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Otto Stechhan  

Sketches of prominent citizens of 1876: with a few of the pioneers of the city and county who have passed away Indianapolis: Tilford & Carlon, printers, 1877, 559 pg.

Otto Stechhan - Is a native of Prussia, was born in the city of Berlin, on April 15, 1851.

He came to Indianapolis in 1857, and worked at the upholstering business with his father, Louis Stechhan.

He is at the time manufacturing and dealing in parlor alone,at No. 128 Fort Wayne avenue.

Mr. Stechhan, like many other natives of Germany, came to the United States for the purpose of making a living, but are not only making a living but a fortune.

I am sure his great enterprise in this city deserves encouragement.

He manufactures as fine furniture as can be found in the west, if not as good as any similar establishment in the United States. His large and fine establishment is not only a credit to him by an honor to the city, and goes far to show to what perfection Indianapolis has arrived as a manufacturing city.

Mr. Stechhan was married in November, 1872, to Miss Rosa Sahm, daughter of Ludwig Sahm, an old citizen of this city. May they live long and prosper.

Heinrich Otto Ludwig Stechhan Birth: 15 Apr 1851 - Germany Baptism: 18 May 1851) Parochial, Berlin Stadt, Brandenburg, Prussia son of August Ludwig Stechhan and Henriette Amalie Marie Schmidt

Marriage: 12 Nov 1872 - Indianapolis, Marion County (Marion), Indiana Rosa Sahm was born on May 29, 1853, in Indianapolis, Indiana was born on May 29, 1853, in Indianapolis, Indiana Death: Mar. 14, 1926 Burial: Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis Marion County Indiana daughter of Ludwig Jacob Sahm and Charlotte Goebel They Had:
    Hans Otto Stechhan was born on April 4, 1879, in Indiana. He married Laura M Beuhler on April 12, 1904. He then married Bessie Florence Bruce and they had one daughter together. He died on October 8, 1944, in Los Angeles, California

Folding Bed or Lounge Patent, 1883. (PDF)

Improved trunk -Patent 1892 - US508057

Annual Report of the Indiana State Board of Agriculture By Indiana. State Board of Agriculture - 1876
    Otto Stechhan furniture one wagon with fine furniture upholsterers at work

    Section XXXIV
    Best set of furniture design and workmanship considered Otto Stechhan & Co Indianapolis Gold
    Best set of parlor furniture Otto Stechhan & Co Indianapolis Silver
    Best set oiled walnut parlor furniture Otto Stechhan & Co Indianapolis Silver
    Best extension lounge Otto Stechhan & Co Indianapolis Best Diploma
    Best collection of furniture Otto Stechhan & Co Indianapolis $20... Section XLIX
    Best embroidered ottoman cover Mrs Stechhan Indianapolis $2

He was a poet and had some of his peoms published in two volumes I have found thus far:

I fear thee not and other poems by Otto Stechhan. (Indianapolis : Carlon & Hollenbeck, printers, 1893), page images at HathiTrust)


Enraptured I gaze on a water serene,
    Not a wave is awake, no cloud can be seen,
In autumnal glory, in crimson and gold,
    In this mirror reflected the wood I behold.
It sparkles, it glistens, this wonderf ul gem,
    Outvieing in splendor a queen's diadem.
On its bosom so placid, in gorgeous array,
    Immac ulate lilies their beauty display.
The fishes disport in the crystalline flood,
    The turtle-dove calls to its mate in the wood.
The heron sedately, the kingfisher flies,
    And proudly the eagle soars up in the skies.
The golden-rod noddeth in sun-favored lair,
    From fairy-like bowers the rose scents the air,
Half hidden in verdure from rock-riven bed
    Comes bounding a spring, like a bright silver thread.
The fields in the distance their treasures unfold,
    The hilltop, the valley, seem laden with gold;
From herds in the meadows the chime of their bells
    Melodiously sounding comes over the dells.
The boats rest at anchor and limp hang the sails;
    The breezes are hushed, dense silence prevails.
Contented ness only, and peace do I view,
    And happiness smiles from the heaven so blue.
O, fair Indiana, this gem in thy crown
    Will sparkle forever, will bring thee renown.
By thee would I tarry in woodland, in plain,
    Ex ultingly linger in nature's domain.


In my hammock idly dreaming,
    Swinging 'neath a linden tree,
Through the boughs the zephyr sighing,
    Crickets chirping merrily;
And before me lies resplendent
    Maxinkuckee , placid sheen;
Moonbeams witfc the wavelets dancing,
    Form a most bewitching scene.
And the katydid and locust
    Hum their plaintive l ullaby.
Stars above me, brightly sparkling,
    Wrap my so ul in ecstacy.
Boats are o'er the water gliding,
    Oars are dipped in liquid gold,
And the twain who are them plying,
    Cupid as their guest behold.
Strains of music, songs enchanting
    Float upon the balmy air;
Peals of laughter, joyf ul shouting
    Wake the echo everywhere.
From the shores the lake surrounding
    Beacon-lights are shining bright,
Their reflection in the water
    Vieing with the orbs of night.
Naught to break the merry-makingó
    Mirth and pleasure reign supreme;
Nature, even, is rejoicing,
    Sheds its blessing o'er the scene.
Maxinkuckee , fount of pleasure,
    Fairer could no Eden be;
In my mem'ry ever linger,
    Bring to me sweet reverie.

