: Culver - Two Great Wars and the Years Between, 1014-1945
  • edited- Rossow Reports, the Memoirs of Col. Robert Rossow
  • edited - The Logansport Flood

Herschell, William (1873 - 1939) was born in Spencer, Indiana, and lived in the southwest part of the state for the majority of his life. He wrote for the Indianapolis News for a large part of his adult life and resided in Indiana until his death . In the poem “The Borrowed Cottage” Herschell describes a trip to a friend’s cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee in Culver , Indiana, a small town in the northwestern part of the state:
Oh, the joys they had to lend
In this cottage of our friend;
There were birds out in the treetops
Singing welcomes without end.
Breezes romped up from the shore
As we opened wide each door;
Sunbeams swept in at the windows
For a dance across the floor.

Hillis, Elwood Haynes "Bud" , a Representative from Indiana to U.S. Congress ; born in Kokomo, Howard County, Ind., March 6, 1926; attended Kokomo public schools; graduated from Culver Military Academy, 1944; B.S., Indiana University, 1949; J.D., Indiana University School of Law, 1952; served in United States Army in the European Theater with rank of first lieutenant, 1944-1946; retired from the Reserves in 1954 with rank of captain in the infantry; admitted to the Indiana bar in 1952 and commenced practice in Kokomo; member, Indiana house of representatives, Ninety-fifth and Ninety-sixth General Assemblies; delegate, Indiana State Republican conventions, 1962-1970; elected as a Republican to the Ninety-second and to the seven succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1971-January 3, 1987); was not a candidate for reelection in 1986; resumed the practice of law; is a resident of Kokomo, Ind.
Holt, Tim - Move actor and 1936 graduate of Culver Military Academy

Honeycutt Sharon - The Dragon's Daughter: Introducing Mariah

Houghton, John William (Rev., Ph.D., ) - Author

Irsay, James S. - Owner of the ndianapolis Colts and Super Bowl XLI (2007) CHAMPS!

Jameson, Samilla Love (Mrs. Otto Otto Joseph Heinzmann)

Kelley, J.T. (John T.) - Fictional Thriller Auther - from Indianapolis, the Kelly family has been a long Lake Maxinkuckee cottager. - A Notre Dame Graduate and retired from a career in marketing and communictions. 1) Fair Ways and Foul. Plays; 2) Deady Defiance; 3) Suite Suspicion; 4) Formula For A Felony; 5) Diamond Destiny. Here are the 2021 newspaper article and a 2022 newpsaper article appearing in the local Culver Citizen. His website is www. kellyfairways. us/home

Logan, Josh - A Culver High School and a graduate of Culver Academy. Writer in the Ameerican Theater - Boradway - "South Pacific
Porter, Cole

Mc Donald, Daniel- Author - State Senator author of -
  • An Early History of Lake Maxinkuckee (1905, Levey Bros. & Co. Indianapolis)
  • A Twentieth Century History of Marshall County, Indiana. Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1908
  • History of Marshall, Indiana. I836-I880. Chicago: Kingman Bros.
  • The Removal of the Pottowatomie Indians from Northern Indiana, in 1898, D. Mc Donald Plymouth Indiana Printer and Binders

Meeker, Barbara - artist - She has done a pencil sketch of the Depot and a watercolor of the Culver Inn.
    V S Artas of Indiana Board of Directors... Barbara Meeker Professor Emeritus Purdue University, Munster

    Tuesday, September 5, 2006 The Times
    Artists recognized for their work
    Area artists garnered cash awards recently for their winning entries in Art Comp 2006 at the Chesterton Art Center...Munster artist Barbara Meeker received a Merit Award for her acrylic painting, "Floral."...

Miller, Esther [-?-] Powers Wampler- artist, watercolor and prints

Neer, Dana (Director of Wellness at Culver Academies) - author - J. T. Owl Learn to Share, printed Feb. 1, 2018.

Porter, Cole - pianist, songwriter - In his youth before famous he pounded the keyboards of the piano on the Peerless.

A History Of Culver And The Culver Military Academy; Author: Mark A. Roeder; 2004, Publisher iUniverse 288 pages ; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 2, 2016) 332 pages - - An Illustrated History of Culver, Lake Maxinkuckee, and The Culver Military Academy
    Mark A. Roeder is a one-time resident of Culver. For twenty-one summers he worked for the Culver Summer Camps as a counselor, the Division Commander of Division 6, and the Indian Crafts Director in the Woodcraft Camp and as a counselor and senior counselor in the Specialty Camps. During ten of these years he resided in Culver full-time.

