Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

When Was Your Home Built? 1900 - 1910  

This seems to be the prevailing questions as many homes of Culver are nearing or past the one hundred year mark.

Here are some clues - of homes that were b ult - with vague discriptions or who had them built. there are some that I have atached to the proper file or profiles of property - the ones below are yet to be attached firmly to a permenat address

The information for now is being gathered from the Do You Remember Way Back When? column this the month an day will not be but an approximate date.

1900 AUg - R. D. Voorhees and Dr. Peters of Flora, are both building new cottages at Maxinkuckee. - - Logansport Pharos Tribune, Thursday, August 09, 1900 1900 May 4 - Miss Elizabeth Duddleson will soon build a handsome residence in the Duddleson addition to the town of Culver , wnich will be. occupied by O. D,uddleson and family.

1900 - May - J. C. Gwinn will leave Monday for Lake Maxinkuckee to make arrangements for erecting a cottage on the assembly grounds. They expect to spend several weeks there this summer. - Flora Hoosier Democrat, Saturday, May 26, 1900

    1900 - Jun - J. C. Gwinn, of Flora, is at Lake Maxinkuckee erecting a summer cottage - > Delphi Carroll County Citizen, Saturday, June 16, 1900

Aug 9 1900 - R, D. Voorhees and Dr. Peters of Flora, are both building new cottages at Maxinkuckee. - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1901 - Aug 2 Major gignilliat's cottage under the supervision of contactor Bogardus, is being rapidly pushed toward completion when finished it will be one of the best dwelling in this vicinity

1901 = Sep 27 = Contractpr J H Zechiel has finished the heywood cottage om the east side and it is a beauty

1903 May 7 Will Porter, and is having stone hauled for the foundation of a modern cottage which he will erect soon

1903 - May 28 - Capt Greiner's cottage is nearing completion and Capt. Glascock's cottage is well under way. they are modern in every respect and will make a notable improvement in the C. M. A. surroundings.

1903 - Jun 25 - Wm. Retz, of Terre Haute is having a cottage built on Long Point. A. A. Keen has the contract for the carpenter work.

1904 - Feb 4 - Mr. Smoke bought three lots east of D. G . Walters residence ; he fill and otherwise improve Tuesday. them during the coming summer

1904 - Mar 17 - L. C. Dillon is making preparations to build a fine residence on his farm north of town - NOTE - this house has been torn down - it was the brick home just off the North West corner of St. Rd 10 & 17
    1904 - June 2 - Spencer Bros, heve jus t completed a fine job of stone work for L . C . Dillon

    1904 - June 30 - L. C. Dillon is certainly rushing the work on his new residence north of town. He has brick layers, stone masons, carpenters, plumbers and well drivers at work there now. When completed it will be one of the finest farm residences in th is vicinity.

1904 - Mar - 24 - Al. Leak is building a summer cattage near the lake front on the Henry Overman lots

1904 - June 2 - S E Medborn is removing the old building on the lot south-west of the hardware store and will build a fine cottage there. This is one of the finest locations in Culver and the change will add very much to the appreance of that part of town
    1904, Aug. 4 - S. E. Medbourn is having ground removed for the cellar of his new residence, south of the tin shop.

    1904 Dec 8 - Samuel Medbourri is plastering his new dwelling

1904 - Jul 7 - W. H. Henderson, of Indianapolis, has purchased ground of Stephen Edwards and erected a cottage, which is a model and a credit to the lake.

1904, Aug. 4 - S. C. Shilling is building a residence east of Abraham Hayes. The foundation has been completed and lumber hauled to begin on the carpenter work.

' 1904, Aug. 4 - George Davis is building a cottage on his property north of the Assembly grounds.

1904, Aug. 4 - E. W. Butterfield, of Brooklyn, Ind., is building a five-room cottage on the lake front at the Assembly grounds.

1904 - Sep 1 Prof. W. W Parsons, of Terre Haute, has purchased a lot north of Ingleside and will erect a cottage soon
    1905 - May 25 - Prof. W. W. Parson of Terre Haute has his cottage completed.

    1905 - Jun 15 - Prof. W. W. Parson of the State Normal at Terre Haute spent several days last week placing the goods in his new cottage.

1904 - Sep 8 - Contracters Cline and Foss are building a 20x35 ft. boat house for R. A. Edwards.

