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Widen Main Street - Open Ohio  

City Will Improve Principal Streets

Widen Main Street

Ohio Street will Be Opened From County Road (West Mill Street through the Barnhisel Addition

Neogotiations have been completed by the town board with property owners that South Main street shall be widened thirty Feet from the end of the pavement to the cemetery road.

This action has been pending for some time but final action has just been finished.

This will make the south end road much better for traffic and will also make some more property available for building purposes

1923 - At the corner of Main street where the pavement ends, lot six of the M. E. and B. F. Garn addition will be used to make a curve instead of the sharp and dangerous corner which now exists.

The condition of that corner has been deplorable for some time. Hardly a month goes by but what someone narrowly espcapes having a terrible accident there.

Open Ohio Street.

In addition to the above improvements, Ohio Street will be opened from the county road south to the south end of Barnshider addition.

Ohio is the first street west of Main Street. At present it ends on the street which the Evangelical church is on.

With the opening of this street, there will be twenty-two lots made available for building purposes.

Ohio street will be conotinued over to Main street at the end of the Barnhiser addition.

The property owners affected by these various improvements are as follows: Walter G. Fishburn,
Ezra Hawkings and Edwin C. Hawk for the opening of Ohio Street; John A. Hawk, Charity Stahl, and Betsey Mathewqa for the continuation of Ohio Street over to Main Street; John Hawk and Edwin C. Hawk for the widening of the Street to the cemetery.

1924 - Mar 5 - Brick has arrived and has been unloaded at the south end of Main Street where the city plans to remodel the curve, making it wider and safer for the driving public. This work will probably be done within the next six weeks. -