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Hayes Restaurant , Hayes Block, Hayes Building  

1904, Jun 8 - The Colonade lot, now owned by T. E. Slattery, is occupied by a promiscuous lot of tents such as lunch. lemonade and peanut, also a barber shop.

1912 - Feb 15 - A Goood Improvement

    Withthe coming og the blue birds a change will be noticeable in the business district at the depot

    C. E. Hayes has leased the 150 foot frontage owned by T. E. Slattery, and the present buildings will all, or at least in part, be moved off and he will put up a substantial one story building 30 by 60 9j which he will open a first-class restaurant and ice cream parlor.

    His intention is to run it in a modern style not only serving lunches and light refreshments, but a table service equal tot he best of resturants anywhere.

    It is expected that with the rearrangement of the railroard's summer schedule all trains will stop here for meals. This seems to be a need of the traveling publice as under th present schedule no opportunity is afforded passengers for procuring anything to eat, the hours for leaving and arriving at SOuth Bend and Logansport being either to early or too. late.

1912 - Apr 14 - Charley Hayes has the construction work on his restaurant building well under way

1912 - May 9 - Will McLane will be employed in the kitchen of the new Hayes Restaurant this season. Miss Rose Moss will be the general superintendent. The building is advancing rapidly, the fixtures are awaiting shipment, and Mr. H ayes expects to be ready for buisness within two or three weeks.

The Hayes Block as it is refered to included what is today 624 Lake Shore Dr. and what was 642 Lake Shore Dr.

1912 - Jun 6 - After unlooked for delays in the shipment of fixtures Charley Hayes expects to have his new restaurant open next Saturday.

1912 - June 13 - Culver's New Restaurant
    Hayes new restaurant went into commission of Friday and since then has enjoyed a steadily growing volume of patronage.

    The large dining room, finished and furnished mission style, it light and cool. A handsome soda fountain is on of the features of the place.

    The kitchen is fully equipped to hadnle any demand upon it, and with Mrs Hayes and Miss Rose Moss, two of Culver's best cooks, in charge, real home-cooking is delighting the palates of the guests.

This is a 1913 ad for the restaurant

1914 Sep 14 - Fire! Not Quite
    Laat Monday evening the Hayes restaurant was the scene of considerable excitement and what might have been great damage.

    Mr. Hayes, after filling the gasoline tank of the coffee percolator, lighted the machine, but the blaze went out. He tried it again and it flared up with a puff.

    He was then amazed to see blazing gasoline squirting out at the top of the urn in a fine stream as high as the ceiling. Alarmed at this unsual occurrence, with the help of a member of one of the visting rifle teams who was seated at a table near by, the urn was dragged to the door and thrown into the street.

    Meantime a fire alarm had been turned in by Dr. Burris, who was in the reataurant when the blaze started, but whem the fire company arrived after a very quick run they found nothing to do except to put out the flames on a telephone pole that had caught fire from the burning gasoline.

    The brilliant glare of the blazing gasoline was very spectacular aod brought out a big crowd like magic.

    Mr. Hayes estimates his loss at about $125, but at that considers he has had a lucky escape

Here is an ad from the "King's Official Route Guide - Section Five Automobile Routes of Indiana and Southern Indiana" published in 1915.

1915 - 1920 - Hayes restaurant - Charles E & Bertha E Hayes - managers

1916- Dec 28 - Lloyd ("Silvers") Washburn, who has been a popular attache of the Hayes restaurant for the past year, has been given a bookkeeper's desk in th Q. M. office at the academy

1917 - Sep 19 - Vernon Easterday has returned from Fort Wayne and will manage the Hayes restaurant for the winter. Mr. and Mrs Hayes expect to leave soon for New Orleans.

1918 - December 4 - The Hayes Restaurant closed Saturday night for the winter.

This is a 1920's ad for the restaurant

1919 Feb 19 - Charley Hayes has began the erection of a dance hall adjoining his restaurant on the wet. It will be about 38X44. There will be communicating doors between the restaurant and hall. He has also ordered a large music box

1919 - Apr 2 - The Hayes Restaurant opened yesterday. It has been redecorated and a $1,500 music machine, playing a piano and a violin, has been installed. This will furnish the music for the dance hall which Mr. Hayes has just completed.

1919 - September 10 - Charley Hayes opened his restrauant for his regular Thursday night dance last week. A large crowd danced to the music of the Tanner and Garn orchestra.

1920 - Sep 1 - Closing and Final Dance - Hayes restaurant will close Monday, Sept 6. There will be a grand final dance with good orchestra music Monday evening.

1920, Sep 15 - Hayes Restaurant Sold
    C. E. Hayes his week closed a feal with Mickey & Mack of Elkhart and Sheridan and next week the restaurant will reopen for continuous operation.

    The new proprietors are young men and both are cooks with plenty of restaurant experience.

    They will dispence with the fountain serives and use the additional space for dining hall purposes.

    Mr. and Mrs Hayes have conducted a successful business for eight years and have put Culver on the map as the best place for "eats" in this part of the state. Academy visitors and automobile tourists have constituted the bulk of the patronage, and as these people are expereienced travelres their approval is a big asset to the buisness

    Mr Hayes plans to keep the new dancing hall and to enlarge it by extending the front to the street and build on an addition which give a floor space of 55X155'. He will retain the fountain business.

