Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Half Day at Maxenkuckee.  

Logansport Times June 13, 1890

The Times man last week spent a half day at Lake Maxenkuckee. It were foolish to locate this western Saratoga, for indeed where is the school boy but knows it is just thirty-three miles north of Logansport on the Vandalia railroad?

Over three miles in length, nearly two miles in width, surrounded for the most part by moderate elevations thickly dotted with summer cottages , standing lakeward from “God’s first temples,’’ surely Lake Maxenkuckee is a place for saint and for sinner. Here rests the capitalist from stocks and from figures, from discounts and ledgers, from schemes and from tricksters, his neighbors; in a hammock beside him is toiler and tiller, the farmer and miller, and off in the distance, the girl with her “feller.” And all come to beautiful Lake Maxenkuckee to rest the bones, quiet the nerves, bring back the blood to the cheeks, to drown their sorrows and tribulations, in short, to bathe in its crystal waters and be young again, even as the foolish Spaniard of old.

There are several handsome hotels here for the hungry. One of these is the Ohmer Hotel, managed by Mrs. R. K. Lord, and this woman has more business about her than seven-eights of the men south of the north pole; and if our geography is correct, this includes every man that walked upon or under the surface of the earth. She also owns two steamers, Aubbeenaubbee and William R. McKeen. The former is not yet in service, but will be soon. It has an upper deck and is indeed a handsome boat, and when completed will cost $5,000. Oliver Crook, who has been with Mr. Lord four years, is captain of Aubbeenaubbee.

Back from the lake a short distance is Mrs. R. K. Lord’s Cottage Grove Place. This is a most delightful place and it is properly named. There are several acres connected with the cottage, and this time of year it is an eden indeed.

Ed Morris is the owner and captain of the Peerless, a boat capable of carrying 125 passengers. Mr. Morris has been in this work four seasons and is well liked by the public.

Another boat is Lady Forest, owned by Kuntz & Walters, whom the writer did not have the pleasure of meeting.

But to return to the hotels. Conductor Knapp, of the Vandalia. is owner of the Arlington , a very fine house. The Bay View is not open yet.

On tire north-east side of the lake is the Palmer House, F. D. Lamson, proprietor. Mr. Lamson was formerly with the Ross House of Plymouth. He; opened the Palmer the 10th of April and when the excursions begin he will be kept busy looking after the comforts of his guests.

If there is a more lovely spot in Indiana than Lake Maxenkuckee the writer would be pleased to know its name and location.