1904 - Dec 1 - John Murray has his new house enclosed and hopes to complete it for occupancy this winter

1904 - Dec 8 - Peter Spangler is moving the John Osborn Real Estate office on to the Henry Listenberger lot. It is to be used as a storage room for oil and gasoline

1904 - Dec 15 - Daniel Walters is building an ice house private for private use

1905 - Mar 16 - Archie Blanchard has menced the erection of a new dwelling on tho lot purchased of Dr. Wiseman
    1905 - Apr 6 Archie Blanchard has his new dwelling under roof

    1905 - Apr 27 Archie Blanchard has moved into his new house.

1905 - Mar 30 - Arthur Morris is making, preparations to erect a dwelling on-his lot near Kreuzberger Park.

1905 - Apr 6 - Walter Hand will build a residence on his lots in the north part of town this spring.
    1905 - Apr 13 - Walter Hand has purchased the two lots south of John McCormick’s property of Miss Flora Morris and will begin to erect a residence at once

    1905 - Jul 20- Walter Hand has concluded to build on his lots near the Academy. He will build a six room cottage. Jones and Son have the contract

    1905 - Aug 24 - Walter Hand has commenced building of the new residence on his lots near the Academy and hasthe frame work up.

    1905 - Oct 26 - Walter Hand’s new residence, near the Academy, is about ready to be occupied. It will make a magnificent home for the genial Walter and his estimable wife

    1905 - Nov 23 - Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hand have moved to their new home near the Academy.

1905 - Apr 13 - Mrs. Lilian Ralston has purchased Walter Hand’s lot 6 in north Culver and thinks of building a flat or several cottages for rent.

1905 - Apr 20 - E. Poor has broken the ground for a new residence which he will build on his lot east of J. O. Ferrier's property
    1905 - Jun 15 - The residence of E. Poor is nearing completion. It will be a nice, comfortabie and roomy house at a moderate cost. Mr. Jones, the contractor has rushed the work is fast as possible consistant with good work. When completed will be such a home that any man might be proud of

    1905 July 13 - The work on E Poors house has been on a stand still for the past two weeks, owing to some of the material being mis-shipped

    1905 Aug 10 E A. Poor moved in to his new residence last Friday

1905 - Apr 27 - Chas. Stahl is building a dwelling on his lots in the south part of town.

1905 - Apr 27 - Claud Mikesel has laid the foundation for a dwelling west of Geo. Davis' house
1905 - Apr 27 - Mr. E. W. Johnson, of Terre Haute, was in Culver over Sunday the interests of the new cottage he is erecting on Long Point.
    1904 - Dec 1 - A fire which it. is supposed to have started from burning leaves threatened the complete destruction of all the cottages on Long Point Sunday afternoon. The cottage with all its contents, belonging to E. W. Johnson of Terre Haute was completely destroyed. Loss about $1200 with some insurance. We are unable to learn at this time whether it will be rebuit. The cottage belonging to C. E. Caffyn of Rochester was also destroyed. The cottage had been occupied by Mrs. Howe of Logansport, who owned most of the furniture a good part of which was saved. The building and tbat part of the furniture owned by Mr. Caffryn was a total loss. Insured for $900. Mr. Caffyn will rebuild in the spring. 1905- June 8 - Mr. E. W. Johnson is spending the week at the lake placing the furniture in his new cottage

1905 - May 6 - Urias Menser has purchased the lot east of A. Hays’ residence and intends to build soon.
1905 - Jun 1- Urias Menser has the stone for a foundation for his new residence on the ground.

1905 - Oct 26 - Urias Menser has practically completed the plastering of his new residence. A now cement sidewalk on the north side of his property has been completed

1905 - Dec 28 - Urias Menser is putting the finishing touches on his new dwelling and will occupy it by another week

1905 - May 11 - L. R. Easterday has completed the Chas. Wade residence

1905 - Jun 1 - Mr. Rothheimer of Indianapolis, has purchased a lot south of the Maxinkuckee landing and will erect a cottage soon
    1905 - Jun 15 - M. R. Cline has the contract for erecting a cottage on the east side for Mr. Rothheimer, of Indianapolis.

