Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

1970's Fight For Lake Access  

This was basically for years "railroad property". This was one of the several "lake access" that June (Garn) Napier Jackson Sirus and others fought to keep under the control or bring back under the control of "The town of Culver" so citizens would have immediate access to the lake - others included E. Washington; Winfield and Davis Streets - but all efforts failed.

E. Washington Street - Viaduct -

1980 - Washington Street easement is under consideration as proposed by John Deery owner of that access to the lake and park.

This included the railroad right-of-way (a tressell/bridge that allowed the trains to go above the access road entrance at he end of E. Washington Street; the access alley/road on the lake edge [fire or emergency easement] went into the park and also down along the lake edge to the south towards the co-op property which was not used much and had become over grown in the 1960's to 1970's, the access alley or cinder street that connected Jefferson & East Washington

this had an embankment that hinder the access and view to the lake - but was bulldozed and graded down to make it "prime lake font ground".

David Burns, Rod Martindale and others went into U.S. District court to ifight for partial or all control of access to the lake - all that was awarded was a "land-locked triangle" which was eventually sold off many years later .

These areas included little incline and could be driven over with caution to the lake front. The fight for these were lost and were ultimately "private". For a awhile theres as a private access road to "Willow point which was subdivided into lots but by the 1990's a house was built right in the midle of the "dead end" of Winfield. The Davis access went into the hands of surrounding lake property owners & became "private"