Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Kreuzberger's Park and Saloon 303 State - "Old Brick"  

Over the last few years it has simple become known as the "Old Brick" at the end of State Street. Built between Aug 6 and Sep 1886 was originally Antone Mayer Beer Garden

. Section 16 - 500.90A 1835 Original Survey
Section 16 c. 1837 500.90A (North shore town and academy)

1872 - Section. 16
    Est. of I N Morris 105 A ( also 80 A)
    J. Duddleson - 30.60A & 10A
    T. Houghton 90A.
    J. Houghton Acreage not stated
    J ___ name illegible 4A
    G. A. Durr 10A
    Lot no name no acreage stated
    G. A. Durr 5A? - res (Lot 2 3A & 3A)
    Dr. Durr No amount Stated lots as if to be 2 large
    L D W [Lorenzo W. Wiseman]

1876 - J. Castleman - 190A

1876 Section 16
    1850-1876 I. N. Morris 175/185a   [Isaac N. Morris] - 185 A

1880 North Section 16 - 500.90 Acres Town
    I N Morris 185.34
    B. W. Watt 15.50A
    LakeView Club 15A
    J Duddleson 109.31A
    Tho. Houghton 90A.
    J. E. Houghton 19.60A
    E Parker 27 A

From the Logansport Daily Journal page 3 dated Aug. 27, 1882:
    All the preliminaries for the extension of the Logansport branch of the Vandalia railway to Lake Michigan have been satisfactorily adjusted, and upon compliiance with a few easy conditions the contact will be closed, and the work will be commenced and pushed to completion.

    Readers of the Journal are familiar with the route of this line to Marmont (Maxinkuckee), and will have no difficulty in following it to South Bend and the lake...
    With these advantages before them, our citizens are asked to consider one of the conditions above named, which condition is that the right of way shall be furnished free to the new line thorugh our county. The estimated cost of this right of way is from $7,000 to $10,000 and it is proposed to raise the amount by subscription. A consideraable portion of this subscription has already been secured, and a committee appointed for that purpose will make an effort to raise the remainder during the present week...

1883 - Oct 6 - The Vandaiia railroad company commenced laying iron at Marmount a d ay or two ago, and-withln a short time the tract will be completed from Maxinkuckee lake to the Nickle Plate railroad, a distance of about three miles,- Logansport Pharos Tribune

Using the 1880 plat map crop the land has been annotated from - the words: "All in the south forty acres of the west half of Section 16, Town _, Range One East...; using this description and breaking it down - the red line marks the east and west section line of section 16; the blue line outlines the "south 40" and an estimated guess as to where the Kreuzberger Saloon is located laid in the "Blue Dot"

Thus the Kreuzberger property laid within the platted part of Marmont - and probably entailed most of what E. Parker owned in 1880 except the portion the Vandalia Railroad had acquired a long the lake front about 1882-3 for the railroad right-of-way.

Donna Dale stated in 1976 that: "they have no idea how old the building is, but they know the place was built before 1872 because of the land abstract they have". This could be true - but we do know that by the Vandalia Railroad records that the Vandalia Railroad reached Marmont on 30 June 1883 and before that time there was very littlle built in Marmont at that time as to hotels. But with the arrival of the railroad Lake Maxinkuckee's beauty and assets were discovered and shortly there after that excursions trains began arriving on a daily basis. Also the Chautauqua's came to the area between 1889 and 1907 bringing in even more people.
    and found in a newspaper article of 1919 was The building was erected as much as 30 years ago [1889] by the Kreuzbergers of Logansport and was used as a saloon, bowling alley and summer garden up to about 11 years ago [1908] when saloons were voted out under the local option law.

