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From Marmont to Culvler City to Culver

Found in South Bend Tribune - Nov. 4 1895: Culver City

Upon the petition of a large majority of the legal voters of the town of Marmont, on the morthwest shore of the beautiful Lake Maxinkuckee, the name of that place was ordered of record to be changed to Culver City and the department of Washington has also ordered the name of the post office changed to Culver City.

This was done in honor of H. H. Culver, the St. Louis millionaire, who did so much to beautify and permenently adorn northern Indiana's charming summer resort.

h On the east shore of the lake Mr. Culver owns about two miles of lake front property and there constructed a public road at his own expense and expanded large sums of money in making handsome improvements and build 1,000 feet of sea wall at a cost of $2,000.

On the north shore he under-drained, dug lagoonsm put in flowing wells by the dozens, laid out beautiful walks, set out flowers, plants, share trees; erected a tabernacle a few years ago, a large hotel and other apartment buildings, secured the building of a switch from the main track of the Vandalia railroad; donated the fair gorunds and assisted mainly in the erection of necessary buildings and in constructing a race track.

Last year he established Culver Military Academy, but in the dead of winter the building was destroyed by fire; not discouraged by the heavy loss he continued the school in his cottage and adjoining buildings and at once commenced the erection of a new academy, absolutely fire proof and will all modern improvement, which was completed the middle of September at a cost of $65,000. The school opened with Major C. H. Tebbeetts, formerly of West Point, in charge with a large attendance and bright prospects.

For Making these improvements and others in contemplation, his genial soical qualities and his zeal in their interests the people of Marmont thus honor Mr. Culver by changing the name of their town to Culver City - Plymouth, Ind. Democrat -

In 1895 it was proposed the name be changed to Culver City but the Post office Department in Washington D.C. declined the name as a village in Tippecanoe county Indiana existed under that name.

Mr. Henry H. Culver negotiated with their town officials after finding out that it was named for Crane Culver.

He offered to pay all expenses involved with the name change from Culver to Crane.

He prevailed

And Marmont became the town of Culver during a Special Fall Term of court in 1895 It is recorded in the Miscellaneous Deed Book D pg. 497 In part it reads:
    Change of Name of the Town of Marmont, Indiana to Culver City, Indiana ...At a term of the Board of Commissioners of said county, begun of Wednesday the 23rd day of October 1895.. the following proceedings were had on the 24th day of October 1895 in the cause of...Comes now O. A. Rea and ninety-nine other qualified electors of the town of Marmont, Indiana and present their "verified" petition... And it is now ordered, considered and adjudge by the board that said town of Marmont, Indiana shall from and after this date be known as Culver City, Indiana....Received for record October 25th, 1895 at 9 1/2 o'clock A.M. Thomas H. Walker, Recorder Marshall County, Indiana.