Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Cottage Grove Place  

It stiill stands today Harding Court - the address is 439 Harding Court

It has been refered to as the Lord House. It has been mistakenly refered to as Crook's Hall

It originally was known as Cottage Grove Place in later times it was dub "Lords Hotel" because of the original owners and may because for awhile the "real name" was forgotten; Crook's Hotel cameabout because of Capt Crook and his wife living there for many years after Mrs Lord's death and also owned it. Also it was still referred to occasional in later yeas as "formerly the Lord Property"

1887 - Captain Lord has built a commodious hotel near the railway station. It is beautifully located, and the house is nicely furnished. pg. 4 20 May 1887 Logansport Pharos

1896 - Jun 26 - Mrs. R. E. Lord is again occupying her palatial home at "Cottage Grove Place: She has purchased one of H. H. Culver 's 'Home Comfort' ranges consequently she will be better prepared than ever to cater to the palates of the many distinguished guests who enjoy her hospitality during the sumer season. her house is now open, which will be dilightful tidings to her many patrons who have been patiently waiting the announcement.

1897 - May 7 - Mrs. R. K. Lord has a fine gravel walk laid from her residence to the Lakeside Hotel which will connect with the walk running upon Scott street to depot- She has also made many improvements upon her grounds by the way of setting out shade trees etc.

1899 - june 16 - The board designated 8:00 a. m. Tuesday to meet and view the new street running from Scott St. to Mrs. Lord's residence.

Was owned by Capt. Crook and it had been told that it was built from the lumber of the White Swan but the tidbit from the Logansport Pharos would prove this story just a myth or legend past down after the facts many years later, as also a tidbit stating when the White Swan was built:
    Capt. Crook, of Culver , who owns both of the large steamers on Lake Maxinkuckee has just finished building a floating, two story, dancing pavilion which was set afloat Sunday for the first time. [Rochester Sentinel, Monday, July 3, 1905]

    and also found is:

    1911 - Sep 21 - The White Swan will not grace the waters of Lake Maxinkuckee again. Capt. Crook has decided to move it to the hill between Ed Bradley's hotel and Hudson's Buffett and rebuild it for a refreshment place and boat storage

1906 - May 17 - Mrs. E. E. Lord contemplated building an addition for a kitchen on the four-room lot occupied by Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Hutchinson at Cottage Grove Place. Mrs. Lord already has one of the most attractive pieces of property in Culver.

1914 - Aug 6 Captain Oliver Crook was married last week to Mrs. M. B. Morris, a popular lady of Logansport. They will be at home at Cottage Grove Place about Aug. 10

1918 - Jul 24 - Capt Crook has bought of Ed. Bergman the little cottage on the rear of the Billy Link lot and will move it to a lot ast of his present home (formerly the Lord proerty) which he has sold to his daughter, Mrs. Butler. After some contemplated alterations the cottage will make a cosy home for Capt and Mrs. Crook

1918 - FOR SALE - Three-room cottage on rear of Capt. Crook house. Same can be moved or wrecked. Inquire of Capt. Crook

1920 - Jul 28 - Mrs. Frances Bulter has recently sold to O. E. Ferree of Logansport the property a block north from Scott St. which she purchased some time ago of her mother, Mrs. Oliver Crook. The Property was known years ago as Cottage Grove Place, and was run as a boarding house by Mrs Lord.
    Daisy H Morris Birth 14 SEP 1879 Cass county, Indiana,
    Death 21 OCT 1953 Los Angeles, California
    daughter of Mark Bristol Morris & Anna Rachel Cummins
    step-daugher of Capt Oliver Crook
    married 17 Jun 1905 Logansport, Cass, Indiana
    Frank Lee (Frances) Butler
    Birth: 11 Mar 1874 - Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Indiana
    son of Thomas J. Butler & May E. Lee

1924 - Apr 2 - O. E. Ferrier to Ramus Johansen, one acre known as the Lord Property Culver, $4000.

