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Spangler Family  

Data from ANcestry .com; MyHertiage, GENI data is not matching up and enven on the genealogy sites there is to much missing data to confirm that lineage but is a hint for Spangler ancestry. Hans Jacob Spengler Birth: October 22, 1683 Death: 1717 married Sarah Klein son of Son of Hans N. Spengler and Mary Spengler
    Hans Michael Spangler Birth 10 MAR 1709 Wolfersweiler, Sankt Wendel, Saarland, Germany Death 1768 Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Hans Michael Spangler Birth 10 MAR 1709 Wolfersweiler, Sankt Wendel, Saarland, Germany Death 1768 Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania married Elizabeth Margaretta Lauer Birth 14 MAY 1711 Wolf, Lycoming, Pennsylvania, United States Death Jackson, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States
    Hans Michael Spangler
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    Birth: Mar 10 1709 - Hirstein, Mossberg, Saarland, Germany
    Death: Feb 16 1768 - Tulpehocken, Lancaster, Berks County, PA
    Parents: Hans Jacob Spangler, Sara Katherine Spangler (born Klein)
    Siblings: Lisa Catharine Spangler, Daniel Spangler, Anna Maria Spangler
    Wife: Elizabeth Margaretha Spangler (born Lauer)
    Children: Johann Peter Spangler, Elizabetha M Spangler, Maria Margaretta Gassert (born Spangler), John Jacob Spangler, John Adam Spangler, Barbara Spangler, John Jacob Spangler, Johann Michael Spangler, Anna Barbara Walmer (born Spangler), John Peter Spangler, John Christian Spangler, Adam Spangler, John Martin Johann Spangler, John George Spangler

Came over on the ship 'Samuel' in Aug 30 1737. Captain James Burn
    John Michael Spangler 15 SEP 1744 Tulpehocken, Berks, Pennsylvania Death 1786 Myerstown, Lebanon, Pennsylvania

John Michael Spangler 15 SEP 1744 Tulpehocken, Berks, Pennsylvania Death 1786 Myerstown, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
    Johann Michael Spangler
    Birth: Sep 15 1744 Jackson Township, Lebanon, PA
    Baptism: Dec 25 1744
    Death: 1786
    Family members
    Parents: Hans Michael Spangler1709 - 1768 Elizabeth Margaretha Spangler (born Lauer) 1711 - 1757
    Wife: Maria Catherine Spangler (born Menges)
    Wife: Mary Magdalena Spangler (born [--?--])
    Siblings: Johann Peter Spangler 1735 - 1800 Maria Margaretta Gassert (born Spangler) 1736 - 1779 John Adam Spangler 1742 - 1810 John Jacob Spangler 1744 - 1785 John Peter Spangler 1749 - 1799 Adam Spangler 1752 - 1779 John George Spangler 1755 - 1819 Elizabetha M Spangler 1736 - 1799 John Jacob Spangler 1740 - 1785 Barbara Spangler 1743 - 1758 Anna Barbara Walmer (born Spangler) 1746 - 1839 John Christian Spangler 1751 - 1835 John Martin Johann Spangler 1753 - 1785
    Children: John George Spangler 1779 - ?Christina Spangler 1783 - ?Maria Magdelena Spangler 1784 - 1785 Maria Catharina Spangler 1786 - ?Christina Spangler1783 - ? Maria Magdalena Spangler 1784 - 1785 John Spangler 1786 - ?Maria Catherina Spangler 1786 -

    John George Spangler
    Birth: Jan 6 1779
    Baptism: Sponsor: George Spengler Feb 7 1779 Saint Jacobs Kimmerlings Reformed Church, Lebanon, PA
married Mary Catherine Wurdman Birth 1755 Death Unknown
    George Spangler 6 DEC 1779 Union City, Union, Pennsylvania Death 1829 Union City, Union, Pennsylvania

    Maria Magdalena Spangler 11 Dec 1784 Heidelberg, Lebanon, Pennsylvania

    Maria Catharine Spangler 21 Dec 1786 Lebanon, Pennsylvania

    Christina Spangler Birth St Lukes Ch, Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania Death 1883

This Information was found on Find-A-Grave and is linked to the Spanglers of Marshall county: George Spangler 6 DEC 1779 Union City, Union, Pennsylvania Death 1829 Union City, Union, Pennsylvania
    George Spangler was a laborer and raftman.

