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1925 House Numbers Index  

Mail was delivered for the first time Sep 2, 1925 to the doorsteps of homes in Culver, even tho the numbers had been finished.

    Delivery Is Begun

    New postmen began work Tuesday morning for the first time.

    Postmen Gray Rector and Roth Cline began their work of taking mail to the Culver residents yesterday morning.

    Although the numbers had not been finsihedm the men had comparatively little trouble in their new undertaking and were able to report back to the post office before noon.

    The numbers for the entire town have not been assigned. Those that have been finished are printed in this wwek's issue of "The Citizen" on another page.

    Property owner's should learn their numbers as soon as possible and place the numerals over the doorway of their homes.

    The next things for the residents of Culver to do is to inform their correspondents of the street anam and house number. Every letter that leave the Culver Post office should bear the return address giving the street number.

    Besides being a aid to the postman when mail comes to Culver it it is correctly addressed, it will also have its psycological effect upon the wrtire addressing mail to Culver for he will dell that after all, Culver is not such a little town that it does not have house numbers.

As they became assigned they were printed in the Citizen on Sept. 2nd, 9th and 16th.

Property owners were to learn their numbers as soon as possible and place the numeral over the door way of their homes.

NOTE: Houses that intersected on a corner of a street(s) seem to be listed twice - one as one street and one as the other street - - maybe because they and a door exiting onto both streets? and the owner could choose which address they wanted? It does make for confusion in the listings tho.


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