1924 - Apr. 9 Elzy Hawkins moved into the former Lord property he and his father-in-law Rasmus Johansen, recently bought of O. E. Ferree, a locomtive engineer residing in Logansport.

1925 - Jan 28 - Elza Hawkins has sold his interest in the Lord property to Mr. Johansen, Mr. Hawkin's father-on-law. Mr. Johnansen is now sole owner of the property.

1925 - Jul 22 Rasmus Johansen to George O. Morris, residence property in Culver Fomerly Lord Property, $1

1926 - Sep 22 - For Rent - eleven room house 439 Harding Court Culver, Mrs. Geo. Morris

1926 - Oct 6 - For Rent Part or All of out house on Harding Court Mrs. Geo. Morris

1927 - AUg 10 - The Ray Marshall family has rented the rooms in the Geo. Morris apartment house on Harding court Note moved out on c. Sep 21 1927

1928 - Nov 21 - For Rent - Furnished rooms for light housekeeping - Inquire 439 Harding Court.

1929 - Feb. 13 - George O. Morris and Martha C. Morris WD Amos Overmyer 1 acre out of SE cor of N part W1/2 w1/2 16-31-1. $1.
    George Oliver Morris
    Birth: 1858
    Death: 1940
    Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery Plymouth Marshall County Indiana
    son of William Blakely Morris (1829 - 1911) & Ruth Garrard Morris (1832 - 1906)
    Martha C. ---
    Birth: 1863
    Death: 1933
    Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery Plymouth Marshall County Indiana

1932 - Mar 23 - Mr. and Mrs Perry Miller and family moved into the Lord property on Harding court this week

1934 - May 16 - For Rent 2 apartments rooms each on Harding Court Culver Amos Overmyer, Rt. 4 Rochester

1943 - Dec 2 - Amos Overmyer died - Fred Stayon was manager of the estate by an notice to sell farm on Mar 7 1945

1945 - Jan 17 - S. L. and Fred L. Stayton to Louis E. and Ruth M. Kegel. 1 acre in 16-32-1, also strip commencing at northeast corner lot 6 in Bandalia addition, Culver.

    Note: Fred L. Stayton married Sarah L Overmyer daughter of Amos Overmyer

    1943 - Jul 28 - To manage Beauty Shop - Mrs. Ruth Kegel of Hammond who will take over the managemenet of Helens Baeuty Shope is expected to arrive sometime next week.

    Notice I am working at Ruth Kegel's Beauty Shop on Harding court. Phone 392 for an appointment Marietta Shaw

?-1948 - 29 Dec. - L. E. Kegel As we are going to make our future home in Flordia we will sell the following property at 439 Harding court Still sellign stuff Jan 5 1949

1950 - May 3 - For Rent Three room apartment 439 Harding court Louis Kegel

1950 - June 1 - For Sale - 3 apartment house. 2 four room with full bath. 1 three room, stool and lavatory, New Furnance, all separate entrance. 1 acre ground 439 Harding Court...

1950 - Jul 19 - For Sale - 3 apartment house on Harding Court, known as the old Lord property. Making permanent residence in Florida, any reasonable offer will be considered. Call Knox 1633 before Saturday Jul 22

1950 - Aug 16 - For Rent - 4 room apartment, first floor, hardwood floors, furnance heat, $45 a month. 3 room apartment, second floor, $25 a month. Will decorate. Located 439 Harding Court. References required. Call 1633 for information.

1950 - Sep 20 thru Mar 21 , 1951 - For Rent - 3 room apartment, second floor, $25 a month. WIll decorate. Located 439 Harding Court. References required. Call 1633 for infromation.

1952 - Aug. 20 - For Rent 4 room modern apartment newly decorated. Also 3 rooms upstairs, partly modern, very clean, no children 439 Harding Court. L. E. Kegel.

