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Houghton, John William (Rev., Ph.D., ) - Author - John William Houghton grew up in Culver, Indiana (a town his family founded in 1844) after being adopted when about six months old, by Forrest "Forey" and Leta (Kingery) Houghton. Attending Culver Elementary School ; high scholl years were John Burroughs School Saint Louis, Missouri and Culver Military Academy Class of 1971. He also attened the Culver Military Summer schools.

He also had a column for the Culver Citizen in 1974-75 for the Culver Citizen "I Remember...", focusing on Culver History, and through the years continued to guest write unders its Name.

A prize-winning historian with degrees from Harvard University Class of 1975 (undergraduate English & American Lit and Languages), Indiana University Class of 1977 ( Am English Literature), Yale Divinity School Class of 1989 (M.A.R. summa cum laude Systematic Theology) and Berkeley Divinity School at Yale Class of 1989 (Master's in religion; Diploma in Anglican Studies Anglican Studies) and Notre Dame University (master's and doctorate in medieval studies ).

He has taught at the Culver Academy (Woodcraft Camp, Specialty Camps and the Naval School), at a school in Georgia, at two different schools in St. Louis, was the chaplain at a school in Baton Rouge. Was chair of the English Department at Canterbury School and spent summers with an American summer camp in Oxford, England

He has taught English and Religious Studies, served as a school chaplain, and contributed to both "Tolkien the Medievalist" and "The Harper Collins Encyclopedia of Catholicism."

He is a respected commentator on J. R. R. Tolkien.

He has taught at Notre Dame as well as in Georgia, Baton Rouge, and at Culver Academy

He is now an Episcopal priest. and is the Firestone Endowment Chaplain at The Hill School, Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Most recently Editor-in-Chief of Tolkien in the New Century, he has published essays on a wide range of subjects and is an editorial advisor for "Mythlore" and "T he Journal of Tolkien Research."

He along with several others have formed the non- profit Culver-Union Township Heritage Inc. to preserve and promote local history.

Jeffery P Kenny's i
interview with John .
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