Rudder, Rod and Gun: poems of nature< (1898) Publisher: Indianapolis \: Carlon & Hollenbeck; this link will loow you to read the enitre book.

MAXINKUCKEE, glist'ning water,
    Where tradition weaves a chain
'Round the red man's earthly heaven,
   Aubeenaubee's fair domain.
Thou, O precious crystal fountain,
   So enchanting, dazzling, fair,
Thou reflecting, sparkling water.
   As translucent as the air ;
Thee I cherish as a treasure
   Of a song, a sweet refrain,
Brightest jewel 'mong the treasures
   Which in mem'ry I retain.

Like a diamond set in em'ralds
   Vieing with the orb of day,
'Tween the woodland, in the valley,
   Where the sunbeams dance and play,
Where the turtle-dove, the robin.
   Build their nests within thy sight,
And the lark her songs is warbling,
   Carols of supreme delight.

On the meadows near thee roaming,
   Lowing herds I browsing trace,
And a streamlet, silver flowing,
   Bounding, leaps in thy embrace.
Lilies, mirrored in thy splendor,
   Nod their heads, immac ulate.
And their fragrance so enticing
   Dreams of fairyland create.
Sails are on thy bosom plying,
   Pinioned birds of gracef ul mold.
And the seag ulls, 'round thee hov'ring,
   Lazily, their wings unfold.
Maidens fair, the oars are plying,
   Paddling the frail canoe.
And the sailors, storm defying.
   Crafty, steer the billows through.
'Tis a picture ne'er forgotten,
   Tranquilly it comes to view.
Heaven's mirage on the waters
   Forms a boundless va ult of blue.
Indiana, proud, distinguished.
   Wear this jewel of renown.
Fairest gem of all thy treasures,
   Wear it proudly in thy crown.
Maxinkuckee, glist'ning water.
   Where tradition weaves a chain
'Round the red man's earthly heaven,
   Aubeenaubee's fair domain.

Otto Stechhan,
Lounges and Reclining Charis, Nos.
128, 130 and 132 Ft. Wayne Ave. and
451, 453, 455, and 457 Alabama St.

This enterprise has from a comparartively small begining become one of the Capital City, furnishing remunerative employment to an average force of about sixty skilled and experieved workmen in the manufacture for the trade exc ulusively of an improved patent reclining chair, invented by the enterprising proprietor, and twenty-one varietites of bed lounges of improved styles and designs, which are sold to dealers in twenty-seven state of the union, through which eight traveling salesmen are constantly engaged in soliciting orders and introducing their articles, while a three story brick building 50x200 feet in dimensions, extending through from Fort Wayne Alabama St., is occupied.

Mr. Stechhan commenced business in this city in 1875 with a cash capital of only $1,100, occupying at that time only a portion of the present commodious quarters, 20x50 feet in dimensions. From this moderate inception the trade has steadily increased with each succeeding year, necessitating enlargements and increased facilitities, until the annual business now closely approximates $150,000.

Mr. Stechhan is a native of Berlin, Prussia, and was born in 1851. He came to this country with his parents in 1854. They first located in Cincinnaati, but removed to Indianapolis in 1858.

In early life Mr. Stechhan learned the trade of upholsterer with his father, and when but fourteen years of age he entered the employ of Messrs. Spiegel, Thoms & Co. of this city, at their factory in Quincy, Ill.and remaned with them for several years. In 1871 he went to New Orleans and secured emplyement at his trade with H. Seabright for one year, when he removed to Louisville, Ky., where he remained six months and then returned to Indianapolis and engaged with Mr. Philip Dohn and where he remained until commencin bubsiness on his own account at the present location.

Manufacturing and mercantile resources of Indianapolis, Indiana : a review of its manufacturing, mercantile & general business interests, advantageous location, &c. : to which is added a historical and statistical sketch of its rise and progress. unknown: unknown, 1883, pg. 616-7

Indianapolis City Directory, 1889. Indianapolis, IN: R.L. Polk and Co., 1889 & 1890.
Name: Otto Stechhan
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Year: 1889
Business Name: Otto Stechhan & Co
Location 2: 168 E St Joseph

Name: Otto Stechhan; Albert Sahm
Location 1: 451 to 455 N Alabama and 128 to 132 Ft Wayne avenue
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Occupation: Lounge and Parlor Furniture Manufacturers
Year: 1889 & 1890
Business Name: Stechhan Otto & Co

Name: Otto Stechhan
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Year: 1890
Business Name: Otto Stechhan & Co
Location 2: 166 E St Joseph