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When Was Your Home Built? 1921-1930  

This seems to be the prevailing questions as many homes of Culver are nearing or past the one hundred year mark.

Here are some clues - of homes that were b ult - with vague discriptions or who had them built. there are some that I have atached to the proper file or profiles of property - the ones below are yet to be attached firmly to a permenat address

The information for now is being gathered from the Do You Remember Way Back When? column this the month an day will not bebut an approximate date.

1921 - Jan 7 - Clifford Waite has the frame work nearly competed for a bungalow on the crest of the hill in Vandalia Park.

1921 Mar 23 - F. B. Pine has contracted with Albert Stahl for the construction of a bungalow on Bunker Hill.

1921 APRIL 13 Cecil Smith has begun the construction of a bungalow on Scott Street opposite the Spangler Hotel - this is either the Quivey residence or the Stallings residence of today.

1921 sep 21 Excavating is underway for Philip McLane's bungalow on North Main Street
    1921 - Oct 19 - Someone stole a load of fancy brick from the McLane lot Monday night.
It is assumed since it says brick was stolen from the property that this would be the house at - 307 N. Main owned last by Ward & Esther Miller

1922 - Mar 8 -
Hary Porcher will probably begin work this week on his new house on School street
1922 - Mar 8 - Messrs Bachman, Marcin and Grant of Logansport have contracted for material for a cottage on Long Poin
    1922 - Mar 29 - H. Bachman and H. Marvin and Mr. Grant of Logansport are building a cottage for themselves on Long Point. and one for C. H. Freese of South Bend in the same neigborhood.

1922 - Mar 8 - Calvin H. DeFreese of South Bend will start work in a few days on the bungalow on Long Point near the Holbrunner cottage

1922 - Mar 8 - Arthur Sturgeon of Logansport is putting in the foundations for a lake cottage on Long Point, south of the Duenweg Cottage for Dr. Koffel of Logansport.
    1922- Mar 26 - Build Cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee Roy Koffel, local chiropractor, has let a contract to Will Obenchain, local carpenter contractor, for the construction of a cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee. The cottage will be built on Long Point adjoining the lot on which the Perry Moon cottage is located - Logansport Press, Sunday

1922 - Mar 8 - The chicago purchasers of the Capt Morris lake lots have notified Contractor Blanchard that they will be here about the 15th to get action on the three cottages they propse to build

1922 - Mar 15 - Stahl is building a four-room bungalow for Charley McLane on North Hill near Wm. Houghton's

1922 - Mar 15 - Archie Blanchard will begin work at once on a six room bungalow for Raymond Mikesell at the north end of Helen street in Vandalia Park

1922 - Mar 29 - Vandalia Park colony will receive and addition this season when the six room bungalow which Archie Blanchard has contracted to build for Edward Epler, a tailor at the academy is occupied

1922 - Mar 29 - Hugh Smith of Logansport is building a cottage opposite the former Isadore Hessell cottage in the Logn Point district

1922 - May 17 - Stattion Agent W. T Parish has about completed a six room lake cottage on the east side. It was built by a Plymouth contractor. It will be for rent. NOTE THe Trone cottage????

1922 - Harry Nedbourn last week bought the corner lot of the George Voreis property on Scott strre and will build a residence uopin it in the falll

1922 Sep 6 - Charles Monniger has bought Mrs Capron's lot on Helen street, Vandalia Park addition and will build a six-room bungalow. The contract will be let tomottow and work will begin immediately. 1922 sep. 6 Joe Schweidler started excavation last week for a bungalow on the lot north of his brother Fritz's Park addition.
    Located at 418 Liberty street right behind osborn's Mini mart the corner house on Liberty & Pearl owned by Ann S Lough

1922 sep. 6 - CHarles Monniger has bought Mrs. Capron's lon on Helen strreet, Vandlia Park addition and will buils a six-rooom bungalow that will be a still further attraction to that already pretty street The contract will be let tommorrow and work willl begin at once.

1922 Sep. 20 - H. L. Henning... Mr. Henning will at once commence building operations on his lot on Liberty Street in the Vandalia Park addition. He will put up a bungalow in harmony with the construction which prevails in that section...

1922 Oct 4 - John W. Cromley has sold a lakefront lot in South Culver to Ira Fa ulkner and brother for $325

1922 - Another New Residence - Foundations are going in for Harry Medbourn's new home on the Voreis lot on Scott street. It will be 28X32, bungalow style, seven rooms and bath. Lew Raver has the contract

1923 - Nov. 28 - William O'Connor is building another bungalow in the Zechiel addition which w i l l be occupied by Major Wilson of the Academy staff.

1924 - sep. 3 Contractors M. R. Cline and Albert Stahl are erecting two houses fronting north on College Avenue between Lakeview and State Streets.

1924 - Aug. 1 - Cleve Crabb has erected a bungalow and garage on Bunker H i l l . This neighborhood contains more than a dozen neat homes supplied with city water and electric lights.

1924 - Nov. 26 - The foundation has almost been completed for the new homewhich Russell Easterday is erecting on his lot in the Gam addition.

1926 - Jul 28 - Russell FIsher Builds Attractive Bungalow
    A very attracive bungalow has recently been completed on the south end of Lake Mainkuckee by Russell Fisher which shows ingenunity on the part of the bulder and has transformed what was once a swamp location to a very beautiful place.

    It is a five room bungalow built of tamarack logs and finished with cement filler.

    There is on large living room with a stone fireplace, stones for which were gathered from all over the United States

    Mr. Fisher has a flowing well at the rear of the cottage that has enough force to supply the cottage. It is well worth the trip to the south end of the lake to see the place.

1928 - Aug 29 - S. E. Medbourn Building Winter Home in Culver - S. E. Medbourn has started the work on a brick-faced bungalow on the corner of Forest place and Pearl street. A. A. Keen has charge of the job. It is understood that this will be the winter home of Mr. and Mrs. Medbourn. - 431 N Forest Place

1928 - September 1 - Excavation work will begin soon on the new home being built by Col. C. F. McKinney on a lot in the Academy's residential tract

1928- Oct 31 - The street leading from the top of Bunker Hill to the Academy was blocked for a couple of days last week while Forrest Shaw moved his new house from the Braden property to his lot on College Avenue.

1929 - Jun 5 Work has started on the founda t i o n of a new house to be builtfor George Warner on his Slate Street property.

1929 - May 15 - KNox Man Builds COttage on LAke Maxinkuckee Shore - - E. T. CLifron, prp[roetpr of the Knox Auto Paint Shop, is buliding a fine cottage on rhe banks of Lake Maxinkuckee where he and his family can spend their week-ends furing the summer of fishing trips. The have completed the cement basement and screened in the lookout, which gives a fine view of the entire lake. Mr. Clifon praised the Ferrier Lumber Yard, both on service an dmaterial. "THey can't beath Mr. Ferrief as a lumberman", declred the knos man.

1930 Dec. 15 - mrs. A. M. Roberts is building a small house on the lot near the F. L. Brooke's on bunker Hill.

1930 - Lake View Street - An attractive eight room houseis being erected by B. W. Oberlin or Lake View Street. The foundation work is done and the framework is going up rapidly.

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