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Injunction filed on purchase of properties  

1929 - Dec 11 - Trusttees of C. M. A. Names In Injunction

    Halts Expansion

    Suit Prevent Purchase of Property FIled in DIstrict Court at South Bend

    The CUlver Military academy, a corporation, the Culver Ralty & Investment company, and certain trustees of both otganizations, are made defendants in a suit filed recently in the United States district court for northern Indiana bu Mrs. Ida Culver Wintermute, of California, seekign a permanent injunction to prevent the pruchase by the defendants of property valued at approximately $169,273.88.

    The trustees named as defendants are: E. R. Culver, of St. Louis; R. S. Bradshaw, Mrs. Minnie L Culver, Knight K. Culver, and Brig. Gen. L. R Gignilliat , superintendent of the academy.

    The suit sets up that the defendan trustees met sometime ago and voted to purchase certain properties, known ar the "Palmer HOuse" and the "Jungle" properties adjacent to the present academy grounds for the amount mentined, but that the voting the matter was not in accordance with the rules of the board, althoughj decided by the defendants to be so.

    THe plantiff sets up that the academy already has property sufficient for the ecpansion contemplated and that the properties which it is proposed the the academy shall purcahse are not suted physically to the best interests of the academy.

    A permanent injunction is asked to perpetually precent the purchase.

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