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Sanitary Survey Asked - 1897

Complaints that Sewage is Being Drained into Lake Maxinkuckee

The State Board of Health has been petitioned by a number of propertey owners at Lake Maxinkuckee to make a sanitary survey of the lake shore, dwellings and hotels and to stop certain cottages and also Culver Military Academy from conducting seweage intothe lake.

The petitioners promise to immediately adopt to the fullest any sanitayr regulations suggested by the board.

Secretary Hurty will go up to the place next week and investigate thecomplaint - - July 1 1897 - Indianapolis Journal

Maxinkuckee Conditions

A Sanitary Investigation at the Lake by Dr. Hurtey

Dr. J. N. Hurty, secretary of the State Board of Health, returned yesterday form a Sanitary Survey of Lake Maxinkuckee.

Concerning his observations he said:
    The lake now recieves direct all th sewage of Culvuer Military Academy.

    The population of the term was about 12 students and 10 to 12 treachers. This sewage will be remdied immediately

    Mr. VanShoich, a farmer on the east side, has a filthy barnyard that slopes toward the lake and all drainage enters therein. Heaps of manure which have been months in accumulating furnish trickling streams into the lake.

    At this point, as also at the outlet of the Academy sewer the sewage fungus (beggaton) grows.

    Most of the cottages have vaults whic ultimately drain into the lake.
    ,br> Messrs. Sheerin, Vajen, Bohlen and three or four others have this proper sanitary management.

    The Lake View Hotel is in fine sanitary condition. The Smead Closet is used and all closet matter us consumed with fire; garbage is hauled away daily and fed to hogs, while yet fresh. The report to the state board willbe exhaustive and full. Three days were given to the sanitary inspection.

    The secretary will recomment to the board that all vaults be abolished and earth closets substituted; that all shallow wells be closed and only the deep flowing well water be used for drinking; that fishermen be ordered not to string the shores with dead fish. Small fish, not intended to be eaten, are caughtand strung in great quanities to be thrownaway after the string has been exhibited.

    The water of the lake has cetainly suffered in quality from the above causes in late years.

    Analyses will be made immediately.

    If the present conditions are continued many yyears Lake Maxinkuckee will be transformed into a cess pool.
July 21 - 1897 - Indianpolis Journal