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When Was Your Home Built? 1911-1920  

This seems to be the prevailing questions as many homes of Culver are nearing or past the one hundred year mark.

Here are some clues - of homes that were built - with vague discriptions or who had them built. there are some that I have atached to the proper file or profiles of property - the ones below are yet to be attached firmly to a permenat address

The information for now is being gathered from the Do You Remember Way Back When? column this the month an day will not be but an approximate date.

1911 - Aug 31 - Miss Florence Morris is building a seven room cottage 24x31 between Captain Morris' residence and the Palmer House. It will have modern conceniences and will be occupied by Capt Eisenhard. Stahl & ROmig have the contract

1911 - Aug 31 - A bungalow of five rooms bath and attic has been begun for Willey Miller, secretary of the academy Y.M.C.A, on Faculty ROw, west of J B Chaeney's. WIlson has the contract at about $1,700.

1911 NOVEMBER 2 Howard Mikesell this week bought two lots of M. R. Cline for $300. They are located on the hill north of Will Houghton's and he will put up a cement block house in the spring. 1911

1911 NOVEMBER 2 In excavating for his new building south of the Vandalia park woods, Captain Crook has uncovered a bed of fine gravel. He is highly pleased to have so much excellent building material right on the spot.

1912 - Nov. 28 - L . C. Wiseman moved into his new house near the Lake last Saturday.

1913 - Jan 23 - Mr. O. T. Goss has purchased from M. R. Cline the two terrace lots on the corner of Scott and Main Streets for $1,000 each. This will make a very sightly location for the home which Mr. Goss is planning to build there this year. [104 Lake Shore Dr. Odom Funeral Home]
    1913 - Apr 10 - O. T. Goss has broken ground on the two lots at the corner Of i Main and Scott Streets for his new residence.

Sep. 2009 - present - Odom Funeral Home - Gregory & Karen Odom

1913 Jan 23 - M. R. Cline defies the weather by making a little progress all the time on putting up his mother's cement block house at the north end of Main Street. NOTE: It is now the house at 411 N. Main St. Culver Educational Foundation -

1913 - Jan 30 - Lee Easterday is pushing construction work on his house on School Street.

APRIL 24, 1918 Lester Labounty has purchased a lot in the Dillon and Medbourn addition, north of J. W. Riggens', for $250 and expects to build soon.

1913 Jan 1 - Frank Easterday is building a [resi]dence. It will include a diningroom, kitchen, and bathroom below, and two chambers above

1914 - Jan. 22 - Aaron Asper has built a new barn on his home lot on School Street.

1914 - Apr 16 - Cromley & Buckheister have started work on a five room and basement bungalow for Lester LaBounty on the lot north of the J . W. Riggens home.

1913 - Apr 23 - Miss Amy abbott of Huntington, a teacher in the State Normal at Terre Haute is building a $900 cottage at the South end of the lake near the Walker place

1914 - Jun 18 - Lem Crabb is building a four room cottage, 22x26, in the Zechiel addition. It will cost about $700.

1914 - Aug. 12 Raymond Mikesell has started construction of a five-room and basement bungalow on his lot north of the Christian Church, and hopes to have it ready for occupancy in six weeks.
    1914 - sep. 24 The Raymond Mikesells moved into their new home in the Dillon-Medbourn addition and Saturday Lloyd Hawkins moved into the home they vacated.

1914 - Aug 12 - Walter McNeil, son-in-law of Schuyler Overmyer, has started an 8-room house on the lot be recently purchased of S. C. Shilling.

1914 - sep. 24 Ralph Cook is putting up a two-story 7-room house, on the lot he recently purchased in the Dillon-Medbourn addition. The estimated cost is $2,000.

1914 oct 8 Clark Ferrier has put the finishing touches on his house by completing the work on his large front porch

1914 Dec 17 - Real Estate Tarde. Victor Elick has sold two lots to Archie Blanchard for $1,000. and has bought the latter's house and lot just west of the Evangelical church for $2,050. Blanchard has begun work on the foundation for a six-room cottage on his South Main street lot

1915 Feb 18 - A. A. Keen has taken the contract for Billy Link's four-room bungalow to be erected this spring opposite the Miller garage.The cost, including a small rooming cottage, will be $2,000.