Thus one can possibly assume that the hotel was either built to accommodate the men working to establish the railroad through the area before 1883 and for the railroad officials supervising the every day operations of the building and establishment of the rail line - or the hotel was built in anticipation of the railroad coming through which would be very risky and highly unlikely - or very soon after the railroad hit Marmont - on 30 June 1883 which could be more accurate. Another fact is that: Vandalia Addition was added on 13th of February 1884 by Peter Allerding. And also knowing that the Academy was Founded in July 1894 as Culver Academy by Henry H. Culver .
And if it was in existence when Robert Kreuzberger - bought it on 23 March 1894 - the stories of the upstairs being - "fancy ladies" may just be true - and possibly even after he had acquired it.

Kreuzberger's Park is said to have extended as far as to where Forrest Place is located, this is quite possible since by the division of the property given below it is stated: "All in the south forty of the West one half of Section 16, Town[ship] Range One East, which with other lands was deeded..." But we also know that the Vandalia Railroad had purchased part of this land for their tracks - and that they had established Vandalia Park sometime in 1883 yet another source says about 1890 and it encompassed an area of 3.2 acres.

1898 - Section 16
    L. C. Dillion - 10A, 99.31A, 79.76, 75.60A
    T. Houghton 89A
    A. Roughton
    E. Duddle(son) 9.60A
    E. Morris 21.49A/Morris Lake Front Plat
    T. H. & L RRR Lake View Club 15 A.
    J. J. Bryant
    Incorporated Limits of Culver

This is the area where the Kruezberger is located but there is no name anotated on the map and sheds no light on its existence.

Mark A. Roeder in his "A History of Culver and the Culver Military Academy" states that the Kreuzberger Hotel/Saloon was built in 1894 and is in the Italinate style.

By the deed it was purchased 23 Mar 1894 by Robert Kreuzberger of Logansport, Indiana;
    1894 - Mar 26 - Col Robert Kreuzberger has purchased the Antone Mayer Beer Garden at Lake MAxinkuckee and will place the same in charge of a competent manager. The garden contains three acres of improved land. The buildings are of a modern style architectire. Mr. Meyer resides at Terre Haute.

Robert's son R. F. Kreuzberger ran it for his father.

1894 - Mar 30 - Kreuzberger's Park.
    J. R. Watson, of Michigan City, has been engaged to manager Kreuzberger's Park, at Lake Maxinkuckee the coming season. Col. Kreuzberger, Mr. Watson and Henry Bachman, the artist, are at Maxinkukcee today arranging plans for improvement of the building and grounds The names for what is destined to be the leading resort at the lake, was suggested by M. Schuneeberger. Mr. Watson, the new manager, is an affable gentleman, and patrons are guaranteed courteous treatment.

1894 - Apr 13 - Kreuzberger's summer garden will be formally opened and dedicated to the public on the first day of May - Logansport Pharos

1894 - Apr 19 - Col. Robert Kreuzberger was at Maxinkuckee today, superintending the improvement of his summer garden.

In 1894 J. R. Watson, Prop. and 1898 an ad states that it had a billiard hall, a bowling alley and fancy ladies. R. F. Kreuzberger, prop. and Wm. Knoeble, manager/bartender.

From the Logansport Journal pg. 5 dated Sep 20 1894 - Geo. Blass, Col. Kreuzberger and Ferdinand Kreppe go to Lake Maxinkuckee today.

Kreuzberger's Park

This park is sisuated [situated] upon the west side of Maxinkuckee Lak [Lake], and presents a grand panoramic scene in nature and art. The park grounds are covered with magnificent shade trees and pleasure seekers can enjoy the cool breezes of the lake while reclining upon rustic seats, hammocks, etc. On the grounds are situated Kreuzberger's wine pavillion [pavilion], beer garden, pool, billiard room, and bowling alley. This is one of the finest places on the lake, and is visited by the elite of all cities. Here can be found Kreuzberger's celebrated wine room, where nothing but a first class article can be had. The business is carried on under the able management of J. R. Watson, a man of years of experience as a caterer. Behind the bar can be seen daily, William Knoeble, of Indianapolis, who has an enviable reputation as an expert bar tender. No card playing or gambling is allowed at this place, and everyone is assured of the most courteous treatment.
    Was originaly printed in an 1894 issue and reprinted on 28 Jul 1928