1905 - Jun 1 - Mr. Fred Seaberger, of Terre, Haute, has purchased a lot on Long Point and will erect a cottage at. once
    1905 Jun 29 - Mr. and Mrs. Fred Seeberger, of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Seeberger, ofcottage Wednesday

1905- Jun 8- Ezra Hawkins has purchased of Wm. Clark, the lot lying between the Evangelical church and the grist mill

1905 - Jun 22 - Capt. H. J . Noble has begun the construction of a cottage near the academy.
    1905 - Sep 7 - Capt.. H. F. Noble will build a residence south or Walter Hand’ snew house at the Academy this fall.

1905 - Jun 22 - Benj. Easterday's new house is rapidly nearing completion. It. is now ready for the plasterers.

1905 - Aug 10 - Henry Lohr will build a residence on the lot recently purchased in the south part of town.

1905 - Sept 14 - Capt. Glasscock will build a six room house, right west of the McGallic cottage at the Academy. It will be completed this fall an occupied by Capt. Hunt

1905 - Sep 21 - Ezra Hawkins sold - two lots north and adjoining Elizabeth Duddlesons residence to. Rev. F . Zechiel , who also purchased 90 ft. adjoining said lots on the east from Miss Duddleson. Rev. Zechiel expects to build on these lots next spring.

1905 - Nov 23 - The Culver members of the Episcopal church have purchased a lot of Capt. Ed. Morris for $150. They contemplate erecting a church building next year

1905 - Dec 14 - We are informed that the Henry Haag property in the north part of town has been bought by the people of the Christian Church The dwelling will be rebuilt and used for a church.

1906 - The new cottages of 1906 are those of Scott Foss, J. H. Vajen and Mr. Tope.

1906 - D. R. Trope & V. A. Simondson President and cashier of a bank in Downer's Grove, Illinois was having a cottage built in April 1906 on Long Point

Believed to be about this home on corner of Mill & Main: 1906 - Dec 6 Isadore Hessell has been having foundation stones hauled for his South Main Steet lots for the house his going to build in the spring 1907 - Mar 28 - Henry Buckheister is preparing plans for a nine-room house for Issadore Hessel to be erected this spring on South Main St. The building will be of wood construction and will cost not less than $2,000 and will be modern in all respects

1907 - Apr 25 - E. C. Webster of Monticello, Ill., has bought of Gerrier & Son the material for a $500 cottage which is to be errected on Long Point. Mrs. Webster serves notice that he is going to have the prettiest summer home on the point.

1908 - Oct 22 - Gilber Hosimer has started an eight=room house on South Main stree in the Ferrie addiion.

1910 - Oct 6 Isadore Hessel had traded his new house on Main Street to M. S. Hopper of Gary for a 73 acre farm north of Burr Oak.

1914 - Jul 16 - Residence Property Bought Cheap - William Hollet has bought of Dr. Hopper pf Gary the Main Street residence property known as the Isadore Hessel place, and will move into it this week. The consideration is not made publice, but it is under $2500. The house cost Hessell $4,500 and the lot is wothrth around $1,000. Mr. Hollett will make some necessary repairs, but at that he is credited with having struck a bargin.

1908 - May 21 - Two New Cottages Ferrier is delivering lumber for a new cottage for Geo. Thayer of Plymouth at the south end of the lake, and for Frank Rice of Logansport on the east side

1908 - 13 Jun - W. C. Routh's cottage onLong Point, Lake Maxinkuckee, is almost aready for occupancy. It contains seven room with a basement - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1908 - JUl 23 - Samuel Osborn has given to Albert Stahl the contract for a two story from dewelling on his lot in Zehciel's add just east of the house recently built by Rebecca Osborn, his wife

1908, Jul. 32 - Elizabeth Duddleson soto lot 18 in Duddleson's add to Henry Helms and wife

1908 - September 10 - Will Osborn has begun work on a new frame residence which is to be ready for occupancy in December. It will be located on the lot south of S. C. Shilling's, 26' x 30', two stories with eight rooms, bath and furnace.

1908 = September 24 Austin Romig will start a new house this fall in the Zechiel addition.

1908 - Oct 29 - John W. Cromley will building two cottages his on his lots on South Main Street. One is already under way

1908 - Dec 17- Amos Coon has bought a lot in the Ferrier addition and will build next spring.

