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Seek Re-Opening of Public Right-of-Ways To Maxinkuckee  

Conservation minded citizens appeared before the regular meeting of the Marshall county commissioners at Plymouth last week to -petition the group to re-establish and to re-open the public right-of-ways and roads to Lake Maxinkuckee.

For several years fishermen and those who utilize the L a k e have felt that roads and public right-of-ways are gradually being closed and that public access to the Lake will be hampered unless action is taken to keep the roads open. This statement has been expressed a number of times in conservation meetings and in local civic discussions.

Conservation groups represented at the meeting included the Marshall county Conservation Council, the Indiana State Council, and the East Side Conservation Club. An attorney representing the State Conservation Department attended the meeting with the county commissioners as did the county prosecuting attorney.

While it is felt that nothing can be done about those public right-of-ways that have been closed because of long disuse and which have reverted back to property owners, it is felt that action must be taken at once towards cleaning all roads and easements which even though in present disuse, have not legally and officially been closed.

The possibility of securing a roadside park on State highway 17 along the west side of the Lake was discussed. If there is enough public interest in the project there appears to be a possibility that the park could be realized. Following a thorough discussion of the problem, the commissioners formed a committee to conduct an investigation and submit a report. The group appearing before the commissioners were headed by John Bigley of Culver, Otto Grossman of Argos, Omer Bixel of Plymouth, Harry Lowrer, conservation officer, and Gaieman Dexter, prosecuting attorney. - Octpber 11, 1950 Culver Citizen