Frank Keller return from Maxinkuckee resumed his old position Kreuzberger liquor house - Logansport Weekly Pharos 12 October 1894

Frank Keller, who conducted a summer resort for Col. Kreuzberger, at Maxinkuckee, has just recovered from a severe illness, and has accepted a position with Martin McHale - 7 Nov 1894

Here is two ads from the 25 January 1895 issue of the Marmont Herald:

By these ad's every part of Kreuzberger's Park was a separate operation or proprietorship - These ad's concern the Restaurant which was under the proprietorship of D. A. Bradley; the Wine and Beer Hall under the proprietorship of Wm. Knoeble; then there was the Billiard Hall and Bowling Alley. The hotel portion of Kreuzberger's Park is not mentioned in either one of these ads!

1895 - Apr 25 - The three acre park of Col. Robert Kreuzberger at Maxinkuckee, has been offered by him to the Mexican War veterans for their picnic, to be given on the 49th anniversary of their marching out of Logansport, ninety-two strong.... The picnic will be held in June. If sutiable rates can be secured. Mrs. Kreuzberger's offer may be accepter.
    The veterans are Thankful - The Mexican War Veterans are thankful to the Vandalia railroad company, the engineer, conductor, fireman and brakeman, who accompanied the excursion train to Maxinkuckee, and to Robert Kreuzberger and others who so gfladly assisted in making the picinic a hugh glittering success - Jun 18 1895

1895 - Apr 25 - Robert Kreuzberger visited his handsome park at Maxinkuckee today, accompanied by Peter Wallrath and other friends

1895- Jun 7 - COl. RObert Kreuzberger accompanied by Albert Leiber of Indianapolis went to Maxinkuckee yesterday.

Logansport Journal pg. 8 dated June 8, 1895 - Col. Robert Kreuzberger was yesterday at Lake Maxinkuckee on business.

An ad in the 1 May 1896 Culver Herald - pronounced - Kreuzberger's Park - Lake Maxinkuckee Culver City , In. The best whiskeys, brandies, cordials, Rhine and Mosels wines, French Claret, ports, sherry, ales, beers, mineral water, a fine stock of domestic and Key West cigars., this ad was still running in the 1903 editions of the Culver Citizens.

1896 - May 15 - Geo Griner. of Logansport, is the new bar tender at the Kreuzberger Park saloon ...The Kreuzberger Park Saloon has been opened for the season. The Park has been thoroughly cleaned this spring, and many improvements made and now presents a beautiful appearance.

1896 - June 5 - Henry Kleis, one of the best known expert bartenders of Indianapolis, has been engaged by Wm. Knoeble, and will be found at Kreuzberger Park saloon hereafter

1896 - Jul 30 - Co. Robert Kreuzberger and his guest, Mr. J. E. Pelliod, of the Toledo Brewing Company, are spending the day at Lake Maxinkuckee.

1897 - May 7 - Robert Kreuzberger, who is now a full fledged citizen of Culver, and who has been assisting his father at Logansport the past two or three months, returned to Culver Monday and cast his ballot for municipal officers.

1897 - May 21 - Wm. Kneoble, the gentlemanly manager of Kruezberger’s Park and Saloon, has been very busy the past week or 10 days preparing for the general spring opening of the bowling alley and summer beer garden. Everything is cleaned up in firstclass in the park and the buildings, and the public can rest assured thatthe facilities for entertaining guests at this place are far superior to allformer seasons.

1897 - May 28 - Gam Bros., are about to newly paper Kreuzberger’s saloon in a most artistic manner. They furnish the paper and have a large variety to select from.