1915 Feb 18 - Mr. Keen will also do the work on J. J. Campbell's new Long Point cottage. This will be a $2,000 building.

1915 - feb 25 - Blanchard Bros, are putting up a story-and-a-half, five-room cottage for Charles Alexander on the rear end of his lot, facing west.

1915 - feb 25 - Mrs. Elsie Curtis has plans in the hands of the contractors for a four-apartment building to occupy the site of the present factory on the rear of tho D. G. Walter lot.

1915 - feb 25 - The walkers are putting up a two-story, nine or ten room cottage on the former John Murray place at the south end of the lake

1915 Sep. 30 Charles Asper has begun work on the foundation for a home which he will erect himself.

1915 - Oct 28 - Carl Finney, son-in-law of Jacob Cromley, is building a four room cottage in the Ferrier addition on Main Street

1916 - Apr 13 - Howard Mikesell has bought the bandstand lot in the Vandalia Park addition and expects to build a bungalow on it.

1919 - Jan 22 - D. A. Bradley's new residence will soon be completed and will be one of the model residences of Culver. A. A. Keen Builder

1919 Feb 19 Clarence Hollett and Cleve Crabb each bought a $500 lot of Sam Medbourn in the Kreuzberger Park addition Hollet takes the 40X120 lot facing east next to the Slattery building and Crabb takes the lot on Scott Street immediately west of the Slattery building. Both Men will put up houses on the lots this spring

1919 - Feb 19 William Miardow has bought of Sam Medbourn a lot adjoining the Kruezberger brick, on the north and will bulid a block house this season

1919 - Feb 19 John W. Cromley has bought of Sam Medbourn 101X014 feet in the Kreuzberger Park The piece will make three lots facing the west This completes the sale by Medbourn of the park property except t lake fron lot adjoing Dr. Norris' residence. Mr. Medbourn reserves this for his own use, expecting to put up a bungalow this season

1919 - Feb 19 Jess Crabb has started excavating for a house on his Scott Street lot opposite the pool hall [note this is also a part of the Kreuzberger addition and is opposite of the Mike Stalling's resident today which is on the corned of Harding and Lakeshore aside the fire department - 521 E Lakeshore Dr.]

1919 - Feb 19 - George Williams and Frank Taber have bought lots in the Vandalia Park addition.

1919 - Feb 19 - A vacant lot in Ferrier's addition which Sam Medbourn bought of Walter Fishburn was sold to Jesse Blanchard for $300

1919 - Feb 19 - Fletcher Strang and H. L. Henning yesterday bought fine building sites in Vandalia Park

1919 - spring - A. B.Rader of Argos has this spring built a small cottage on the East side, just north of the Ferguson cottage

1919 - spring - Miss May Abbott, critica teacher in the Terre Haute Normal, last week moved to the attractive little bungalow she has just built near the Walker corner - West side

1919 Mar 12 - Two lots in Vandalia Park were sold yesterday to M. F. Sweidler. These two lots are north of the Schweidler and Express co.'s buildings and face the north on the east and west stree through Vandalia Park NOTE Pearl Street of today

1919 - Mar 18 - Lou Zechiel will build a home in Culver this summer and move to town.

1919 - Mar 19 Vandalia Park Lots Vandalia Park lots are going like hot cakes this spring and most of them are now sold to prospective homebuilders.

The latest buyers are William Grubb and John Taylor who have secured lots on the east side of Helen Street, north of the Marks bungalow.

Only one lot remains on that side and one on the west side of the street

The sale of three more lots is reported this morning - tow to Orr Byrd and one et Earl Brown

There are not four lots unsold of the 30 which comprise the old Vandalia Park

NOTE Helen street is now Forest Place.

1919 Mar 26 - Verne Swigart has bought a lot in Vandalia Park

1919 Mar 26 - New Residence started - Mrs Jlie Cole is building a residence in one of the Florence Morris lots in Academyville for the occupancy of Capt. O'Callaghan, musical director of C.M.A. It will contain eight rooms and will be a handsom and modern home in every respect. It will cost about $5,000. A Plymouth man has the contract.