    Veteran of the War of 1812

    1804 - West Buffalo, Northumberland [Union], Pennsylvania (township assessment)

    1810 - farmer; West Buffalo, Northumberland [Union], Pennsylvania (census, p. 338; 3-0-1-1 || 1-1-0-1)

    1811 - Hartley, Northumberland [Union], Pennsylvania (township assessment)

    10 Nov 1814 - Third Corporal, Second Brigade, Second Division, Pennsylvania Militia, in the payroll of the company of infantry from Union County, under the command of Captain Henry Miller, attached to the regiment commanded by Lt. Col. George Weirick; Marcus Hook, Delaware, Pennsylvania; received the sum of six dollars (Pennsylvania Archives, ser. 6, vol. 7, p. 204; Pennsylvania Archives, ser. 6, vol. 7, p. 633)

    1820 - Hartley, Union, Pennsylvania (census, p. 77; 2-2-0-0-1 || 3-0-1-1 [2 males under 5; 2 males 10-15; 1 male 26-44 || 3 females under 5; 1 female 16-25; 1 female 26-44])

    1828 & 1829 - granted land in Hartleton, Union, Pennsylvania

    1830 - Hartley, Union, Pennsylvania (census, p. 295; 0-0-0-1-0-0-0-1 || 1-1-2-1-0-0-1 [1 male 15-19; 1 male 50-59 || 1 female under 5; 1 female 5-9; 2 females 10-14; 1 female 15-19; 1 female 40-49])

    c. 1836 - to Wooster, Wayne, Ohio

    1840 - Madison, Sandusky, Ohio (census, p. 18; presumably the male aged 60-69)

    1850 - Madison, Sandusky, Ohio (census, p. 19); in the household of Samuel and Rachel (Reed) Spangler

    He had two sons who went west." (Union County Heritage, volume XIV, p. 33; 1994);

    A good many years ago, in the words of the family historian, there was born in Union Co., PA, a man named George Spangler.
He married Sophia Kleckner Birth: 1780 Lafayette Sussex County New Jersey Death: unknown Ohio Daughter of John Kleckner and Anna Weyer.

Later the rest of the family moved to Wooster, Wayne Co., Ohio

They were the parents of children were born in Pennsylvania. , Wayne Co., Ohio
    Samuel Spangler twin,

    Levi Spangler, twin, was killed in a water-mill.
    Eliza Spangler
    Mary Spangler
    Rebecca Spangler
    Hannah Spangler

An Account of the Spangler family found in One Township's Yesterday's Corwin: begins with Samuel.
    The father, Samuel, who not a native of Union County, Pennsylvania, died April 11, 1862, in Monterey, Indiana. He had removed in a comparatively early day to the vicinity of that settlement on the banks of the Tippecanoe. His wife, Rachel (Reed) Spangler, was born August 1, 1810, in Union County, Pennsylvania, and died January 9, 1899, at Maxinkuckee, Indiana. She was buried at Monterey.

    The Spangler family came to the Tippecanoe River location some time before the Civil War, perhaps in the 'fifties. The route of the family migration was from Pennsylvania to Ohio, then nearly direct to the farm they settled on, near Monterey. A log house was erected there, Spangler home in the new country. The location was east of the present village of Monterey, and was almost on the Fulton-Pulaski county line, about midway between Monterey and Delong. The old log house stood until quite a recent date. It was on the south side of the present road connecting Monterey and Delong.

    Only one member of the family came to Union Township to settle permanently. That was Peter. It was right after the Civil War that he came and located on the east side of Lake Maxinkuckee, in the village by the same name. The date of his coming is apparently not on record. It was doubtless in the late 'sixties, in '67 or '68, for Peter lived at the Allegheny House in Maxinkuckee for a period of sixty-five or sixty-six years, it has been estimated.

    Peter Spangler was born in Sandusky County, Ohio, near Hessville, September 2, 1842, and was married, September 3, 1865, at Maxinkuckee, after his return from the war, to Harriet Ann Bogardus, only child of Abram W, and Frances Bogardus. The Bogardus family had come to Maxinkuckee early. It was before the Spanglers came. Harriet Ann was born September 3, 1840, in Springfield, Ohio, and lived there until six years of age. She came with her parents to New Palestine, Ohio, where she lived until she was fifteen. Then she came on still farther with her parents, finally to Maxinkuckee. She lived at Maxinkuckee and at Plymouth most of the time since. She passed away July 27, 1909. There were three children, two girls and a boy, all living in 1934.

    It was in 1855 that Peter Spangler, with his parents, moved to Miami County, Indiana. They did not stay there for long. About 1856, when Peter was fourteen years old, they came to the vicinity of Monterey, the big family of them, father and mother, Peter and all his brothers and sisters. They made quite a colony all their own. When Peter died, in 1933, the rest of the brothers and sisters had passed on before him, except Adam, who was then living in Mishawaka.