1897 - Jun 11 - Robert Voll of Logansport, will be bartender at the Kreuzberger Park saloon during the summermonths, and is already attending to the patrons of the place, with Wm. Kneoble, as manager

1897 - Jun 25 C. C. Davis has just completed two excellent tublar wells for S. P. Sheerin and one for R. Kreuzberger. The latter was placed in Kreuzberger park and the former at the Sheerin cottage near the Palmer House. Those at the cottage are flowing wells, aud so powerful does the water gush forth, that could it be utilized it would furnish water for any fire department in the county. Mr. Davis thoroughly understands his business and anyone desiring his services will receive perfect satisfaction

1898 - Mar 25 - R. Kreuzberger of Logansport was in town Wednesday. He. will be in Culver next week with a surveyor and plat the north side of Kreuzberger park into town lots. This wiil be absolutely the most desirable building lots in the citv and no doubt will bring splendid prices.

1898 Apr 8 - R. Kreutzberger was here Thursday. He will erect an up-to-date bowling alley at once.

1898 - Apr 15 - Carpenters are putting in the new bowling alley ot Krenzberger park. When completed this will be the best alley in the state.

1898 - Apr 15 - Gam Brothers are painting the roof of Kreuzberger park pavillon. They will also repaint the interior of the saloon, bowling alley, etc.

1898 - Apr 18 - Logansport Pharos pg. 3 - Culver City Herald: Carpenters are putting in the new bowling alley at Kreuzberger park. When completed this will be the best alley in the state.

1898 - Aug 5 - Andy Vorhees the popular restauraut man, has rented the Kreuzberger building near, the depot, and converted the same into a lodging house. He will also open a billiard and pool hall. He thoroughly understands the business and will doubtless make a success of it.

1898 Jul 16 Col. Robert Kreuzberger has laid out several lots at Lake Maxinkuckee. These lots are sliced off Kreuzberger's park, which is pre-eminently the handsomest park upon the west side of the lake.

1898 - Sep 2 - John Partee, formerly head chef at the Culver military academy, will in the near future open a first class restaurant in the building formerly occupied by Bradley at Kreuzberger Park. The fact that Mr. Partee has no peer when it comes to prepare those delicacies which pleases the palate of man, is well known. A billiard parlor will also be opened in connection and up to date sleepin appartments.

1898 - Sep 9 - Mr. Carl Rees, son-in-law of R. Kreuzberger, and traveling salesman for Kreuzbergers wholesale house at Logansport, will have charge of the Kreuzberger saloon at this place during the absence of Wm. Kneoble who left Culver for Lawrenceburg, Ind., Wednesday morning, where he will visit friends and relatives a few weeks - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1898 sep 15 - Sam Hefflick, now at Kreuzberger's saloon at Lake Maxinkuckee, will be transferred to the colonel's place here soon. - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1899 - Apr 4 - Col. Robt. Kreuzberger contemplates making extensive improvements in his retail liquor establishment at Lake Maxinkuckee. He will remodel the interior of his store building and keep a trained florist all summer to take care of the park - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1899 Apr 14 - Improvements at Kreuzberger’s Park will be very extensive this spring. Garn Bros have secured the contract for painting all the buildings at the Park inside and out, and will also do considerable papering where it is necessary. In fact the buildings will be thoroughly renovated and repaired, and a six-foot gravel walk laid from the railroad to Toner Avenue. New seats will be placed in the park and everything done possible to beautify the same. Wm. Kneoble, the able manager, will have charge of the improvements, which assures a complete success

1899 - apr 17 - Robert Kreuzberger is making some extensive improvements to his park at Lake Maxinkuckee., William kneoble, the manager, will have charge of the improvements. D. R. Avery has rented the restaurant and lodging house - Logansport Pharos Tribune
    Note the the restaurant/lodging house and the the saloon (it sat on the lakefront and also contained lodging rooms) could be two seperate Kreuzbergers buisnesses

Robert Kreuzberger and submited to the Town Board for Kreuzbergers addition to the town of Culver City Marshall co. Indiana was approved 17th April 1899

1899 - May 5 - The new gravel street from Toner avenue to the railroad, and gravel walks, over which so much comments have been made are about completed aud presents a fine appearance, and is a great improvement, fully demonstrating that Mr. R Kruezberger is possessed with a liberal spirit Kreuzberger was said to have been one of the largest importer's east of the Mississippi and it is said his businessin Logansport housed a 100,000 - gallon wine cellar.

