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Fred Foster's Barber Shop  

Note to the left written on the door of the next building is written "shoe shop" the next building has 2 trees infront of it is brick and it seems to be all one building tho with the awning over the one window makes it appear as to be two buildings . I have enlarged it to try and see if will show more building detail - also note the refection in the one window of another building on the opposite side of the street.

The post cards show my Grandfather Fred Foster in his barbershop in Culver , as well as outside. I believe they were taken around 1911.

I have been browsing this site with great interest. My dad, 'Max Foster' graduated from Culver H.S. class of 1929. We have been back several times throughout the years. My grandfather Fred Foster had a barber shop there around 1920 or so. I have some old postcards which show the shop etc. I remember going to Rector's as a kid. Steph Rector was a family friend and a really nice man. Also remember the "Shark" boats in the 50s as well as swimming in the lake Jim Foster

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