1919 - Apr 16 - WM. Minardow, the baker had bought for $750 the hous and lot belonging to Mrs. Austin on the corner of Washington & Plymouth. The old house will be moved off or wreckoed, and a cement block house will take its place. It will be a two stories in height and will contain six rooms and a bathroom. The living room will occupy the entire front. NOTE thisis either the VFW corner (the house that sat there was also cement block & 2 storoies) or the house cady corner in front of the town hall.

1919 - may 28 - Otto Stabenow has bought of Albert Zechiel the frame dwelling on Ohio Street, now occupied by Roy Swigart. Later in the season Mr. Stabenow expects to replace the building with a handsome brick residence - 211 S Ohio St

1919, Jun 11 - Another New House - Albert Stahl has begun work on a house on the Daniel Easterday lor on Main street to occupy the site of an old house which has been wrecker. It will be built in bubgalow style with four rooms below and two rooms and bath above. It will probably be veneered with brick, an if so will be the first hous in town of the bungalow type to be constucted with brick walls It will be heated by a furnace and will be modern throughout. It will be held as rental property

1919 - September 24 ,- Contractor Albert Stahl began work yesterday on William Minardow's cement block residence on the corner of Washington and PLymouth streets it will b e 26X30 and will contain seven rooms. A garage will be built in connection - 203 E. Washington St.

1919 - Oct 1 - Lt L. R Kellam has bought the next lot north of Mark's bungalow in which he is living in Vandalia Park and expects to build next spring

1919 - Oct 1 - C. A. Bondurant is planning to build a summer home at Lake Maxinkuckee, to be modern in every way - Plymouth Republican
    1920 - Mar 3 - Archie Blanchard has the contract for a good cottage for C. A. Bondurant of Plymouth

1920 - Jul 20 - John Mitchell has sold his lot on Scott Street, opposite of the Lake Side Hotel to Cecil Smith for $800 [Note this is 505 LAKESHORE DR was the Taber residence or 501 Lakeshore]
1919 Oct 8 - Cleve Crabb has started work on his new residence in the former Kreuzberger Park. It is 36X36, will be a story and a half and will contain seven rooms - 517 E Lakeshore Dr.

1920 - Jul 28 - W. C. Barnes of Marion has bought lot just north of the latters cottage [? Allen cottage?] and next season will build a good cottage upon the site - West side

1919 Oct 8 - Jess Crabb will begin work on his new house on the lot adjoing Cleve Crabb's next week. This building will be 24x36 - 521 E Lakeshore Dr.

1919, Oct 8 - J. P. Walter of the Palmer Hous expects to huild this fall a two-story frame dormitory as quarters for the hotel help

1919 - Nov. 5 - Lem Crabb is tearing away a portion of the building occupied by him as a residence to make room for a pretty little stucco bungalow which he will erect for his own use.

1920 - Mar 3 - Mrs. Moore of Indianapolis is figuring on putting up a rooming house, 90X38, in the Morris addition. The lot was owned by Capt. McKinnery and traded by hom for Mrs. Moore's lot north of E. V. Boblett's NOTE - Location east of the Lake View between Palmer House

1920 Jul 14 - N. W. Rector home equipped has bought of P. A. Wickizer the lake front lot on the corner of Toner Avenue and Helen street in Vandalia Park, and expects to build at once.
    September 25, 1920 N. W. Rector moved into his new house this week, seven weeks after beginning work on it. Considering the labor shortage and the size and convenience of the house, it nearly breaks a record.

1920 - Aug. 27 One of the most important developments for some time on Lake Maxinkuckee has been started By Dr. A. A. norris of Elkhart, who plans to dredge the low land on the norris farm, converting it into lots for summer cottages.

1920 - Nov 10 - Raymond Mikesell is at work on a five-room bungalow which he is erecting on a lot formerly owned by Mrs. Slewmaker. He expects to complete it this fall. Mr. Mikesell has sold his business at Macy and is again a resident of Culver

1920 - Nov 10 - Lieut. L. L. Kellam is preparing to build next pring on Bungalow Hill. He is now constructing an aseptic tank for drainage
    1921 Aug. 26 - Lieutenant Kellam will move into his new bungalow in the Vandalia Park next week. The boulder porch is one of the unique and impressive features of the house.

1920 - Nov 10 - L. C. Wiseman has bought a lot of Mrs. Slewmaker and will build a five or six room house next spring. He intends to occupy the property as his future home.

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