By this card - not dated D. A. Bradley - had charge of the restaurant and the hotel. Rates for rooms were advertised at $1 per day.

1899 - May 12 - D. R. Avery has moved his furniture into the Kreuzberger restaurant building at the park and will probably have the same in running order this week or the first of next. He will run a first class restaurantand ice cream parlor. - Note he formerly had the Avery Restaurant

1899 - May 26 M. Keen and son Albert are building a 10 x 22 addition to the building occupied by D. R. Avery, which will be used as a kitchen. Two large windows fronting the lake and one on opposite side will be put in, and with new furniture aud fixtures added, the Park Cafe will be one of the best equipped restaurants in town

1899 - Jun 2 - D.R. Avery of the Park Cafe restaurant has made wonderful improvements since taking charge of same. A large kitchen is being built in the rear, all rooms in the house are thoroughly oveaha uled, papered, audelaborately furnished with up todate furniture. He is now prepared to accommodate in a first class mannerall comers, both in the eating and lodging line
1900 - Evermans' Biological Survey

In the March 23, 1900 Culver Herald we find he is selling off the front six lots of Kruezberger Park:
    SIX LOTS FOR SALE. Facing Toner Avernue. They are situated in Krezberger Park, and are the most desirable property in the city. they are within stone throw of beautiful Lake Maxinkuckee and one block from depot and steamboat landing. The park is one of the finest in the state, and this wo uld be an excellent location for summer resorters. Contactor address R. Kreuzberger, Logansport, Ind.

1900 jun 29 - Kreuzberger Park saloon and bowling alley are now lighted by incandescent gas lights, which is a great improvement. - Culver Herald

1901 - Jul 12 - Wm. Kneobel , has resigned his position as manager of the Kreuzberger’s Park saloon, a position he has filled with credit to himself and constituency. We understand that sometime in the future he will establish a business of his own in Culver .

Maxinkuckee Items - Culver Indiana August 28 - R. Kreuzberger and John Kricher, of Logansport, are visiting 1 Aug. 28, 1902 Logansport Daily Reporter.

1903 - Apr 16 - R. Kreuzberger of Logansport was in Culver Thurshay looking after business matters. He will have theinterior of his saloon papered and also the Park Cafe. Besides he will make other improvements on the park and buildings.

1903 - May 7 - Daniel Bradley has rented the Kreutzberger building and will keep the same in connection with his present hotel and restaurant business... David Swigart has about completed the brick walk along the Kreutzberger and Vandalia properties. When finished it will compare favorably with any walk in town

1903 - May 21 - R. Kreuzberger was in town last week to see after some repairs at his park and on the Park Cafe building

In the issue of May 28, 1903 is found:

    To the citizens of Union township. Marshall county, state of Indiana:

    The undersigned hereby gives notice that he will apply to the Board of County Commissioners of said county, at their next regular term, to be held at the court house, in the city of Plymouth, in said county, commcncing on the first Monday of June, A. D. 1903, for a license to Sell spirituous, vinous and malt liquors in a less quantity than a quart at a time, with the privilegeof allowing said liquors to bo drank on the premises where sold, for one year; and also for the privilege of selling soft drinks, lunch, and cigars, and to permit the playing of pool and billiards in the room and on the premises where said liquors arc to be sold and drank, describedas follows, to-wit:
      On the first floor of a two-story brick building, forty-two ( 42) feet long and eighteen (18) feet wide, situated on the following described property:
        Commencing at the northeast corner of out-lot number three (3) in the Vandalia addition to the town of Uiontown, (formerly Marmont, now Culver ),Marshall county, in the state of Indiana; running thence east one hundred and thirty-two (132) feet to a sixty (60) foot street running north and south; thence south along said street to tho right-of-way of the Terre Haute & Logansport Railway Company; thence in a southwesterly direction along the north line of the right-of-way of said railroad company to the southeast corner of said out-lot number three (3); thence north along tho east line of said out-lot number three (3) to the place of beginning; also out-lot number three (3) in the Vandalia addition to the town of Uniontown, (formerly Marmont, now Culver ), Marshall county, Indiana, and known as Kreuzberger’s Park.

