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When Was Your Home Built? 1880 - 1899  

This seems to be the prevailing questions as many homes of Culver are nearing or past the ne hundred year mark.

Here are some clues - of homes that were built - with vague discriptions or who had them built. there are some that I have atached to the proper file or profiles of property - the ones below are yet to be attached firmly to a permenat address

The information for now is being gathered from the Do You Remember Way Back When? column this the month an day will not be but an approximate date.

1880 - Jul - Mr. G. W. Burrow and Mr. James McMillen have purchased half an acre of ground at the lake and will erect a cottage upon the same. The cottage will be built in sections at this place - Logansport Evening Pharos, Friday, July 30, 1880

1881 - Jun - The family of Mr. J. H. Vajen will very soon take possession of their beautiful new cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee, just completed - Indianapolis People, Saturday, June 18, 1881

1881 - Will Brown aad Otto Kraus talking of buildings neat and commodious cottage at Maxinkuckee. - - Logansport Pharos Tribune, Tuesday, August 23, 1881

1886 May 13 - May 13 - A carpenter whose name could not be learned, was seriously injured at Lake Maxinkuckee one day tbis week, while working on a cottage now being erected at that place by Charley Green, of this city. - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1887 - Nov 12 - Captain Morris, of Marmont, states that a number of fine cottages will be built at Lake Maxinkuckee next season. Among the names mentioned who will certainly build are

    Mr. Herz, of Terre Haute, who will build next to the Palmer house.

    Sant Dans will rebuild his place on Long Point, while

    Dr. Gard, of Frankfort, will put up acottajge adjoining the Arlington.

1886 Jun 12 - The frame of Mr. Culver 's cottage is up, and eight men are pushing the work rapidly Logansport Pharos Tribune

1890 - Aug 2 - A. P. Jenks is erecting a cottage on his lot on Long Point, Maxinkuckee Pharos
    1891 May 27 - Mr. A. P. Jenks is building a cottage at Maxinkuckee
1893 - May 20 W. T. Wilson's cottage at Maxinucee is well under way. After the fire Mr. W. purchased A. J. Murdock's lot, so that he now has much larger and jandsomer grounds for his summer home
    1893 - Jun 23 - W. T. Wilson has completed a handsome summer cottage at Maxinkuckee NOTE this replaced on that burned in Sep 1892

    After the fire Mr. W[i;son]. purchased A. J. Murdock's lot - 20 May 1893 Logansport Pharos Tribune

1895 - Jul 10 - A. J. Murdock has purchased a lot at Lake Maxinkuckee and will erect a cottage - Logansport Pharos Tribune
    1895 Jul 20 Architect crain has his hands f ull of work... Mr. Crain is also preparing, or has prepared plans, as follow...A. J. Murdock, $1,200 cottage and... at Lake Maxinkuckee - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1895 - Jul 10 - F. M. Harwood is planning to build a summer cottage on his recently purchased lot at Lake Maxinkuckee - Logansport Pharos Tribune
    1895 Jul 20 Architect crain has his hands f ull of work... Mr. Grain is also preparing, or has prepared plans, as follow... Frank Harwood,$700 cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee... - Logansport Pharos Tribune
    1895 - AUg - Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Harwood are at Lake Maxinkuckee superintending the erection of their summer cottage > Logansport Daily Pharos, Thursday, August 08, 1895

1895 Jul 13 - Col. J, C. Farrar, of Peru, was in the city today eu route to Lake Maxinkuckee, where he is having a cottage erected. - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1896 - May 1 - Mr. C. K. Plank, one of Rochester's business men, was in town Monday He c ontemplates erecting a cottage here if satisfactory arrangements can be made. ...C. K. Plank, one of Rochester's thriving business men, is overseeing the construction of a line cottage at Long Point - 22 May 1896 ...C. K. Plank is having a new grate and chimney built on his cottage on Lorng Point. Mr. Plank has one of tho finest cottages on the Point. - 14 Aug 1896 ...Chas. Plank, of Rochester, was in town Thursday setting out trees i around his cottage upou Long Point. - 30 Oct 1896

1896 - May 22 - Nicholas Busort has taken the contract to built a handsome residence for Abram Hayes on Scott street. [Lakeshore dr.] ...Mr. Hayes’ new residence on Scott street is about completed and will be one of the finest in the Aug. - 7 Aug 1896

1896 - May 29 - G. W Gardner, cf Terre Haute, is building a fine cottage on the east side.

1896 - June 12 - Contractor Walter commenced to erect Tuesday, at Long Point, cottages for Henry Mver and Chas. Moninger, both of Terre Haute.

1896 - Jul 17 - Judge Capron, of Plymouth, is erecting a fine cottage at Long Point... Judge Capron and family are now occupants of their new cottage on Long Point - 31 Jul 1896; Judge and Mrs. Capron, and Mr. and Mrs. John Capron opened their summer cottage on Long Point on the rippling Maxenkuckee last Saturday. It is a two-story frame building, and occupies a beautiful spot in a cosy oak grove near the Arlington hotel. We envy them the cool and refreshing breezes that fan their favored cheeks these “ dog days.” — Plymouth Democrat. - 7 Aug 1896

1896 - Jul 31 - Arrangements are being made for the buildiug ot a cottage on the east side. Al Bogardus, of Argoa, has the contract for the work.

1896 - AUg 7 - A new cottage will be built upon the east side near “ Hilarity Hill,” by Indianapolis parties.

1896 - Aug - 14 - Mr. Albright and family are occupying their new cottage just west of the Palmer house

1896 - AUg 14 - Geo. Vonnegut, oft Indianapolis, is building a new cottage on the east side.