Rossow, Col. Robert "Bobby"

Tex Rains Culver Tooper; author: Colonel Robert Rossow Col. Robert Rossow New York : Dodd, Mead, and Company, 1953, 248 pages.
    The Culver Academy Class of 1957 web-page writes of Col. Rossow:
      "Mess Hall Steward - "Bobby" Rossow had a lengthy career at Culver, joining the faculty as director of the Black Horse Troop in 1906. Rossow served as commandant of Cadets in 1927 and as director of the Summer Schools in 1936. He retired in 1945. In 1947 he was called to the post of supertindent of the Indiana State Police. Following his retirement from that post, he continued to follow his wide community interests and was author of the book "Tex Rains; Culver Trooper." Recalled in 1952, Colonel Rossow was the chief steward in the mess hall until his retirement at the end of our senior year in 1957. We best remember him as manager of the Mess all. He died at the age of 77."

    Col. Rossow also assisted with the capture of the bank robbers of Culver's State Exchange Bank in 1933. Read more here.

    Col. Rossow assisted with the production of the Universal movie, Tom Brown of Culver in 1932. More here. Rossow was involved in local civil defense and named commandant of student corps at Colgate Univ. during WWII.

Schlaback, Mark - ESPN sport broadcaster now of Madison, Georgia and a former Culver resiident

VanKerk, Chad - 1manager of 1st Framr's bank - video and song - Footprints

Siefert, Kimberly (Mrs, Bryan Siefert) - Author - Tales from a Pastor's Wife

Thomas A. Sargent - Bracken House: A History, (Ball State University, 2000); The Muncie Symphony Orchestra: Fifty Seasons of Music; The House and Its History (Ball State University, 1989), which describes the E.B. Ball house on Minnetrista Boulevard in Muncie, Ind

Steely, Jill (Coit) Steely - She ran the Culver Bed & Breakfast & Culver Taxi & Courier Inc. - March 1984- Carl & Jill (Coit) Steely along with Mrs. Richard Skrine. She was written about in "Poison Vows" by Clifford L. Lindecker

Tarkington, Booth

Taylor, George H. of Terre Haute - wrote the peom -The beautiful Rippling Maxinkuckee

Vonnegut , Kurt Jr.

Wallace, Lew -
The story "Ben Hur" now being shown at the Char-Bell Theater was written by General Lew Wallace while he was on fishing trips at Lake Maxinkuckee according to Mrs. Laura Babcock, of this city. Mrs. Babcock stated that General Wallace wrote the story 57 or 58 years ago while staying at the Allegheny house, Lake Maxinkuckee, owned by Peter Spangler, father of Mrs. Babcock. Mrs. Babcock's brother, George Spangler, of Culver , has a Mexican dollar in his possession which was given him by Mr. Wallace during one of his frequent trips to the lake. The News-Sentinel, Saturday, February 6, 1932
BABCOCK, LAURA [Rochester, Indiana]

Watson, Helen Orr - Author - Black Horse of Culver ( Boston, Houghton Mifflin, [©1950] a fictional children's book

Webster, H. Kitchell Jr. '22 - author - Pass in Review: The Story of a Culver Cadet (1935)

Williams, C. Warner - arisit-in-residence - Sculptor, died on September 3, 1982.

Work, George O. - Composed and published an instrumental piece - "The Rippling Maxinkuckee"

Books using the Lake or Culver as a setting:

Riley, James Whitcomb - Poet - peom "Tribute to Maxinkuckee

Call of The Blue J. - Bryon Holcomb -
    It is 2008, and the presidential election is about to take place. Jared Justin Juhl Jr., known as “4J,” is about ready to accept his party’s nomination for re-election. His campaign takes a bad turn when he faces murder charges for killing Jennifer Blue, his staff aide during his 1980 senate campaign. New DNA test results threaten to cast a ballot against him, causing a Constitutional crisis that will change history.

    Deceased: Jennifer Blue Place of death: Juhl compound, Lake Maxinkuckee, Marshall County, Indiana Blue cremated at the wishes of her mother. Ashes scattered in Lake Maxinkuckee.