    William Overman.

    This also appreared the following year on 12 & 26 May 1904.

This appeared in the 30 Jul 1903 edition of the Culver citizen:
    D. A. Bradley has vacated the Kreuzberger Building and has a lot of furniture, dishes, tableware all good as new for sale call and see it.

1904 - Mar - 10 - All the dead trees in. Kreuzberger Park have been cut. down and removed

1904 - APr 14 - Henry Overman and Ulysses Burkett put out Kreuzberger's pier this week

1903- Dec 24 - Robert Kruezberger of Loganpsort was in Culver last Thursday looking after his businesshere

1904 - May 12 - Application for License
    To the citizens of Union townoship, MArshall county, State of Indiana:
      The undersigned hereby gives notice that he will apply to the Board of County commissioners of said county, t their next regular term, to be held at the court house, the the city of Plymouth on the first Monday of June, A.D., 1904, for a license to seel spiritoys, vinous and malt liquors, in a less quanity than a quart at a time, with the privilege of allowing said liquors to be drank on the premises where sold, for one year; and also for the privilege of selling soft drinks, lunch and cigars and to permit the playing of pool and billiards in the room and on the premises where same liquors are to be sold and drank, descibed as follows to-wit:
        On the first floor of a two-story brick building forty-two (42) feet long and eighteen (18) feet wide, situated on the following described porperty:
          Commencing at the northeast corner of out-lot number three (3) in the Vandalia addition to the town of Uniontown (formerly Marmont, now Culver), Marshall county, in the State of Indiana, running thence east one hundred and thrity-two feet (132) feet to a sixty (60) foot street running north and south; thence along said street to the right of way of the Terre Haute and Logansport Railway company; thence in a southwesterly direction along the north line of the right of way of said railway company to the southeast corner of said out-lot number three (3); thence north along the east line of said out-lot number (3) to the place of beginning; also out-lot number three (3) in the Vandalia addition to the town of Uniontown (formerly Marmont, now Culver), Marshall county, in the State of Indiana and also known as Kreuzberger's park.
    William Overman

The 4 June 1904 Issue of Culver Citizen - Rob't Kreuzberger is having a new brick walk put in along the park from the Vandalia Railroad grounds to the pop factory [Schlosser Bros.]. A new cross walk is badly needed

1905, Sep 14 Mr. Hunter is now employed by Wm. Overman at Kreuzberger's Park

Kreuzberger Park:
    This Area encompassed the area that is bordered by what today is State Street (labeled Street), Lakshore Drive (label Scott Av.), Coolidge Court (labeled Lane), and Washington Street (which assume did not exist fully back then) and the Lakefront.

    On the corner of Toner and State street is a building labeled Rest. {Restaurants}; there is a small building midway down what is now Coolidge Street which is labeled as "lane" on state street is the Sal. {saloon} and a breezeway or connecting hall to a store room.

1906 - Apr 5 - Wm. Overman, manager of the Kreuzberger saloon, has bought two saloons in Monterey and will leave a week after ext to take carge of them

1907 - Mar 21 - L. G Fisher rents the Kreuzberger property for a hotel and eating house

1907 - Mar 22 - Kreuzberger Park at Maxinkuckee will be abandoned as a beer garden and transformed into a hotel and restaurant. - Logansport Journal pg. 7 dated pg. 7

1907 - Apr 4 - I. G. Fisher has sold his residence property to the Fishburns and will move to the Kreuzberger property

1907 - Apr 18 - Dr. Wiseman has rented the three from rooms over the Citzen for offices. He was sold his office building to I. G. FIsher who will remove it to the kreuzberger park this week.

