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Lewis E. Rector  


On Monday morning, at about 6:45 o'clock, Lewis E. Rector, son of Mrs. Sarah A. Rector of Maxinkuckee, shot himself with suicidal intent and died instantly.

Mr. Rector went from the hotel to his mother's cottage and upon his appearance, in answer to her question, responded that he was "feeling fine.'' " Breakfast is almost ready," Mrs. Rector said, and her son replied, "All right, I'll be ready." He then passed into the bedroom. closing the door, sat up. on the edge of the bed, placed his revolver to the right side of his head and fired the fatal shot. Neither Mrs. Rector nor Maria Norris, her asistant, heard the shot, and learned of the tragedy only when Mrs. Rector went into the room to summon her son to breakfast.

Mr. Rector's act was undoubtedly due to no unbalanced mental condition which has been evident since he arrived here about seven weeks ago to recuperate from an automobile accident in which one of business partners was killed in Minneapolis, another sustained broken limbs, and be himself suffered severe contusions of the head which sent him lt the hospital.
His financial affairs, too, bave assumed unwanted importance to him since the accident, and he has made the remark to different members of the family that he was "down and out and better dead than alive."

Lewis E. was the son of Lewis and Sarah A. Rector and was born at Maxinkuckee Sept. 21. 1864.

In 1887 he married Retta Haynes of Jonesboro, Ind. Mrs. Rector died at the Rector hotel and was buried at Poplar Grove. There are no children.

Mr. Rector has been accustomed to handling large enterprises. He was a contractor for the gas pipe lines through the Indiana gas belt, was the purchaser of the Ferris wheel at the Chicago world's fair, owned the moving picture machine which photographed the great Fitzsimmons Corbett fight, and has been engaged in other important business ventures.

He has, since his 16th year, been a traveler and has been all over the world.

The funeral was held at the Rector hotel on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Vermillion officiating, assisted by Rev. Whittaker. Samuel Rector, a brother, and Dow Rector, a nephew, both of Indianapolis, were the only relatives from a distance who were present. The burial was at Poplar Grove

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