1920 - September 22 - Resturant Opens - Hayes Restaurant under the new management will open Thrusday, Sept 23/ The former excellent quality of service will be maintained. Micke & Mack proprietors

1922 - MAY 24 Mont Foss has sold the boat house and the fleet of boats to Mickle and Mack, proprietors of the former Hayes restaurant.

An ad for the Hoosier Harmonizers begining June 30th at the Hayes Dance Pavilion. found in the Logansport Pharos Tribune, Monday, June 18, 1923, Logansport, Indiana

By a quip found in the 28th issue of the same paper they were possibly from Logansport and an orchestra - as: "the Hoosier Harmnnizers. This will be the last appearance of the orchestra here this summer as they will go to Lake Maxinkuckee. Saturday, to fill a several mouths engagement."

1923 - Dec 5 C. L. Mack of the firm of Mickel and Mack, has purchased from Perry Mickel, his partner, his half interest in their restaurant business.

The location by this would be 624 Lake Shore Dr.

1924 - Dance Hall - Mickle & Mack's - it was a combination Resturant & Dance Hall,
    OPen Cafe In Muncie.... Perry C. Mickel.... P. C. Mickle was formerly connected with the Mickel and Mack restaurant here. The partnership was dissolved just recentyl and he immeditely began to loof dor another field of business.... Kan 9 1924

1925 - Mar 18 - New Buisness Room - A new business room is being arranged in the west half of the Hayes Building near the depot. It si rumored that a meat marker will be placed int his room when the place is finsihed.

1925 - April 1 - C. L. Mack, proprietor of the Mack's Restaurant, has returned to Culver and is redecorating and cleaning the restaurant for the reopening on April 1,

1927 - March 16 Mr. and Mrs. Neal Lichtenberger purchase Mack restaurant

1927 - March 23 Work commenced on new Hayes building. - Culver Citizen

?-1928 - Mr. N. A. Litchenberger
    1928 - Mar 1 - Operates the Coffee Shop - Mr. N. A. Litchenberger has taken over the operation of the Coffee Shop opposite of the depot and will run it in conjunction with the Lake View restaurant.

1929 - March 20 - Mrs. N. A. Lichtenbeiger, who has been in South Bend during the winter, has returned and is preparing to open the Lake View Restaurant soon

1929 - Mar 27 - Lake View Restaurant Opened Last Week - Mrs. Flroence Lichtenberege opened the Lake View resaurant last week after a suspension of business during the winter season. Mrs. Lichtenberger has managed this place for several years and has extablished a high reputation for quality meals

1929 - Apr 3 - Sells Restaurant - Mrs. Florencee Litchenberger sold the Lake View restaurant to a South Bend party. The deal was in exchange for real estate in South Bend, where the Lichtenbergers plan to make their home

1929 - Ed Houghton of Plymouth to Operate Lake View Cafe
    Ed Houghton, owner of the Union Lunch room at Plymouth, has purchased the Lake View restaurant here, and is busy preparing the room for opening for business.

    Mr. Houghton's ability as a resaurant man is well known here and first class meals are assured.

1929 - CULVER CAFE SOLD T. E. Houghton of Plymouth, has purchased the Hayes restaurant near the Pennsylvania depot at Culver. Mr. Houghton is the owner of two cafes in Plymouth. He intends to modernize the Hayes restaurant.- The News-Sentinel, Thursday, April 25, 1929

1931 - Mar 25. A rochester firm has rented one of the buildings in the Hayes block and plans to open a fruit and vegetable store.

1931 jul 22 - A financially responsible party has leased the Hayes Building and is transforming it into a modern moving picture house. It is expected that the new theatre will be open in three weeks for the presentation of sound pictures.

1931 sep 14 - The Palace Theater, which opened a few weeks ago opposite the depot, has closed its doors.

1931 - December 9 - 1931$7,000 fire threatens block. Fire of an unknown origin razed the Lakeview Restaurant and Castle Garden dance hall and partially destroyed the Louden Grocery store on Dec. 8. On the other side of the restaurant the Tuck Swigart soft drink parlor was saved by its cement block construction. This prevented the fire from spreading to the express office and Johnson's apartments. Sparks threatened the nearby Williams apartments, but a small blaze on the roof was quickly extinguished.

The Hays dance pavilion and restaurant situated just across the street from the Vandalia depot at Culver was entirely destroyed by fire at 2 o'clock this morning causing a loss estimated at $10,000. No insurance was carried. The Hays establishment has been closed since last fall. The cause of the fire is unknown. A grocery store and a soft drink parlor located at each side of the Hays place were damaged by the fire. Insurance was carried on both of these places of business. - -The News-Sentinel, Tuesday, December 8, 1931

1937 - Vacant lot

1945 , Dec 12 Bertha E. Hayes to Walter F. & Louise C. Ristow eta., west 60 feet of east 110 feet of outlot 5 Toners Addition, Culver

1946 - Jun 12 - Marshall Buys Former Slattery Property
    James Marshall has purchased the property owned by the Slattery estate oppostie the town park on Lake Shore Drive.

    The lots extend from the Coffee Shop to the Shively Apartments and from Lake Shore Drive to Pearl Street.

    No Change in present tenants is contemplated.

    As soon as possible a building is to be erected next to the Shively Shop to house the General Sheet Metal Works operated by "Red" Seese.

    A Parking lot will be built in the vacant area which once housed a restaurant and dance hall. They were destroyed by fire several years ago.

Became 624 Lake SHore Dr. and 642 Lake Shore Dr.

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