1907 - Sep 26 - The building formerly occupied as an office by Dr. Wiseman on Main street and later removed to the Kreuzberger park grounds by I. G. Fisher, has been bought by Carter Smith and added to his constellation of laundry buildings.

1907 - the town of Culver went dry - and the hotel was turned into a rooming house.

    A monster saloon remonstrance has been filed from Union township, Marshall county, in which Maxinkuckee is Located. It contains 325 names, 40 more than is needed. If the petition is sufficient it will wipe out the saloons at Culver and Burr Oak for a period of two years - 8 May 1906 Logansport Daily Pharos

1907 - Oct 31 - Property For Sale -
    Five Lots Facing Toner avenue, part of the Kreuzberger property.

    Also the bulidng recently occupied by Burkett, and the brick building of the Maxinkuckee club and the south half of the real estate owned by the Kreuzberger estate.

    Also the furniture and fixtures in the Maxinkuckee club house. Enquire John Osborn

1908 Lot #7 Probably at one time Outlot 3 was a part of Kreuzberger's and the 6 lots on/facing Toner Ave. that are labeled Kreuzberger's Addition were as Part of Kreuzberger Park before he established the Addition in 1899.

1908 - Apri 9 The Kreuzberger Cafe property at Culver was bought from the Kreuzberger estate by T. E. Slattery.

1908 - Apr 30 - For Sale - The Kreuzberger bowling alleys, just the materila to make boark piers, at a bargain. Seeley & Meredith, Real Estate Exchange.

1908 - April 16 - Steely & Meredith report the sale of the Kruezburger bowling alley building to C. W. Newman, who will move it to his farm.

1910, March 10 - MedBourn Buys Valuable Place
    S. E. Medbourn has bought the Kreutzberger property on the lakeshore near the depot.

    The consideration was $5,000, which is cheap. The property includes a block of well timbered high ground overlooking the lake, with the exception of the lot and building owened by T. E. Slattery

    On the land is a two story brick building now occupied as a lunch and pool room down stairs and living apartments up stairs.

    A year or so ago the Kreutzberger estate asked $12,000 for the property

    When Mr. Medbourn was told that there were rumors that he intended to erect a hotel on the property, he replied that such a move had never entered his head.
      The old Kreuzberger beer garden at Culver was sold yesterday to Samuel Medburn of Culver for a consideration of $5,000. - 4 March 1910 Saturday Logansport Daily Reporter.

1910, Mar 24 - S. E. Medbourn is replacing the wooden porch on the front of the Kreutzberger building with one of cement. He will also put a new slate roof on the building and give the whole ca coat of paint. 1913 - Dec. 13 - Sam Medbourn is clearing up the old Krouzberger block, cutting out the underbrush and superfluous trees. The frontage along the railroad track is being filled in and the cement, walk will be continued to the top of the hill.

1914 - Pool Hall - by the 1914 Sanborn Map

1916, Aug 10 - Looking for Liquor
    Two resorts, managed and patronized by colored people, were raided last week Wednesday night on information filed by some person yet unnamed.

    Prosecutor McKesson came form Plymouth with four deputy sheriffs and accompanied bt MarshallVanMeter vistied "The Brick" (the old Kreuzberger Park Place) and the pool room on Scott streetabout 10:30.

    "The Brick" is occupied downstairs as a refrehment resort and as a rooming house upstairs

    Both places were thoroughly searched for liquors with the result that in "The Brick" about four barrels of near beer were found in the public room and a number of bottles of beer and whiskey in the private rooms.

    At the pool room some beer and whiskey in bottles were found.

    A sample of the near beer has been sent to Indianapolis for analysis to determine its strength.

    No arrests were made as the real beer and whiskey were not in sufficient quanity to indicate that they were on sale.

