Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Cyclone of June 1908  

The date was Tuesday June 23, 1908 as shown in newspaper account; June of the year seemed to have been filled with at least 2 bad storms.

1908 - June The date not exactly know - a cylcone hit Culver and tore the big ice house into shreads - as evidence by the pictures below. Sections of the roof were carried out into the lake, winds reached 70 mph.

An this is found in the 'One Township Yesteryear's - Corwin:

    Hollingsworth & Reamer were owners of ice houses that were burned in June, 1906, Clark Ferrier tells us. These were rebuilt, however, in 1 906-07.

    In the spring of '08, in May, to be exact, Ferrier traded his lumber yard at Lakeville for the ice houses at Lake Maxinkuckee.

    Then along came a cyclone in June and blew them down. There was a tower-like elevator at one end of the ice houses. Clark Ferrier was in there, when a terrific wind came suddenly from the west-by-southwest. Several boats were on the lake. The occupants scarcely had a chance to act be­fore the blow was upon them.

    Then came a dash for the nearest share, and they all got in, although same just made it and that's all. They were just in the nick of time. Some were hoisted up the wall at the ice house.

    While this was going on, the big frame structure was rent asunder. Then pandemonium was let loose. Boards and timbers went flying lakeward. The front wall fell over on the railroad tracks as the roof and other parts of the building flew across and into the lake, which became strewn with the wreckage.

    The railroad tracks were impassable until such a time as they co uld be cleared. The lake had been whipped into an angry sea, and nothing co uld have rode out the storm less than a steamboat.

    It was all so sudden. And what a wild time was had by all while it lasted!

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