1953 - Nov 11 - $3,000 Fire Here Early Sunday Afternoon
    A fire supposedly caused by faulty electrical connection threatened for a while early Sunfay afternoon to level the large apartment dwelling at 435 Harding Court

    Prompy and efficient action by the Culver volunteer firemen confined the blaze to the unoccupied portion of the building owned by Louis Kegel of Hobe Sound, Fla.

    Damage to the structure was estimated at $3,000 plus an unkown amount of smoke damage to the household furnishings of the James Croys, occupants of one of the apartments.

1954 - Jul 28 - For Rent All modern two or three bedroom apartment. Furnished or unfurnished. Ready for occupancy Aug. 15 L. E. Kegel 439 Harding Court.

195_ - Louis E. and Ruth M. Kegel to assuming the Helbers for present time

195_-1997, Feb- Wallace H & Phyllis M Helber
    We bought it when it had just had a fire in the early 1950s and spent the next 20 years fixing it into the wonderful home that it was for the Helber family.

    Susan Helber has written several letters to the editor column of the Culver Citizen the last couple of years - the condensation or them is:

    The Helber house was constructed partially from any steamboat wrecks or left over steamboat building material wood that Mr. Lord who owned the steamboats on the lake could gather up; salvaging lumber and doors from his boats to finish the top floor.

    Lumber was expensive and in the 1870 and 1880s when the building was going on (I know Judy Reynolds says 1880's no earlier. Daddy said 1870s.

    It took Mr. Lord a time to build the house and his wife didn't like it. She stated that when the Lord's lived there it was a private home and the rooms above....

    The Helbers first winter was in 1956 and the lived in three rooms on the top floor while the Bromley family resided on the bottom floor.

    She stated her father had tried to revive the old keronsene stove only to have the family over comed by carbon monoxide. Thus resulting in the Helber family moving the Liberty street till the house could be vacated and renovated.

    She states that Thelma (Scott) Hodges told of a curved stair case leading to the upstairs from the piano room and of a fireplace in the living room on the north wall.

    She also states that the front bedroom downstairs was originally the Lord's Steamship office with a door that lead to the outside. When Mr. Lord died that his viewing was held from the house in that room.

    It is said that a ghost or two occupied the house and there was a strange noise now and then.

    She states that either Crook [Oliver Crook] or Lord or both together created a collection of rental cottages around the house and called it 'Cottage Grove Place'.

    She states that she saw then name "Crook's', Cottage Grove Place and a date written in fancy script on the side walk in the side yard. Two of the cottages became homes of Nanny Snyder and the McKee's.

    During the 1920's and 1930's it became a rooming house and ownership turned over frequently.

    The very back of Helber house where the kitchen is was a beauty parlor once upon a time. When we moved in after the Bromley's we found a rusted beauty parlor chair with electric hook ups stuff for permanants and dryer. There was lots of old brown bottles of castile shampoo stored there also, none of which was wasted by the way.

    There was a house on the old Lord house site slightly behind or where the brick patio is. It had a brick foundation and was 1850's or so, her father had found it and states that it had burnt to the ground. She further states that the land around the house was a sacred place for the Indians.
    Janet Helber-Parker says "We always loved that house, even with the ghost of ol' captain Lord walking through the rooms at night. Never really bothered us, I guess he liked having us there."

My personal rememberance of the house from 1968-1972 was the wooded area that surrounded it - also the hedge of gooseberry bushes that lined the front lawn between the end of Harding Court and the alley leading to Lakeview Street. Mom and Dad lived down the north south alley that teed into the alley above that swung o ut onto Lakeview St and into Harding Court at 416 Lake Shore Drive where the Willhites live today. I had not seen gooseberry bushes since I was a kid in the mid 1960's when we visted my grandfather Emery's house in southern Indiana.
1958 - For sale gravity type hot air furnace with stoker 439 Harding court Phone VI 2-2919

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