1909 - January 28, - Eli Mock has started construction 0 f a residence on the lot he recently purchased west of the Henry Zechiel home.

1909 - Feb 11, - Jesse Crabb last week bought a lot of Saine, west of Sam Buswell's and has let the contract for a story and a half house to Archie Blanchard.

1909 - Mar 25 - Miss Lottie Hawkins is about to let the contract for an eight room house in Hawkin's subdivision near the Lake will cost about $1,000 and will be for rent.

1909 - Mar 25 - Keen Brothers have begun excavating for an eight-room house to be erected on the lot east Of their studio NOTE: This is 310 LAKESHORE DR VANDALIA ADD LOT 23
    1910, Jun 16 - The new Keen house is receiving its last coar of painte - a pearl white body with slate rimmings

1909 - Mar 25 - Miss Lottie Hawkins is about to let the contract for an eightroom house in Hawkin's subdivision near the Lake will cost about $1,000 and will be for rent.

1909 - Apr 22 - Elizabeth Duddleson last week sold to Ed McFeeley the corner lot south of her home. Mr. McFeeley has let the contract to Albert Stahl on a cottage to cost about $800.

1909 May 21 0 Arthur Castleman has bought for $235 a lot in the Hawkins Addtion opposite the Evangelical Church, and will at once proceed to put up a $1200 eight room house.

1909 May 27 - Clark Ferrier has begun the erection of a six-room house in the Assembly addition. He will occupy it u n t i l he is ready to build himself a permanent home on Washington St

1909 May 27 - Mrs. Mary A. Seese will put a six-room house on a lot she bought in the Assembly addition.

1909 Jun 10 - Mrs. Anna Butler of South Bend is building a cottage, 26 x 26, to contain four rooms and an attic on her lot north of Bradley's Hotel. It will cost about $1,000.<

1909 Jul 8 T E SLattery had secured plans for his new house and work will begin within a short time The house will be modern in all respects, of an attractive design and will contain a recreation hall, parlor, dinning room and kitchen down stairs and thee bedrooms and a bath upstairs.

1909 Jul 22 S C. Shilling has bought a #300 lot from John Osborn It is located at the head of Main Street north of the Ralston lots 1909 Jul 22 - Charles H. Barnabee, an Indianapolis lumberman, has purchased an East side lake lot of M. T. Louden for $1,200 and will erect a cottage this season.
    1909 - Sep - C. H Barnby has begun work on a 12-room summer home near the Indianapolis pier. It will cost between $3,000 and $4,000.

W. o. Osborn last weeek paid Sam Buswell $250 for two 55X99 foot lots west of the latters house.

J. O. Ferrier has sold three lots in the Aseembly addition to Henry Buckheiter for $300. Mr. Buckheister will at once begin the erection of a five-room cottage

Josph Eberhardt of Dabville, Indiana, last week bought a lake front lot, 50X140 in the Assembly addition for $250.

1909 Sep 9 - A New Cottage C. H. Barnaby has begun work on a 12 room summer home near the Indianapoils pier. It will cost between $3,000 and $4, 000

1909 Sep 9 - C. E. Golbrenner has purchased of James Green six lots lying east of the Vandalia right-of-way and has forces of men and teams filling them in.
    1910 May 19 - C. E. Holbrunner has commenced a foundation for a new cottage on the lots he purchased of James Green east of the railroad. The cottage will be 28X31 1/2

    1910 - July The Blanchard boys have commenced a cottage for C. C. Holbrunner of Logansport on the west shore of the lake. It will be a story and a half with basement about 28 feet square, and will comprise six rooms. The outside will be finished in cement plater and shingles.

1909 - Dec 16 - Brooke Will Build
    Frank Brooke, secretary to Major Gignilliat, has bought a lot 60X120, of D. A. Bradley, for $300. The property is beautifully located on the crest of Bunker Hill and faces east. Next spring Mr Brooke will begin the erection of a residence for his own occupancy 1918 - Mar 27 - The D. A. Bradley estate last week sold to Frank Brooke the 66X100 lot adjoining his home on the south for $400

1910 Mar 10 - M. R. Cline has bought the two lots owned by Mrs. Lillian Ralston at the head of Main Street for $1,200. He intends this property for a home and will eventually build on it.
    1910 May 12 - Cline Buys a lot - M. R. CLine has bought for $350 a lot next to Mrs. Bort's of S. C. Shilling, and intends to put up a house for himself. His plan contemplates red pressed bricke for the first story, and frame covered with shingles for the second. Mr Cline now owns all of the vacant property at the head of Main Street.

