Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Lakeside Hotel Garage & Car Building

1924-1937 - 'F' - and on the back of the lot is a building label Gargage & Cars

1922 - Jul 19 - George Spangler is building a ten-car cement block garage, 34X44, in the rear of his hotel

An Ad of 19 Mar 1924 refering to it as the "Indiana Garage" Bryon Spangler, proprietor

1926 - Apriil - Chevolet "The Coach" - Culver Motor Sales Co. Scott and Harding Streets - L. D. Goodrich, Manager
1926 - Nov. 3 - Goerge Spangler was given permission to enlarge his garage building provided he conformed to certain regulations as provided in a city ordinance concerning the coverings of roofs. It is understood that Mr. Spangler will build a garage space for his own car and a room that can be used as an occice for his tenant, The Culver Motor Sales Company

1936 - Sept 2 - To allow for expansion in the manufacturing supplies, Young's Roofing and Sheet Metal Co. has moved itd sheet metal shop to the cement block building at the tear of George Spangler's house.

1940 - Mar 6 - Washburn Manager of Phillips 66 Station ... Bryon Spangler, former manager has opened a garage and sales room at the rear of the George Spangler House .

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