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Kreuzberger's Addition to Culver - 1899  

1898 Jul 16 Col. Robert Kreuzberger has laid out several lots at Lake Maxinkuckee. These lots are sliced off Kreuzberger's park, which is pre-eminently the handsomest park upon the west side of the lake.

The below is to be in Robert Kreuzberger's handwriting; some of the words are missing - on the right hand side - it reads:
    This addition to the town of Culver City, formerly Uniontown, Marshall co[unty], Indiana is laid out in part of outlot number three (3) in the Vandalia addition t [o] Uniontown, Marshall County, Indiana and also a piece of ground adjoining th[e] same on the East, commencing at the North east Corner of Lot Number three (3), and runnin[g] thence East 132 feet to a sixty [60] foot street; thence south along said street one hundred [twenty] (120) feet; thence west one hundred thirty-two (132) feet, to the East line of said outlot three [(3)], thence North along the East line thereof one hundred twenty (120) feet to the place of beginnin[g]. to Robert Kreuzberger March 23, 1894 recorded in deed record 52 page 231, in the Recorder's Office of Marshall County,Indi[ana].

    The Lots from number one to five are each forty by one hundred twenty feet; Lot [3] is 37 feet wide by 120 feet deep, and all front Toner Ave. The streets are laid out on the plat, Fifteen feet is dedicated fo[r] street purposes on the west making that street f--- wide The alley on the South is ten (10) feet wide.

    I Robert Kreuzberger do certify that I am proprietor of this addition and the same was platted and laid out under my direction for the purpose of deposing of the same.

Culver City Ind.
April 17th 1899
Be it remembered that the Town Board of the town of Culver City Ind. met in regular session on the 17" day of April 18899 at 7 o'clock P.M. Present at said meeting Trustees O. A. Rea, Abraham Hayes and Smauel E Medbourn

MInutes of previous meeting were read and approved

In the matter of Kreuzbergers addition to the town of Culver City Marsahall co. Indiana

Comes now Robert Kreuzberger and submits to the Board his addition to the town of Culver City Marshall co. Indiana and asks that the same be confirmed and approved by the said Board of Trustees of said town and the Board now appoints Abraham Hayes and S.E> Medbourn as a special committee to examine said plat and said sommitte is directed to report at the present meeting og the said Board of Trustees

The said committe comes now and reports on said matter as flollows

The the Honorable Board of Trustees of the Town of CUlver City Indiana.

Your committee to whom was referred the matter of the plat of Kreuzbergers addition to the said town comes now and reports that they have examined said plat and that they are acquanited with the ground platted and that said plat is in all regular correct and proper and recommends that the same be confirmed and approved and accepted as an addition to said town. Signed Abrham Hayes a S. E. Medbourn

In the March 23, 1900 Culver Herald we find he is selling off the front six lots > of Kruezberger Park:
    SIX LOTS FOR SALE. Facing Toner Avernue. They are situated in Krezberger Park, and are the most desirable property in the city. they are within stone throw of beautiful Lake Maxinkuckee and one block from depot and steamboat landing. The park is one of the finest in the state, and this would be an excellent location for summer resorters. Contactor address R. Kreuzberger, Logansport, Ind.

1906 Sanborn Map still lists it as "Kreuzberger Park"

1907 - Oct 31 - Property For Sale -
    Five Lots FAcing Toner avenue, part of the Kreuzberger property.

    Also the bulidng recently occupied by Burkett, and the brick beuilding of the Maxinkuckee club and the south half of the real estate owned by the Kreuzberger estate.

    Also the furniture and fixtures in the Maxinkuckee club house. Enquire John Osborn

The 1908 Plat map has it broke down into 6 lots on Toner Avenue; Outlot 2, and lot 7 and labled as "R. Kreuzberger's Add to Culver City"

1914 - Sanborn map lists it as "Kreuzberger addition with one dwelling

1919 Feb 19 - Clarence Hollett and Cleve Crabb each bought a $500 lot of Sam Medbourn in the Kreuzberger Park addition Hollet takes the 40X120 lot facing east next to the Slattery building and Crabb takes the lot on Scott Street immediately west of the Slattery building. Both Men will put up houses on the lots this spring

1919 - Feb 26 - William Miardow has bought of Sam Medbourn a lot adjoining the Kruezberger brick, on the north and will bulid a block house this season

1919 - Feb 26 - John W. Cromley has bought of Sam Medbourn 101X014 feet in the Kreuzberger Park The piece will make three lots facing the west This completes the sale by Medbourn of the park property except t lake fron lot adjoing Dr. Norris' residence. Mr. Medbourn reserves this for his own use, expecting to put up a bungalow this season

1919 - Feb 26 - Jess Crabb has started excavating for a house on his Scott Street lot opposite the pool hall [note this is also a part of the Kreuzberger addition and is opposite of the Mike Stalling's resident today which is on the corned of Harding and Lakeshore aside the fire department]

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