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1897 Businesses In Poetry  



Of all the business men in our rattling town,
There's one among the others that is of great renown;
In his store you can got any goods you like.
He weighs 237 and his name is Vanschoiack. [109 S. Main ]

Right next door is the place you get prescriptions filled
In an up-to-date manner, and your bottle will be labeled;
Bong a first-class druggist he doesn't court much flattery,
But. he's one of the finest in the State, and his name is Thomas Slattery.< a href="107_s_main/107_s_main.htm" target=new> [107 S. Main]

Also in the same block you'll find a man on deck
Thait will tend you money, on good paper, even by the peck.
If you want to save your money to invest in next years corne,
You ll mid a good protector in banker John Osborn [103 S. Main]

If you want to purchase some of the finny tribe,
You ll find them in great numbers across the Main divide;
He has salmon trout and white fish, the finest ever seen.
There is no plate upon the door – but his names is M. Keen.

A little further up the street, there is another man,
Who is ready, with his assistants, to do the best he can;
So if you are in need of groceries, and have the wherewith.
Don’t forget to take a tumble and buy of Meredith.

On the next corner, north, R. W. Roberts can be found.
He keeps a stock of hardware – the bets there is in town;
In stoves, plows, and other lines he always takes the cake,
And when you go to trade with him you never have to wait.

In the old Nussbaum building, the one with the outside stair.
Up in the second story you’ll find a cobbler there;
If you shoes are leaky and want the fixed up “boss”
Don’t forget to take them to Mr. William Foss. [110 S Main]

If you want a new set of harness, or old ones repaired.
Just drop into the harness shop, and don’t be scared;
It pays to patronize a man who des everything he says.
And if such a man you want to find, at Haden Rea’s.

You will notice on the east side, about half way up the street.
A great big double-story brick where the K.P.’s meet.
Just step into this mammoth place and on the selves you’ll see
The largest line of good for sale by Porter & Company. [108 N Main]

A town is not made up in full without a millinery shop,
And every woman, short or tall, in front of it will stop;
An hats and bonnets purchased there much envy often cause
Among the ladies of the town when trimmed by Mrs. George

There’s still another shoemaker your patronage would share.
And call on him whene’er you will, you’ll take them there again,
He’s an old hand at the business for Oyler’s known to fame.

In the little building where the Herald used to be,
And hanging up above the door a watch sign there you’ll see;
If you want your watch repaired, and have it done well,
Just take it to the jeweler, whose name is Campbell. [115 S. Main]

Now young men, to you, we’ll give a little advice.
And Don’t you stop to think about it more than once or twice;
Easterday’s a furniture man, and he keeps a mammoth stock
Of bedroom sets, and rockers, even down to a clock. [112 N. Main]

On the north elf on Main street a bakery can be found,
And owing to its excellence has gained great renown;
The bread, cookies, pies and cakes find a ready sale.
Which proves that William Foss believes is fresh goods and not stale. [116 N Main] <br>
If you want to purchase lumber, don’t go out of town,
For we have right in this city a yard of great renown;
Tom Hariss is the saw-mill man – know his business to a “T”,
And never allow a Plymouth firm to do up Culver City. [316 E Jefferson]

There’s a new drug and grocery store which will open very soon.
With goods of all descriptions that will almost fill the room;
With a little advertising we’re sure they’ll make it go.
And the new firm’s name, if you want to know is Cook & Co. [101 N Main]

There’ll be another grocery house – we’ll put it very plain.
In the building occupied by Bradley – not of Bradley-Martine fame;
The hustling new proprietor will sell you anything you see.
And he’ll give you satisfaction, his name is Avery,

Near the depot, is a house they call the Colonnade.
And when it comes to serving guests, puts others in the shade.
Its landlord is a jolly man and also very great,
And you can bet your bottom dollar they all know Postelhwaite.

There’s another popular man whom it’s a pleasure for one to meet,
And almost every hour of the day you can see him on the street;
If you want any goods delivered – or even move away.
Telephone to William H Swigart for his two-horse dray.

Right next to this office, the tin shop can be found,
The man that runs it has gained great renown.
As a tinner and repairer he can’t be beat.
And if you want a tin roof, he’ll do it mighty cheap.

And while were are winding up this Hoosier but of prose.
Don’t forget to call on Hayes & Gandy for a rig that up and goes;
They are the boss liverymen for miles and miles around.
And even in large cities no better can be found. [415 Lakeshore]

26 Mar 1897 – Culver City Herald.