1910 Mar 24 Ed Bradley has begun work on a one-story house, 33X46, west of the bowling alley. It will contain six rooms, including a bath room and it will have a high attic. Ed and his family will occupy the house.
    believed to be 506 Lakeshore Dr - Michael & Patricia Stallings

1910 - April 7 - Henry Zechiel has sold a lot, opposite Mont Foss' home to Harry Saine for $175
    1910 Apr 28 - Henry Saine is about to build a 26X30 two story, eight room house on the lot he recently purchased in the Zechiel addition. The improvement will cost between $1,300 and $1,400<

1910 - April 7 - Mont Foss has traded a loth in Ferrier's addition to George Spangler for the latter's automobile

1910 - April 7 - Ed McLane has sold the lot adjoining the Ferrier lumer building o J. O. Ferrier for $225

1910 - April 7 - J. O. Ferrier sold a lot this week in the Ferrier addition to James Crabb for $175

1910, April 21 - Another New House

    H. F. Fetters, the barber has let the contract for a two story, nine room house, 28X28, to Henry Buckingheister. It will cost upward of $1,600 and will be located on Main Street, opposite the Evangelical Church

404 South Main.

1910 Apr 28 - Lemuel Crabb has started an $1100 house on the lot adjoining the house he built a year ago in the northwest part of town

1910 May 12 - The Scovell, Knapp and Hornung cottages, destroyed by fir this spring are being re-built

1910 June 2 - A New Building
    Mrs Kate Edwards is erecting a two story building on her lot at the depot. The first story will be used as a pool room and cigar store by Tim WOlf and the second story will contain living rooms.

1910, Jun 10 - Sale of the Rea's Property - H. J Meredith has sold Dr . O A Rea's home located on lot 61 to Wm. Listenberger of Mt. Hope for $2,000. Possession will be given in November. Meantime the doctor will be build for himself a modern home on the ajoinging corner.

1910 - July 14 -Modern House Started
    M. R. Cline has started a cement block house for Sam Medbourn on Scott Street opposite the Lakeside

    The plans have not fully been fully perfected, but the house will be a two stories and modern in all the conveniences

    Located in a beautiful grove it will be desirable home for its tenant.

it was the William and Edna Taber residence and now the Andrea S Belokopitsky Medard property at 504 Lake Shore Drive

1910 Jul 14 - A. M. Roberts has bought a lot for a house on the hill north of A. L. Warner's in the Dillion & Medbourn addition.

1910 Aug 4 - Roy Swigart recently bought two marsh lots in the Hawkins addition for $175 and will put in his spare time filling them

1910 Sept 1 - Mont Foss is preparing to build a ten-room house on the lot adjoining his residence. It will be 26X26, two story, with a 10X12 kitchen and summer kitchen, and will cots about $1,200 if kept with the estimate. Foss turns in his Oldsmobile to Jess Crabb for carpenter work.

1910 Sep 1 - D. A. Bradley is converting his barn iton a four room cottage at a cost of $800

1910 Sept 22 - George Zechiel will begin work on his new house in the Duddleson addition next week

1910 - Oct 6 - Ed Hawk is building an 8 room house in the Assembly addition.

1910 Sep 15 - Sale of Town Property - Archie Blanchard has sold the house which he recently completed in the Assembly addition ot John Matthew of Plymouth for $1,200. Mr. Matthews expects to move back to Culver next srping

1910 Sep 22 - Ready to Build - George Zechiel expects to begin work on his new house in the Duddleson addition next week if he can get the men.

1910 Oct 6 - Ed Hawk is building an 8 room house, 28X30 in the assembly addition. It will cost $1,500

1910 Oct 6 Dan Kirchner is getting the ground ready for a house to be started in the Aseembly addition this fal
,rb> 1910, Dec 8 - Another New One - S. S. Chadwick has been building a bungalow on Long Point. It is a cottage 27X40, seven rooms and is now ready for the plastering. It will be renterd as a summer home

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