    The blood of battle sort of ran in the family. Peter's grandfather, George Spangler (set down as Michael in one account), was killed in the Battle at Brandywine, September 11, 1777, from the revolutionary side.

    Peter and his brother William both served in the Civil War. Peter enlisted from Plymouth and was mustered into service at Indianapolis, February 10, 1862, as a private in Company C. 48th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry, under Captain William Rice and Colonel Edward J. Wood, to serve three year, during the war. The regiment was assigned to Quincie's Division, 17th Corps, Army of the Tennessee, and participated in engagements at Corinth, Mississippi, April 30th to May 30th; Iuka, September 19th; Corinth, October 3-4; Iuka, Vicksburg Siege, May 22-July 4, 1863. Having taken part in the Battle of Raymond, May 13; Jackson, May 14, and Champion's Hill, May 16, he was veteranized in Alabama, January, 1864, was furloughed home, and returned to Alabama until June. Then, a little later, he was busily engaged in chasing guerrillas through Georgia and protecting Sherman's railroad communications against Atlanta. He joined Sherman's army on his march to the sea, November 15-December 10; thence through the Carolinas, ending with the Campaign at Raleigh. At Indianapolis, at the close of the war, he was honorably discharged, July 15, 1865. William, Peter's brother, was captain of a colored regiment during the war.

    The reminiscence has been carried down in the family that when Peter began voting, he voted for Abraham Lincoln, casting, his first ballot, it is said, for the Great Emancipator.

    When the war was over had Peter had married, he and his bride stayed a while at Maxinkuckee, but soon afterward went to Plymouth to live. They spent only a short time there before returning to Maxinkuckee. In that community, Peter owned and sponsored a hotel or fisherman's paradise, the Allegheny House, and it was there in past and bygone days that many of the year celebrities of Indiana, and in fact the United States, wo uld go for rest and recreation. We are told, also, that it was at Spangler's widely-known inn that General Lew Wallace wrote his first chapters of "Ben Hur." In later years, Peter was a carpenter and brick mason and helped to construct many of the buildings of Culver Military Academy.

    Peter was the seventh child of Samuel and Rachel Reed Spangler. There was another Peter Spangler in the township. He was Peter J., a preacher and for some time the pastor of Zion Church. Peter Spangler of Maxinkuckee had no middle initial.
    At the home of his daughter, Mrs. Laura Babcock, at Rochester, Peter Spangler passed away, August 17, 1933. He lacked only sixteen days of being ninety-one. His three children were: Laura Ellen, who married Dr. Isaac L. Babcock. There were eight children, three now deceased. The doctor died in 1913, The widow is still living. Frances Jennetta, Peter Spangler's second daughter, was married to Hollis N. Blair, There were two daughters. The parents and children are all living. George McOuat, the youngest of Peter's family, was born at Maxinkuckee July 5, 1872, and in 1896 was married to Margaret C. Knaur at Otterbein, Indiana. There was one son, Byron, born to them. All are living, the parents in Culver and Byron in Indianapolis.

    Judge William Spangler, Peter's brother, was educated in the public schools of Ohio and received his collegiate training at Westerville College. He studied law in the office of Judge Finnefrock at Fremont, Ohio, with ex-President Rutherford B. Hayes as a fellow student. Then he practiced law in Missouri, at Plymouth and Monterey, and moved to Winamac in 1868. He was the first judge of this 44th judicial circuit in Indiana, having been appointed in March, 1883, by Governor Albert G. Porter. and served until November 12, 1884. He practiced law in Winamac until his death in that community, January 18, 1908. His son John, an only child, is a lawyer there now. William Spangler was born in Union County, Pennsylvania, April 16, 1831, and was married in '65 to Mary Ii. Phipps.

    Turning to the family record, we find the following information concerning the other brothers and sisters, the children of Samuel and Rachel Spangler: Mary Ann was born in Union County, June 17, 1833; was married to Henry Eickes; and died September 23, 1899, in Ohio. Margaret was born in Union County, April 21, 1838; was married in '66 to Daniel Armstrong; and died at Plymouth, December 30, 1876. There were no children. Catherine was born January 21, 1840; married Eli Parker in 1860; and died at Culver , August 7, 1906. There were six children. Hannah married George Washington Wylie, and died at Rochester, December 20, 1905. There were three children. Sophia was born October 15, 1836, and died at Plymouth, January 31, 1923. She married Joseph Lopp in '56. He died in 1910. There were four children. Jane was born March 11, 1844, and died at Monterey, September 13, 1865. Uriah was born January 27, 1846, and died in November, 1905. Adam was born February 10, 1848. He married Elizabeth Demont. There were five children. Francis C. was born February 8, 1850, and died at Maxinkuckee, August 6, 1878. He was buried at Monterey.

