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When Was Your Home Built? 1931 - ?  

This seems to be the prevailing questions as many homes of Culver are nearing or past the one hundred year mark.

Here are some clues - of homes that were built - with vague discriptions or who had them built. there are some that I have atached to the proper file or profiles of property - the ones below are yet to be attached firmly to a permenat address

The information for now is being gathered from the Do You Remember Way Back When? column this the month an day will not be but an approximate date.

1931 jan 28 - Howard Oberlin Starts House on College Ave. - One of the first houses to be built on Collge avenue since the completion of the paving of the street has been started for Howard Oberlin. It will be built on a site b etween State and Liberty Streets on the crest of the hilll, a very atteractive location. Excavation was started the first of this week. Mr. Obelin plans to buld a five-room bungalow

    Arthur J. Dillon and wife wd WHoward Oberlin and Millie w hf lot 12 L. C Dillon's add Culver, $1. - Feb 18 1931

1931 feb 25 Another house is being erected on College Avenue as a res ult of the recent paving of that street which has started a building boom in that, part of town. Sgt. Robert Revely has begun excavation for a five-room bungalow.

1931 - feb 25 Another house is being erected on College Avenue as a res ult of the recent paving of that street which has started a building boom in that part of town. Sgt. Robert Revely has begun excavation for a f ive-room bungalow.
1931 - June 10 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Speyer have started excavation on their lot on State Street, preparatory to constructing their new home.

1931 OCTOBER 7 — Bids were opened last week for the erection of three new houses near the Academy and the contracts were all awarded to Roscoo Stevens, local , contractor. The houses are to be built on North Terrace and the owners are Col. A. R. Elliott, Col. H. C. Bays, and Col. W. R. Kennedy.
    Col. Kennedy's home was at 197 N Terrace Dr. Helenglen Hollifield was his daughter and she and her family lived in it for years selling it to Harvey Firari and he in turn selling it to James & Donna Brooks and now owners are the Culver Educational Foundation
1931 Nov. 25 - Seventeen new homes have been or are being built in this community.

1931 - December 30, 1931—The five houses that are now being built on North Terrace are rapidly progressing. It is probable that the homes of Col. Bays, Col. Elliott, Col. Kennedy, Capt. Bishop and Capt. Shanks will be finished by April.

1935 - Nov. 6 - The George Stabenow house on College Avenue has been completed and will be occupied the latter partof this week

1938 - August 29, S. E.. Medbourn is building a brick-faced bungalow on the corner of Forest Place and Pearl Street which will be the Medbourn's winter home. it is 431 N Forest Pl.

1939 - May 16 - Work started Friday on a new home for Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kyle on School Street

1939 - August 30 - Gordon C ultice is building a six-room house on West Jefferson Street. The structure is to be of the bungalow type.

1939 - Oct 25 - Dan Weirick has bought 85 feet of the south end of Earl Mishler's property at the outlet and is planning to build a cabin on the site.

1940 - Feb 7 - Clark D. Bogardus has completed the remodeling of his two story house on Main Street into two apartments, each with an individuial entrance
    Believe this is 334 S. Main St. now owned by David A & Susan K Beggs

1940 - Nov. - Mrs. Jennie Page is building a new home on Lake street

1949, - Apr 27 - Mr. and Mrs. Carl Henrson are erecting a 27 by 52 foot ranch type house on the East shore road south of Maxkinkuckee
    Dr. G. F Henricks is developing tentative plans for a new cottage on the East Shore Road.

    The development if the South Shore of the lake which has presented a busy construction scene during the past three years will soon see the complettion of several new cottages including
      the new $30,000 cottage being erected by Rev. M. R. Burgett of Flora

      and the cottages of L. F. Witham of Hammond

      Dr. D. R. Barber of Peru,

      H. L. Rector , also of Peru

      The beatutiful resdense of Fred Drommp of Logansport was recently completed
    Among the summer residences which hav been completerd in this attractive development are the D.r J. Hafert, Burnell Coombs, Dr. Hillis, Charles Bailey, Robert Disher and Ed Bailey all of Logansport. Charles Van Sittman of Chicago; Mr and Mrs George Phillips, Dr. G. F. Henricks, Charles Zobell of Chicago.
Among the new homes planned for the area is a new all-aluminum dwelling.

1950 - Open house 306 College - Jan. 15, Mr. & Mrs. Ciecil Griffith owners; Glenn W. Voreis, designer & builder

1950 - Jul 26 - Speyer Home Contractor Roscoe Stevens is making rapid headway towards the completion of the new home of Mr. and Mrs. George Speyer being built along School Street, Carpenters are already at work on finishing the four-room structure.

    NOTE this is 607 N. School St.

1951 Mar 28 - Being cnstructed, finished
    Mr. & Mrs A. L. Donnelly will begin construction on their new home on Academy Rd this week - 920 E Academy Rd.

    The foundation has been laid for the Grusemyer cottage on South Shore - 124 S Shore

    The Rogers Thews home on Lake Shore Drive - recently completed

    School Street - recently completed
      Mr. & Mrs. Don Mikesell - 611 SCHOOL ST
      Karl Lorenz of Chicago

    East Shore Road - recently completed
      Colonel I. L. Kitts
      Mrs. George Ogden
      Allen P. Ramsey
      Harry Medbourn - 694 E. Shore Road br> Carl Henderson - 2802 E Shore

    South Shore - recently completed
      Hershel Rector 410 S. Shore
      Chance Lennen 644 S Shore

1951 - Dec. 19 - Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Crabb moved Monday into their newly constructed home on Main Street, Mr. and Mrs. Merl Crabb will |move into the home where the L. A. Crabbs formerly lived.

    The new L. A. Crabb home is the Tusing Property at 306 N. Main St.

1951 - Mar 28 - Ten New homes which are under construction include those of Mr. and Mrs. Don Milkesell, and Karl Lorenz of Chicaho, both located on School stree. Colonel I. L. Kitts, Mrs. Georg Ogden, Allen P. Ramsey, Harry Medbourn, and Carl Henderson on the East Shore road- Herschel Rector -and the Chance Lennen Home on the South Shore; and the Irvin Overmyer home on state road 17 North of Burr Oak

1968 - April 14 Culver Continues To Grow!

    Ground was broken recently for the new home of Mr. Harold Fritz, plant manager of McOill Manufacturing: Company, which will be built on Academy Road, Culver .

    Pictured above, left to right, are Mr. Fritz; George Franz, excavating contractor; Clinton Crum, Marshall County Lumber Company employee; Norman Bennett, foreman of constructioncrew; and Roy nicodemus, president of the Culver jaycees.

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