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The Largest Excursion of the Season - 1885  

As early as seven o'clock this morning a throng of people began wending their way to the Vandalia depot.

By eight o'clock the platform and several adjacent lots were crowded with people, who from their very appearance could be safely wagered as going to some picnic. People and baskets and umbrella; and goasamers crowded every inch of open space about the depot.

The ticket office was besieged by a hundred people at each window, who did not take time to await there turn, but crowded around until they were pushed clear past the window and had to commence over again at the foot of the line.

First only four coaches were pulled up, and the crowd rushed on pell mell until no more could get standing room. Hundreds tramped across the commons to where the other cars were standing and crowded them f ull, so that when they were finally pulled up to the platfrom, the remaining hundreds had to stand up when they got inside the coaches.

Three coaches from Winamac brought some 500 people. Excursionists from Peru and other towns on the Wabash were on the train.

When the excursion train pulled out it consisted of sixteen cars cars and two engines, hauling between 1,000 and 1,200 people.

Nearly a hundred people who had bought tickets could not get on the train and were forced to wait until the regular train came through.

Such a crowd has never visited Lake Maxinkuckee from this city in one day before.

The Brotherhood of Locomotlve Firemen worked up the excursion in a manner to make It a great success and such it was. It was estimated that it was the largest excursion ever pulled out of the city.

That every one on board the train will have a huge time it is needless to add.

The Big Six band is along to furnish music and a string band will accompany the tripping of the light fantastic on the new rink floor.

The train will bring them back at a reasonable hour this evening