Samuel Spangler Birth: Aug. 10, 1807 Union County Pennsylvania Death: Apr. 11, 1862 Pulaski County Indiana, married Rachel Reed.

It was the family of Samuel Spangler that migrated to the region of life Tippecanoe River and Lake Maxinkuckee. Samuel was born August l0, 1807 was married to Rachel Reed in Union County, Pennsylvania. They were the parents of:
    1 William Spangler born April 16, 1831 Union County, Pennsylvania died January 18, 1908 Winamac Pulaski county Indiana. married in 1865 to Mary K. Phipps Birth: 1845 Indiana Death: Nov. 12, 1884 Pulaski County Indiana, Child: John
      Judge William Spangler, Peter's brother, was educated in the public schools of Ohio and received his collegiate training at Westerville College. He studied law in the office of Judge Finnefrock at Fremont, Ohio, with ex-President Rutherford B. Hayes as a fellow student. Then he practiced law in Missouri, at Plymouth and Monterey, and moved to Winamac in 1868. He was the first judge of this 44th judicial circuit in Indiana, having been appointed in March, 1883, by Governor Albert G. Porter. and served until November 12, 1884.

    2 Mary Ann Spangler Birth: Jun. 17, 1833 Union County Pennsylvania death: Sep. 23, 1899 Bradner Wood County Ohio, ; was married to Henry Ickes Birth: May 16, 1830 Sandusky County Ohio Death: Aug. 10, 1908 Bradner Wood County Ohio Both buried Bradner Cemetery Bradner Wood County Ohio
      David Ickes (1855 - 1942)
      William H Ickes (1859 - 1946)

    3 Hannah Spangler Birth: Oct. 8, 1834 Death: Dec. 20, 1915 married George Washington Wylie, son of Robert Wylie and Rebecca ---
      After an illness lasting all summer, Mrs. Hannah WYLIE, 81, widow of G. W. WYLIE, died Monday night at the home of her son, Robert Wylie, in the northwest part of the city. Death was caused by a cancer of the liver.

      Mrs.Wylie was born in Union Co., Pa., and lived in this county for 60 years. About six yeas ago she moved to Rochester. Her husband died 15 years ago. She was the mother of three sons, two of whom are living, Robert [WYLIE] and Charles WYLIE. She leaves two brothers and one sister and seven grandchildren. Mrs.Wylie was a member of the Methodist church.

      Funeral Wednesday afternoon at the house at two o'clock, the body to lay in state from 10 until 2:00 o'clock. Rochester Sentinel Tuesday, December 21, 1915

      George W. WILEY died at 3 o'clock this afternoon at his home three miles northwest of this city. Heart trouble for two years. Rochester Sentinel Tuesday, October 23, 1900

      G. W. WILEY, who has been suffering with heart trouble for the past twelve weeks, died at his home north-west of town, today at 10 o'clock. Funeral at the house Friday, 10:30 a.m. Rochester Sentinel Wednesday, November 7, 1900

      Robert William Wylie (1865 - 1928)
      Frank Weldon Wylie (1869 - 1872)
      Charles Clarence Wylie (1872 - 1955)

    4 Sophia Janet Spangler was born October 15, 1836, Union County Pennsylvania, Death: Jan. 31, 1923 Plymouth Marshall County Indiana She married J 1856 Joseph Edmundson Lopp Birth: Oct. 30, 1828 Fountain County Indiana, Death: Apr. 19, 1910 Plymouth Marshall County Indiana son of Joh Lopp both buried Tyner Cemetery Tyner Marshall County Indiana
      Lopp, Sophia J., daughter of Samuel and Rachel Spangler, was born in Union county, Pa., Oct, 15, 1836, and departed this life at the home of her daughter, Ida M. Fleck, west Harrison street, Plymouth, Ind., Jan 31, 1923, aged 86 years, 8 months and 16 days.

      She was united in marriage to Joseph E. Lopp, May 4, 1856. To this union were born 4 children, 3 daughters and one son; Wesley A., of Michigan City, Ind., Catherine B. Harris of Tyner City, Ind., who preceded her in death Oct 10, 1884; Ida M. Fleck and Viola Bennett, both of Plymouth,

      Her husband Joseph E. Lopp, died April 10, 1910.