1916 - Sep 30 - S. E. Medbourn is remodeling the "Old Brick" in the former Kreuzberger Park into aresidence for himself and his wife next winter. The lower story is being transformed into four living rooms and bathroo, a furnance will be put into heat the whole building and electric lights will be installed. It is Mr. Medborn's present intention to build hemself a bungalow next year in the Medbourn & Lenon Vandalia Park Addition.

1919 Apr 23 - S. E. Medbourn has removed his household effects from his late residence. The William Swigarts will occupy the rooms and will fit up their appartment in the second story for rooming patrons.

1919, May 7 - A New Rooming House
    The old Kreuzberger brick building now owned by S. E. Medbourn, is undergoing many excellent changes which will make it an attractive and conveniet rooming house. A bathroom is beining installed in the second room, is being repainted, the lattice-enclosed addition in the rear will be converted into open-air sleeping appartments, and the basement will be fitted up as a laundry with soft water brought in from the lake by an engine.

    The exterior of the building is being painted buff with white trimmings.

    The Swigart family will occupy the lower story, leaving the upper story for roomers. Already Mrs. Swigart had applications.

    The building was erected as much as 30 years ago [1889] by the Kreuzbergers of Logansport and was used as a saloon, bowling alley and summer garden up to about 11 years ago [1908] when saloons were voted out under the local option law.

1922 - Lot #7 Probably at one time Outlot 3 was a part of Kreuzberger's and the 6 lots on/facing Toner Ave. that are labeled Kreuzberger's Addition were as Part of Kreuzberger Park before he established the Addition in 1899

1924 marked as "D" it is the building on the right bottom corner

1931 - Jul 15 - In the "way back when" days they made real paint. Carl Lasch, who is restoring the color on the old Kreuzberker building now owned by Rex Mawhorter, says that in places the original 40 year old paint if wahsed would look fairly well.
1932 - Jun 29 - Mr. Sammert, who occupies the Mawhorter rooming house (formerly the Kreuzberger building)has made a noticeable improvement of the grounds by installing two flower beds, bordered with rocks and sod and planted with blooming petunias and geraniums,.

1933 - Dec 6 - "The Old Brick", as the Kreuzberger amusmement resort was known to all lake visitors of a generation ago, now occupied by the Ramsey family as a rooming house, has been Christened "Lake View Place", and is indentified by an attractive electric sign.

1937 marked as "D" it is the building on the right bottom corner

1946 -1952-1965 Mawhorter Apartments - J . Rex & Mary Mawhorter ; they resided next door at 307 N. State
    Janet Lynn Hand writes: We always stayed at the big house on the end of state street, near the railroad tracks, managed by the Mawhorters (sp.?). A very nice old couple, man's name was Rex, I think. this would be in the 1950's and 1960's.

1960's, 1970's - Jack & June Spencer
    Sara Bramfeld Gedrimas writes:
    It's the house right next to the park and next to Spencer's, with the white pillars. It was in disrepair but it was awesome! We rented with the Peterson's and it had 3 cabins on the west that came with it. Someone else bought it 30 years ago and it is now a private residence. Their pier is down the hill by the pipe with the spring and that property used to be owned by the RR. The tracks ran right through the yard on top of the hill and the bridge was just to the west and headed into town. The bridge was about 30 feet off the ground and you had to walk on the ties and could see the ground between them. It was scary and I can remember what it was like as though I was on it yesterday!"

1979 - 1982 - Harry L & Donna Dale

In 1984 the Marshall County Historical Society recognized it as a historical structure. Below are photographs of it while the Dale's had it and recent times.

1982__ -1987? - Donna Dale
    Split off PRC SW1/4 INT WLN STSTE ST WLY R/W LN in 1987
1989-93 - - Doug Coursey

May 1995 First National Bank of Warsaw

?-9 Dec 1999 - Robert B. Volkert & Joan Stanley

9 Dec 1999-2015 Jim and Diane Greene

What remains today; the surrounding are once as a part of it

101.5' S SE COR LOT 1 KREUS ADD S 48'

Today is