Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

1907 Maxinkuckee Lake Ice Co. Lease

Agreement, Made this 9th day of March ... between the Vandalia Railroad Company,---corporation under the laws of the State of Illinois, as party...

Maxinkuckee Lake Ice Company, South Bend Indiana, a corportation transacting business... the State of Indiana,

...designated as party of the second part, WITNESSETH:
..The party pf the first part hereby demises and leases unto the party of the second part real estate situate in the county of Marshall at Culver...Indiana to-wit:
Beginning at a point distant nineteen (19) feet....
Vandalia Railroad company, bu H.C. Turner, Vice Presient.
Maxinkuckee Lake Ice Co.
By. W. M. Hollinsworth, Pres.
J. H. Reamer, Sec.
Party of the Second Part.
Corner of map read: Exhibit "a" Vandalia R.R. Michigan Division Culver, Ind. Proposed Lease to the Maxkinkuckee Lake Ice company Scale 1"=100" 1-14-'07 Office E. M.W. Logansport, Ind.

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