      She was one of a family of eleven children. She is survived by two daughters and one son, 14 grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren, two brothers, Peter Spangler of Maxinkuckee, Ind., and Adam Spangler of Michawaka, Ind. She also leaves a large number of other near relatives and friends.

      Mother Lopp was converted and united with the U. B. Church when only 14 years of age. She was an active and faithful worker in the church. She believed in holiness of life, and was wonderfully gifted in prayer, and will be greatly missed in the church and by all who know her.

      Her sickness and death was caused by a fall which she received over two years ago, which left her almost helpless. She was ready and anxious to depart and be with Christ.

      Funeral was held in the U. B. church at Tyner, Feb. 3, by Elder S. P. Strang of LaPaz, assisted by the pastor of Tyner. Interment in Tyner cemetery. Plymouth Daily Pilot Tuesday, Feb. 13, 1923

      Joseph E. Lopp, born on October 30, 1828, died at his home in West Plymouth on Tuesday, April 19th at 11 a.m.

      Deceased leaves a wife, one son, Wesley Lopp of Michigan City, and two daughters, Mrs. Viola Bennett of Tyner and Mrs. Eliza Fleck of Plymouth. Mrs. Cassie Harris deceased, was also a daughter.

      Mr. Lopp was born in Fountain county, Indiana and moved to Tyner in 1866.

      A few years ago he came to Plymouth.

      The funeral will occur at the U.B. church in Tyner at 2 p.m. Thursday. Interment at Tyner cemetery.

      Catherine Belle Lopp Harris (1857 - 1884)
      Wesley A Lopp (1858 - 1938)
      Ida May Lopp Fleck (1861 - 1939)
      Vyota Rachel Lopp Bennett (1863 - 1935)

    5 Margaret Spangler born April 21, 1838 Union County/Wayne County Ohio Death: Dec. 30, 1878 Plymouth Marshall County Indiana married in 1866 to Daniel ArmstrongBirth: Aug. 7, 1836 Pennsylvania Death: Dec. 25, 1895 Indiana, spnof James Armstrong There were no children.
      An Old Resident Dead.

      D. B. armstrong, one of the oldest residents of this community, died about 1 o'clock Christmas night at his home here after a lingering illness which has consumed a full year.

      Mr. armstrong was 58 years old, and has lived in Plymouth since 1855. He leaves two daughters. He was a painter by trade, and worked at that occupation until his illness made it impossible.

      The funeral services, conducted by Rev. Charlton under the auspices of the G. A. R. post and the city fire department, will be held from the late home at 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon.

    6 Catherine Spangler she was born 21 Jan 1840 Sanduskey county, Ohio died Aug 1906 Culver , Marshall, Indiana married Eli Parker

    7 Peter Spangler born 2 Sep 1842 Hessville, Sanduskey, Ohio died 17 Aug 1933 Rochester, Fulton, Indiana married Harriet Ann Bogardus

    8 Jane Spangler Birth: Mar. 11, 1844 Sandusky County Ohio Death: Sep. 13, 1865 Monterey Pulaski County Indiana Burial: Riverside Memorial Cemetery Monterey Pulaski County Indiana

    6 Uriah Spangler Birth: Jan. 27, 1846 Sandusky County Ohio, Death: Nov., 1905 Logansport Cass County Indiana Burial: Riverside Memorial Cemetery Monterey Pulaski County Indiana
      Sheriff WALLACE received word Saturday from the authorities at the Insane Asylum at Indianapolis to come and remove Mr. Uriah SPANGLER to his home, as he had been pronounced incurable.

      Ten years ago Mr. Spangler was taken to the asylum and will now have to be kept by either his friends or the county, till the new asylum is completed at Logansport, where the incurable insane of Northern Indiana will hereafter be cared for. Mr. Wallace left for Indianapolis Monday.

    10 Adam Spangler Birth: Feb. 10, 1850 Sandusky County Ohio Death: Jan. 21, 1941 South Bend St. Joseph County Indiana married Mary E (Elizabeth Demont) Birth: 1856 Death: 1948 There were five children
      Charles F Spangler (1874 - 1900)
      Madge Spangler Garringer (1879 - 1965)
      Harrison Spangler (1888 - 1930)

    11 Franklin M "Francis" Spangler Birth: Mar. 22, 1851 Sandusky County Ohio Death: Aug. 6, 1878 Rochester Fulton County Indiana once source says Maxinkuckee, August 6, 1878. Burial: Riverside Memorial Cemetery Monterey Pulaski County Indiana

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