1896 - Sep 25 - Wm. Hayes the livery man has moved into his magnificent residence upon Scott street

1896 Oct 9 - John Osborn is about to erect a house and barn upon his lot near the school house, which when completed will be occupied by his father, Wm. Osborn, who will retire from his farm. The old gentleman has been a resident of Starke county since 1840. He has been a successul business man and through honesty, integrity, and hard work, has gathered together a goodly supply of this world’s goods, and today has one of the best farms in Indiana, consisting of several hundred acres. We welcome him him to Culver City, and hope that he and his amiable wife may pass the remainder of their lives in peace and happiness, knowing they well deserve a rest from the cares and turmoil of a farm life.
    1896 - Nov 20 - J. K. Mawhorter, our celebrated tinner, is putting a tin roof upon certain portions of the Wm. Osborn residence now in course of erection. He is an expert workman and if you need anything in his line give him a call.

    1897 - Jan. 15 - The William Osborn residence is about completed. The architecturaldesign was arranged by banker John Osborn, and is undoubtedly one of the most convenient arranged houses in this city, and will be an ornament to the town, and a source of much comfort, to the old people who will spend their declining years therein

1896 - Oct 23 - An architect is preparing plans for a $1,500 cottage to be erected at the Lake by Hon. S. Sheerin, of Logansport
    Oct 16 1896 - Architect Rhodes is preparing plans for a $1,500 cottage to be erected at Lake Maxinkuckee by Hon. S. P. Sheerin. - Logansport Pharos Tribune

    Note - this is one of the "forgotten Cottages" on the Northern shore bought up by the acadmey

1899 - Apr 18 - Tom Wilson is having a barn built on his property at Lake Maxinkuckee and is otherwise improving it. - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1899 Jun 30 - M. E. Garn is doing some excelent work in the paper hanging line at the Sheerin cottage near the Palmer House
1896 Nov 13 - Mr. J. H. Zechiel is having the foundation laid for a residence just south of Rev. Zechiel’s new residence, south of Rev. Zechiel’s new residence, handsome structure when completed underand we understand will be occupied bv the famous contractor and builder himself. D. A. Smith & Co. are doing the stone work.

1897 - Jan 8 - Dr. Loring has erected a fine office on his resident lot, and is already located in the same He has everything as clean in his office as a band box.

1897 - April 16 - D. W. Wolfe has been busy building a log cabin for the past two weeks. Dan is making preparation to take unto himself a -----

1897 - May 7 - Alex Dinsmore is erecting the new ware house in the rear of Porter & Co’s store.

1897 - May 14 - W. H. Snider and family, of Logansport, were in town Friday. Mr. Suider will at once commence the erection of a cottage upon the east side.

1897 Aug 27 - W. S DuPea has bought one acre of land of Geo. W. Garn this week. He contemplates building a fine cottage in the uear future. He says he will make Culver City his future home. As he is a hustler we extend to him our hand
    1897 - Oct 1 - W- S. Du Pea now occupies his nevv residence in Garns addition.

    1987 - Oct 8 - Nick Bosart is putting on the finishing touch to the W. S. duPea's new dwelling this week.
1897 - Oct 22 - Contractor Walter has commenced the erection of J. H. Koontz’s residence.

1897 - Oct 29 - Wm. Overman is now remodeling the building formerly used as a broom factory over into a residence.

1898 - Jan 21 - D. H. Smith & Co. contracted Wednesday to erect the foundation of a residence which will be built in early spring by Miss Rachel Voreis, of Burr Oak. I t will be the finest in Culver, and of very large dimensions and will be situated on Scott street near P. J . Garn’s residence. It will also be of the latest modern architecture.
    A1898 Apr 15 - The foundation has been commenced for the Miss Vooreis residence on Scott street. It. will be one of the most commodious and haudsomest finished residence in town. D. G. Walter, the contractor, has the contract, which means first-class work

1898 - Aug. 19 - Judge Capron has purchased a lot near Maxinkuckee landing, and lumber has been placed upon the grounds for a handsome cottage.
    1898 Aug 26 - Judge Capron is busily engaged in directing the erection of buildings on his lot adjacent to the Maxenkuckee landing; The judge has a fine location, and when he erects his commodious cottage in the spring will have one of the finest pieces of property around the lake.

    Note this is to be 1394 East Shore Drive

1898 Aug 26 - Lee Easterdav has purchased a lot. near O. Duddleson’s residence, and will commence at once to erect a handsome house thereon, 16x28.

1898 Aug 26 - The Culver City Construction Co and Albert Bogardus are rival bidders for tlie erection of Frank R, New’s house.
1899 - Mar 17 - is said that several new cottages will be erected upon the shores of Lake Maxeukuckee in the spring.

1899 - May 12 - Dr. G. L. Benepe, of Indianapolis, was here Sunday visiting Cadet Wilson D. The doctor expects to erect a cottage at the lake this summer.
    J. K. Mawhorter, Culver ’s famous tinner has taken the contract to put a complete troughiug arouud the roof of the Peru House, and will also do tbe tin work on the Brownell cottage, Shirk cottage, and the Dr. Benepe cottage. 23 Jun 1899

    Dr. Beuepe aed family are guests at the Palmer House. They expect to occupy their new cottage in the near future. - Jul 14, 1899

    Dr. Benepe has completed his launch house. - Sep 8, 1899
1899 Jul 7 - Rev. J . V. Combs commenced the construction of a cottage in the Gould Grove last week, and to-dav he and his family are occupants of the same. We call this quick work.

1899 Aug 4 - Smith & Co., are laying the foundation for a wood house adjoining Dr. 0. A. Rea’s residence

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