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House of Treasures  

The House of Treasures Was originally located at 772 West Shore Drive, on the west side of the road on West Shore Drive.

1954 - May 13 - Mrs. Glackman's Gift House Grand Opening Saturday
    Culver - and all of Northern Indiana for that matter - has a rare treat in store Saturday when Virginia Glackman (wife of Dr. John C. Glackman) stages the grand opening of the House of Treasures at 772 West Shore Drive.

    By All means read every word of her announcement elsewhere in this issue and make you plans now to pass thorugh her symbolic black and gold door for a preview of unusual gifts from all over the world.

The house of Treasures was owned by Virginia Glackman and the House of Treasure building sat across the road on the non-lakfront, even tho it has an even number of 772 W. Shore dr. by this picture.

This shows the locations of the properties invovled with today's numbering.

The house as it is today and bears the address of 757 West Shore dr. and it is now connected to the property of 764 W. Shore Dr.

1955 - Apr. 13 - The House of Treasures Opening At New Site Attracts Hundreds
    The House of Treasures, favored by perfect Easter weekend weather, reopened in its new and greatly enlarged location of West Shore Drive, along side Lake Maxinkuckee, in a blaze of glory with a steady flow of customers from all over Northern Indiana.

    Virginia Glackman has added many attractive and will known lines to her gift establishment which has become one of Culver's principal attractions. - Citizen

A postcard depicting the outside and inside of the House of treasures

Here is a 1956 ad from the Culver Citizen

The inside of the store depiicting the wares.

also from the back of the postcard states that it was copyrighted in 1955 by The L. L. Cook Co. and the caption on back reads: "The Culver Lodge on Lake Maxinkuckee Adjacent to Culver Military Academy on State Road 17 phone 24". >

1962 - May 30 - NEW LOCATION WE'VE MADE SOME CHANGES The Culver Lodge (soon to be named The Village Lodge) is now under the management of VIRGINIA GLACKMAN and THE HOUSE OF TREASURES has moved its entire stock and will be open at 824 Lake Shore Drive JUNE 1st You are cordially invited to visit our gift shop.<

Just when the House of Treasures closed is yet unknown - this ad in the Feb. 13 1963 issue of the Citizen a notice of change of hours.